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1. Playing audio files in web page?

I trying to write web application that recieves audio files from database and play them.Do you know any open source flash audio player for that?And i am also thinking implementing in ...

2. AU audio files for Java

Apparently Java only plays .au audio files and I want to play mp3 files. I want to convert them to au and do not want to use any third party library ...

3. Extract duration from a U-LAW audio file with Java

I'm trying to extract the duration from a audio file.

This audio file is a U-LAW (G.711/MONO 8.000Hz).

static AudioFormat ULAW_FORMAT = new AudioFormat(AudioFormat.Encoding.ULAW, 8000, 8, 1, 1, 8000, false);
And all the time ...

4. Saving part of an audio file (Java)

While playing an audio file (.wav) I want, if I resort to Ctrl+C, to stop the playback and save part of the audio file in a file called "file2.wav". Here's the thread ...

5. Issues regarding playing audio files in a JME midlet

I am making a midlet which is to be used to play out local audio files. It is obviously not working. I am getting a null reference on the "is" variable, ...

6. How to handle mp4 files with Java?

Mp3 files can be handled using this mp3 SPI support, but I'm not finding something similar to mp4 files. Any help would be appreciated. --UPDATE What I want to do is get ...

7. audio file comparison (java)

I'd like to make a comparison between two audio files based on their sample size (number of bits per sample) I'm wondering if this code statement is correct:

AudioInputStream clip1 = AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream(soundFile1);
AudioInputStream clip2 ...

8. Visualizer for audio file in Java

I am working on a simple media player in Java. I wanted to add some little visualizer, but I cannot seem to find any help online. Has any of you ...

9. how to encode a audio file to base64?

i need the code for the same in java.thanks in advance.

10. how can i store output voice to an audio file in freetts

I am trying to use freetts for a simple java application but i am facing a problem, can anyone tell me how can i save the output voice which is converted ...

11. How should I cache an audio file in Java (using JLayer)?

I'm developing an application that necessitates the use of sound files (through the JLayer audio library at the moment) and am wondering if it is possible to cache a file in ...

12. How to apply DCT on audio file in java?

I want a java code to apply DCT on an audio file. Kindly help asap !!

13. how to create a waveform display from audio file using j2me

i'm beginner in j2me and want to develop a mobile music editor with waveform display embedded as my project, so please, is there anyone who can help me to give some ...

14. Java: Plotting Left and Right channels of a .flac audio file on an X-Y grid. (Oscilloscope)

I am trying to create an X-Y Oscilloscope in Java and I have gotten stuck. I have read through all the documentation for jFlac, the library i am using to decode ...

15. How can I filter non-voice frequencies from audio file?

I have noisy audio file, I want to filter non-voice frequencies from the file. How can I do this in Java ?

16. Why does this method not work?

public AudioInputStream append(AudioInputStream main, AudioInputStream s) throws UnsupportedAudioFileException, IOException {
    AudioSystem.write(new AudioInputStream(
             new SequenceInputStream(main, s),  ...

17. How to find out if there is some file being played? (I'm using AudioPlayer.palyer.sart())

How to find out if there is some file being played? (I'm using AudioPlayer.palyer.sart()) And is AudioPlayer.player running in different thread?

18. How can I change the speed of audio being played? (Using Clip as well as AudioPlayer.player.start()?)

How can I change the speed of audio being played in a Java program (Using Clip as well as AudioPlayer.player.start()?)

19. Does java have a built in library where they have an audio file already in their library?

can I import an API from java that plays a sound file that Oracle has in their API when a player wins a game; for example?

20. How can I play an ALAW file in a Java application?

I need to be able to play ALAW files in a Java (desktop) application. I've tried to follow the example at: How to play audio in Java Application I've created a File object ...

21. How to extract MDCT coefficients from audio files?

I have an AAC file. I want to extract MDCT coefficients. Are there any libraries or tools in Java which can be used?

22. How to "see" audio files in binary format?

I have an AAC file. I want to see the audio file in a binary format. I want to apply certain functions to the data and hear what it sounds like. I ...

