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1. IOException java audio

My program keeps giving me an IOException error, when I run it, and I cannot figure out why or how to fix it. I imported

import java.util.*;
I have theses instance ...

2. Java ME: Problem creating an Image. IOException

I'm trying to make this chunk of code work:

try {
    Image jeton = Image.createImage("bleu.gif");
catch(Exception e) {
    system.out.println("exception : "+e)
An IOException is caught but I don't ...

3. IOException for image

Hi, all: I have a Java web application. in one page I have two picture as the Title images. Whenever I run the application in the TOMCAT3.2 server, in the console window I always see the following message: 2001-03-22 12:46:47 - Ctx( /MyWebApplication ): IOException in: R( /MyWebApplication + /images/MyWeb.gif + null) Connection aborted by peer: socket write error 2001-03-22 12:46:47 ...