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1. No images displayed when website called from self written webserver

I have Java webserver (no standard software ... self written). Everything seems to work fine, but when I try to call a page that contains pictures, those pictures are not displayed. ...

2. how to retrieve image from a word file and display using java

I want to read ms word document and display in java. if there are images in between word file, then how to proceed and how to retrieve them

3. Displaying .ai files in Java

I've been talking with an artist and she is planning to send me .ai files for a project I'm working on that is using Java for its front end. Unfortunately, I'm ...

4. how to display a image file comming as attachment

The binary data is what you get. Your should be able to tell what sort of data it is by examining the "mime-type" of the attachment. After that it's up to your code to decide what to do with it. The answer is not simple, because an email attachment can contain any type of object, not just images. You have to ...

5. Display images with same file name and different file types.

I want to write a method, which receives file names (image1, image2, image3) but without the extension. This method will handle most of the image types (.jsp, .png, and ...) , what is the best way to write the method? Should I loop through all the image types for a given file name? I really don't want to do that...

6. My program always displays the same image, even when I change th image file

ImageIcon loads the image via Toolkit, and Toolkit caches the images so won't normally reload a new image from the same path/URL. You have two options here: either invoke Image#flush() to force reloading of the new image, or load your images using ImageIO#read(...) and use a form of ImageIcon constuctor that takes an Image as an argument. db  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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