23. How to obtain quantized and unquantized MDCT coefficients from an encoded aac audio file?

I have an .aac audio file. I need to obtain the quantized and unquantized mdct coefficients from the file. I knew that these can be obtained by partially decoding the file, ...

24. Java - Mixing audio files generates unwanted white noise

Recently, I've been experimenting with mixing AudioInputStreams together. After reading this post, or more importantly Jason Olson's answer, I came up with this code:

private static AudioInputStream mixAudio(ArrayList audio) throws IOException{

25. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) input and output to analysis the frequency of audio file in Java?

I know have to use FFT to analysis the frequency of audio file but I don't know what input and output is. And I have to use 1-dimension, 2-dimension or 3-dimension ...

26. AudioPlayer can play file once, but it can't loop it

Windows 7 Using NetBeans so i programed this really cool sound engine useing this page the audioplayer... now i made it loop and everything EVERYTHING works :D but when i play a sound thats around ...

27. Audio files down-sample

I am facing some problem in working with audio files. I am implementing some algorithms which deals with audio files and it require the input to have some properties. 5 KHz mono ...

28. getting audio frequency from amr file

I am new in j2me developing world. I just want to know that how to get audio frequency from the audio recording application which stores data in .amr file. Please help me, ...

29. Sending audio to Browser

Hi, I'm having trouble sending an audio file to Firebird with Quicktime plugin. The sound stops after about 5 seconds, chopping off the rest of the audio. The same in IE works fine (also with quicktime). I get the same effect sending a WAV file. The problem seems to be that the stream is being read and played by the browser ...

30. output

31. Playing an audio file using a java code

Hi all, is there anyway of playing a audio file using a java code. in other words is there possiblility of designing or making a indegeneous music player like winamp or windows media player using a java code. i m asking this question becoz i found an java.sound api at sun java website. Also do the various methods that are given ...

33. Stopping an audio file

Hi all, here i havewritten a code for running an audio file it's running properly but not stopping i.e. it's gettting stucked after playing a file... what should i do so that it should stop and i can do other work..

 import java.applet.*; import*; class Sound extends Thread { AudioClip audioClip; public Sound() { try { URL fileUrl=new URL("file:" ...

35. Playing audio files(VOX format) in Web Start

Hi, Ive been trying to play audio files in web start using a custom audio device installed on the system on which the app is run. It works fine as a standalone app, but fails when trying to run it through web start. I used all permissions in the security tag of jnlp file to avoid security issues. Thanks, Rama

36. reducing latency in real time audio on windows

Hi, I have problems with audio latency on TargetDataLine. I am using java 1.6 on Windows XP. It seems that java reads audio from system in 200ms chunks. This is my audio capture code: audioFormat = new AudioFormat( sampleRate, sampleSizeInBits, channels, signed, bigEndian); logger.debug("Try to get audio source line with format: " + audioFormat.toString()); try { // create new audio data ...

37. Do I need to close an audio clip?

have an application that processes real-time data and is supposed to beep when a certain event occurs. The triggering event can occur multiple times per second, and if the beep is already playing when another event triggers the code is just supposed to ignore it (as opposed to interrupting the current beep and starting a new one). Here is the basic ...

38. Edit audio meta tag

39. Audio files

I'd like to read from an audio file to see the amplitude of the sound (only that, I don't need neither lenght nor freq nor etc) and I don't even know where to start. I've seen the AudioInputStream and I did not see anything there. I've posted this here as its somewhat related to the streams.

41. Is it possible to insert recorded audio data into an existing file?

Thanks collin, i wil explain what i want. i have a wav file. am playing the file using clip.start(). While playing wav file i have pressed the pause button, after that i have pressed record button, capture new audio and insert this new file into the place where i pressed pause button. The result is previousFile_beforePause + newWavFile + previousFile_afterPause Any ...

42. Play Audio File

Dear Programmers, I want to play an audio file in java and this isn't so difficult. Getting info out of the song is difficult. I can play it but I can't find any methods which return the length of the song , name of the song , frames ,.... For example AudioClip doesn't have any methods to do these things. Is ...

