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1. drawImage() for .png files doesn't work in Java applet?

I made this pacman game using an applet. When the applet finishes loading, it is meant to display a 'start menu' graphic i made which says 'Double click to start the ...

2. Java applet to display and play midi files

I am looking for a java applet to be embedded in a web page and be able to present notes or tabs based on midi files. I would also be very ...

3. Printing GIF files from a browser

We are currently leveraging a third party tool to convert pdf files into gifs and displaying them in the browser. We have been adjusting the DPI of these images so that ...

4. How can I display a PPT file in a Java Applet?

I want to open and display an existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in a Java Applet. How can I do that?

5. Java problem cant find image file

I am a student working on a homework project. I spent DAYS trying to get the following code to display an image on my new windows 7 laptop. I ...

6. Java applet: Read ttf file - access denied

I have the following lines in my Java applet init function:

try {
  this.font = Font.createFont(
    new File("fonts/myfont.ttf")
} catch(Exception ex){

7. Applet not creating image file via ImageIO.write

I have been struggling with an issue involving a Processing sketch which I want to use to create an image file (to a server-side directory). In the Java, I use ...

8. Capturing the user's sound card output in a Java Applet

I'm looking for a way to capture the sound card output of users and stream it to a red5 server via RTMP in real time. Using audio redirecting, e.g. with the Windows ...

9. Can an applet that displays greek characters write to an RTF file?

I have an applet that displays Greek characters. I have it save to an RTF file. The normal alpha numeric characters display correctly, but the greek text is garbled and displays as junk. Would anyone know how to fix this or if it is an issue with the RTF file? Is something wrong with my IO???

10. sound files used in applet

11. Need to instantiate an AudioClip with sound code generated within applet (not a file)

Have searched and searched, but all examples assume the sound code (.wav, etc.) resource is located as a file on the server. However I need to be able to dynamically create the sound code string (which I know how to do) within the applet and instantiate the AudioClip therefrom. Anybody done this? Any hints, perhaps, as to how to configure a ...

12. Playing Sound files without using applets

13. opening image files in java applet

14. Playing sound files without using Applets

15. How Can i play audio file without using Applet feature?

I am currently working on a project. Im using Java Swing (JFrame) for button creation. It a quiz program. What I need is to play a little audio file when the user presses the button. How can this be done without using Applet.? Because when we use applet to play audio for each button press event, It will open several applet ...

16. display a *.xls file in an applet

If you want to implement an Excel clone in applet form, then block off the next three or four years to work on that. Probably more since you didn't seem to notice yet that Excel is an extremely complicated program. If you just want to extract data from an Excel file then Apache POI can do that for you.