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1. Java copy and rename image file into another directory

   String name = "";
   File destFile = new File(folderPath + catalogueFileName + itemName.getText());
   if (!destFile.exists()) {

5. copy paste image

6. How to Copy an Image File from One Directory to Another

The standard Java way is to open the source file with a FileInputStream, the destination file with a FileOutputStream, read in the data, and write out the data. You have to be careful about buffers and such though. Another way is to get the Apache Commons IO library (free) and look at the FileUtils class. There are a lot of methods ...

7. How to copy an image file from one file system to other in java

According to your error message the problem is your client machine (the one running your program) cannot find a computer called "hostname". Several things you will need to check: What is the name of the other computer? You can use the IP address instead but this is not something you will want to do with a production system. Is there a ...