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1. What is the easiest way to parse an INI file in Java?

I am writing a drop-in replacement for a legacy application in Java. One of the requirements is that the ini files that the older application used have to be read ...

2. How to create an .INI file to store some settings in Java?

I want to create an ini file to store some settings for my application. Is it a good idea to find where the jar file is located and create an ini ...

3. How to create a file by extension(.ini) in java?

Hi I want create this file (boot.ini) and write the content to this file.How can create and write to this file?

4. Lauch4j .ini file specify jre path

I am using Launch4j with a bundled jre version. The path of the jre version has to be configurable, so I though using the .ini file. I don't understand the documentations ...

5. Locating an external file in Java

I'm not sure if I'm confused from my c++ background but... I'm writing(learning) a Java application that will load in a text file with configuration date. Kindof like an INI file. The actual ...

6. Parser of ini-file with duplicate names for Java

There is a configuration file in the following format:




The problem is that we should not merge the keys that belong to the sections of the same name. Ini4j merges them into one ...

7. Java Config File not specific to directory

I am using a configuration (.ini) file with my java app. At the moment I am specifically calling the location of the dll like this.

Properties p = new Properties();
p.load(new FileInputStream("C:\\myconfigfile.ini");
I would ...

8. Unable to edit eclipe.ini file on Windows 7

I have eclipse Galileo installed in following location - C:\Program Files (x86) I was getting a weird error while executing Selenium tests on IE 8 browser. As soon as browser is launched I ...

9. Any classes available to read INI files?

I'm writing a servlet-based application, and one of my requirements is being able to read a standard INI file that has been uploaded to the server. I can't call the Microsoft DLLs to accomplish this, since we'll be deploying on other platforms as well as Windows. Has anybody written or know of any Java classes I might be able to use ...

10. INI file library?

Does there exist a library for reading and writing to ini files? It seems like a simple file i/o problem to me but my boss asked me to check if there were pre-existing libraries that handle all the problems I probably haven't thought of yet. :-) I looked on Google but I didn't find much. Thanks for any suggestions. Rebecca

11. config.ini file

12. Getters/Setters for the key pair in .ini file

reading from a .ini file I have an ini file and i have to make the setters/getters in a configuration( file.There should be one setter for tablenames (setTablenames) that has a Map type input and stores all key-value pairs the ini file is as follows: [bwiseserver] server = localhost port = 80 [database] type = sqlserver server = localhost port = ...

13. Charset problem in making ini file.

14. Dealing with Ini Files

15. To read an ini file

Hi Cindy Glass, Thanks for your reply. I want to parse an ini file like IPAddress = "199...." Port = "1000" under the section say, Server1 The ini file also contains the following IpAddress = "199..." Port = "2000" under the section say, Server2 I could write a program to parse a file if it contains entries under no sections. Hope ...

16. creating ini files

Well, yes, but are these initialization settings supposed to be application global or user specific, does simple key/value pair storage match the expected complexity of the settings you wish to store? Those kinds of details can determine the suitablility of one approach over the other. [ May 08, 2008: Message edited by: Jelle Klap ]

17. including ini file in project

i'm trying to store some settings in an ini file but all I can manage so far is for example to read and write from an ini file from my desktop. is it possible to include an ini file in a project and then read and write from it? i'm using netbeans and i did manage to get an ini file ...

18. how to read .ini file from java code

As I mentioned above, ini4j will allow you to access each section and key of an ini file in a convenient way. But reading such a file with Properties#load should also work - the ini header sections will be inserted to the Properties as keys with empty values, so you can simply forget about them.

19. how to write into an ini file

Hi, In a project I have a requirement of writing into ini (windows specific) files. Can you please give me some details how i can write the new "sectionname", "key","value" into an ini file. I think by using setproperty method we can update the value of existing key, but how can I write the new key- value in an ini file. ...

20. A superior alternative to properties files (.ini)

Err, what's with me and properties today? I am looking for a format that looks just like .ini, but allows some advanced functionality (any combination of the following) 1. enter multiple lines with same keys (I wrote it once, many years ago, don't want to rewrite) 2. the ${variable} syntax (what's it called btw?) 3. Anything else? I would have used ...

21. Variable number method parameters determined by .ini file

Hi, I'd like to use ProcessBuilder to initiate installations of other programs, like Adobe Reader, by reading something in like an ini file which would contain data similar to the following format: AdobeReader.exe /sAll /rs /l /msi /qb- /norestart EULA_ACCEPT=YES AgreeToLicense=Yes So then my program would read that in (I know how to tokenize everything), and pass that data into a ...

22. where to place .ini file?

my trap.ini is at location C:\trap\config\trap.ini and this is included in my classpath... still its giving me error... I am using JBOSS as application server.. I am running my servlet on JBOSS and my servlet needs to read "trap.ini" is thr any way in which i can provide that file to JBOSS server in eclipse..? Thank you for helping me

23. Read full contents of .ini file and store to a variable

This is my source Regex = Pattern.compile(""); String authcon="D:/Author.ini"; RegexMatcher = Regex.matcher(authcon); while(RegexMatcher.find()) { chkEnty =; } This is my D:/Author.ini [XYZ] and [fname] [sname] and [init] [init] [init] [sname] and [init] [init] [sname] and [init] [sname] [init] [init] [init] [sname] [init] [init] [sname] [init] [sname] [fname] [sname] [END] In the line Regex = Pattern.compile("");, please do tell me how ...

24. read/write to .ini file

confusion on .ini file I have a .ini file as such: StartDate=5/27/2006 LastRunDate=6/18/2007 [OutputDirectory] LogPath=C:\Me When I run this code: import java.util.*; import*; public class readIni { public static void main(String[] args) { readIni ini = new readIni(); ini.doit(); } public void doit() { try { Properties properties = new Properties(); properties.load(new FileInputStream("user.ini")); String string = properties.getProperty("LogPath"); properties.setProperty("LogPath", "test"); ...

25. Read an .ini file

26. .bat file and .ini file

27. Basic Java SE INI Files

/** * * (C) Michael Roberts 2008-2009 * * Program Description: * Myspace Application Player (TM) is a simple program that is platform independent, that allows the user to select a user email account and * have the progam login and play the user selected applications. There are two verisons currently under development for this particualar * version of the program. ...

28. Read and update a ini file

29. Java Object To INI File

30. How to parse an INI file?

Well then convert your file to use "=", since that is the standard format for an ini file. If you want to use a custom format, then you need to write custom code. Why do you think there are defined standards for stuff like this? If everybody created their own standards programming would be a mess.

32. Java and .ini files

Hi all, I'm thinking about using windows .ini files to configure a java application without having to touch the code every time I want to change something. I know that this is working fine in Windows environment, but will the same application function the same way in Linux or Unix environment by using the same .ini files? many thanks in advance.... ...

33. placing of properties.ini file