43. Generating audio files from a binary source

I am facing the following problem: I have a set of binary data of which are known in advance the size (number of points), the format (32-bit long integers) and the the endian (Big or Little). I would like to build audio files (wav or mp3, doesn't matter for now) from them with absolutely high fidelity. I was wondering if there ...

44. Easiest way to detect beeps in audio file

I have some audio files which I want to cut into 2 parts. It's some music, but around the middle of the file it has 3 constant beeps (or in other case some kind of constant music -- the thing is that it's constant for all files). I want to detect the timecode in which the beeps are and then, using ...

45. problem with playing audio files

the code now executes but when i try the changegenre button nothing happens, when i try to select and play a track nothing happens. i will try using .au files can anyone see why the buttons are not working properly? also i have converted cd tracks to .wav and copied them into the class folder of the app is that correct? ...

46. Help with audio files please....

47. Audio file problem

You could pass the JApplet (this) as an argument to move() method and call its getDocumentBase() method. On the other hand, you might wanna get the audioclip in a constructor or as a static variable, since you call move() every 15 milliseconds and in an array. So there is no point in getting the same thing 100 times every second.

48. String to audio output file

50. continuously play an audio file in a java app?(loop)

import*; import*; FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(Filename); AudioStream as = new AudioStream(in); // Use the static class member "player" from class AudioPlayer to play // clip. AudioPlayer.player.start(as); but How do I make it loop?? Is there anyway I could possibly use the URL class instead to open the file and the use the AudioClilp class to play that file ...

51. recording and playing audio files

hi, is there a way by which one can record and play an audio file in java ?? I am doing a project in Voip but I can't find any help in this matter(actually i am a newbie in java ) .. can anyone please tell me how to proceed? Edited by: streetfi8er on Jun 28, 2009 2:47 AM

52. Creating an audio file

53. New Audio File

I am trying to develop a video format. I programmed most of the picture part, but I'm clueless when it comes to Java Audio. Is there a tutorial on how to program frame by frame audio? Can java break a format like WMV into frame by frame content? How can I play the content back?

54. Audio File Play

55. How to count amount of time of an audio file?

57. reading audio file

58. play audio file

59. Determine audio file play time from size

You mean from the number of bytes in the file, determine its play time? That's not how it works. MP3s contain compressed data. A recording of an hour of silence will be much smaller than a recording of a minute of music. You should get an MP3 reading library; maybe the format puts the play time in a header or something. ...

60. Skipping the bytes of an audio file

Hi All, Im able to play the wav file and skip some bytes using skip(long n), its skipping the initial specified no of bytes but i need to skip the bytes from some start bytes to some end bytes. for example if the audio is of 1 lakh bytes i need to skip like 20,000 to 50,000 bytes. how can this ...

61. play audio file

62. Choosing between several audio files

Hi, I am trying to implement the following: Short audio clips are sent to a server and saved locally as wav. files. The user can listen to the latest audio file by clicking a button. Now, I have no idea how to implement the "latest file" part. Right now the files are named "audio" + new Date().getTime + ".wav", e.g. "audio1203529015629.wav". ...

63. please help me with a java program to play audio files

Hi all, I have been taught Java at university but we were never taught how to play audio files using a java program. I now need to have audio playback for a project. I have been searching forums and googling for it for hours but no example seems to really work. Can you help me please? I need an example to ...

64. MGP 4 sparete vidio and audio file

Dear all one of question hope some one give me some suggestion for this project , i need to know the concept of MPG 4 format. if i want to us java to write code to separate one MPG4 file by audio one file and vidio one file. how can i start research it. and any idea i can start.

65. read an audio file from action class

I am trying to read an audio file(which is in my war file) from my action class( which is in my ear file).. I am using inputFile = new File(filename); FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(inputFile); and then writing it through outStream.write(); But my code is unable to locate the inputFile..How do i point to the audio file (which is in ...

66. Audio Files

67. play audio file in Java

This is very cute example. I want to do this: In JTextPane I have some audio files (.au) and what I want to do is that vhen I duble clicked to the file that this file will be opened in some program (like CoolEdit). And this program (with file, which is played) I want to insert to my application. If someone ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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