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1. how to create .doc file using java?

Can anyone tell me how to create doc files using java? I know, there's a POI library, but it seems like it can save only simple documents. You can read anything you ...

2. Did anybody really ever read a .doc file with POI and created an iText Document with it?

I've seen people speaking about that on the web, I've been advised to do that, but it looks like the iText rendering engine is far from matching MS word (openoffice, TeX). And ...

3. How to read and save *.doc file in Java Programatically?

I am developing a online Content Management site.In which I want to allow user to upload their articles via a doc, now i want to read text from that text ...

4. External entity in XML causing null pointer exception during DocumentBuilder.parse("file");

I was trying to parse a XML Document using DOM Parser. I got null pointer exception while executing doc = builder.parse(xmlDataFile); There were few entities in the XML data file. On ...

5. Error in displaying a doc file reading that from a document on console in java

I tried to display the data from a doc file on console then i got this error

The document is really a RTF file
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at ...

6. export images and graphics in doc files to images in openoffice

I am using openoffice sdk to get all info from doc file, what I need now is to be able to extract all images in a doc file and save them ...

7. How to manipulate .doc files

I need to create a little desktop app in Java that creates for me a .doc file and writes a bit of text into the file. I found an interesting tool ...

8. Delete file ending with .csv, .html, .doc in java

I want to delete a file ending with .csv,.html,.doc.. I have to upload a file to the remote location. After uploading the file, it should be deleted form the localpath. I have ...

9. How read Doc or Docx file in java?

I want to read a word file in java

import org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.*;
import org.apache.poi.hpsf.DocumentSummaryInformation;
import org.apache.poi.hwpf.*;
import org.apache.poi.hwpf.extractor.*;
import org.apache.poi.hwpf.usermodel.HeaderStories;


public class ReadDocFileFromJava {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

10. Is there any method to read table rows in doc file by using java?

How should I read tables in doc file by using java. In my doc document there is a large table and I wanna seperate this table row by row. Is there ...

11. How can i read .doc file in java?

I couldnt read my .doc file in Java. Wrong part is beginnig at:

HWPFDocument document = new HWPFDocument(fs);
I added necessary libraries to Netbeans which mean that no problem in library. Also path ...

12. birt, doc report and a very big file

We are using Birt to generate some reports in doc and pdf. Reports are simple, without any graphs and graphics. Only text. My main problem is difference in the sizes of ...

13. How to write to the .doc file using apache POI

P: 5 jettimadhu re: How to write to the .doc file using apache POI Hi ,thanks for reply. Here i am posting the problem i faced while writing the .doc file. ...

14. reading and writing to .doc file

15. Parsing an HTML doc

I'm working on a project that requires parsing an HTML stream. Rather than write the parser myself, it seemed promising to use the HTML / HTMLDocument classes. I expected to write something roughly like: HTMLDocument h = new HTMLDocument(""); or maybe ...= new HTMLDocument( aStreamReader ); Followed by a (possibly recursive) set of calls like: Element elem = h.getNextElement(); However, I ...

17. Writing a Microsoft Word Doc using java

18. how to append to word doc files

Hi, I have to microsoft word files. What I want to obtain through my application is to append content(data) of first file to second file. my code is as follows. When i run this class a new micorsoft word file with name final get generated but it contains data and all binary data. so some problem may be with my code ...

19. copying one .doc file to another

import*; import java.util.*; public class Wdadta { /** Creates a new instance of Wdadta */ public Wdadta() { } public static void main(String args[])throws Exception { FileReader fr=new FileReader("c:\\java\\cv.doc"); FileWriter fw=new FileWriter("c:\\java\\cv1.doc"); char ch; int i; String str=""; while((!=-1) { ch=(char)i; if(ch!='\n') { str=str+ch; } else { StringTokenizer st=new StringTokenizer(str); while(st.hasMoreTokens()) { String f=st.nextToken(); f.trim(); fw.write(f); fw.write("\r\n"); } str=""; } ...

20. Reading Word Doc

hi, I am trying to read a word file using poifs. But i am unable to get the out put. There is no error . but i am not getting the data. import java.util.*; import*; import org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.*; class DocFile { public static void main(String[] args) { try{ POIFSFileSystem pfs=new POIFSFileSystem(new FileInputStream("myfile.doc")); DirectoryEntry dir=pfs.getRoot(); DocumentInputStream stream=null; Entry entry=null; for(Iterator it=dir.getEntries();it.hasNext() :wink: ...

21. How to read Microsoft doc file without reading extra bytes added by Microsoft.

Hi, i want to read file contents from .doc file. i want to read the file byte by byte for searching word. Microsoft adds some extra bytes when a new doc file is created, i dont want to read those extra byts. Currently I am reading the file using FileInputSream. I have tried using FileReader as well. but it doesn't work. ...

22. Reading .doc file

23. Opening DOC files

Hello I have a servlet which will open up a word document when given the URL for a doc file located on the server. However I would like it so that if the document URL is invalid it would display an HTML error page, however it still opens up Word and displays the error info there. I have a solution to ...

24. reading ms word doc file

25. how to attache a picture to a Word Doc File?

Hi guys, I have a FileWrite that write the uses input into a word document. I wonder how can I add a picture (logo) to the document? My first guess was: Icon logoIcon = new ImageIcon("images/logo.jpg"); JLabel logoLabel = new JLabel(stampIcon); FileWriter writeDoc = new FileWriter(filename); PrintWriter fileOutput = new PrintWriter(writeDoc); fileOutput.print(logoLabel); but this, of course, doesn't work. Another guess is: ...

26. Regarding tabular data from .doc file

28. .doc files

Java does not have classes that can deal with .doc or .docx files. Some limited access is possible through the Jakarta POI library, but inserting text may already be beyond it. I understand that .docx is an XML format (albeit an undocumented one, unless you count a 6000 page document as 'documentation'), so Java code could access those through the JAXP ...

29. Read the .doc file

Thanks for your reply sir. I tried to downloaded the jar file , but i got only the source code its also not compiled properly, It has some file as missing in that. could you provide the url for downloaded the jar file of open source or how can i get the complete source code.could you help me to proceed future. ...

30. update an XML doc

31. Bringing up a .doc file in MS Word

// Command should be => cmd /C start "" "" // the empty quotes are needed because start assumes first param in quotes after // start is the title. So if "" is skipped, it just opens a cmd window // with title as ! Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /C start \"\" \"" + reportPath + "\"");

32. Read .doc file using POI Library

POIFSFileSystem fs = new POIFSFileSystem(); DirectoryEntry directory = fs.getRoot(); directory.createDocument("WordDocument", new ByteArrayInputStream(content.getBytes())); FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(FileName); fs.writeFilesystem(out); out.close(); i'm creating (.doc) file using the above code. File created using the above code is opening in MicrosoftWord. But when i'm trying to open the same file in Jtextarea using the below code WordExtractor extractor = null; tabcount = e.jTabbedPane1.getSelectedIndex(); try { ...

33. to print a table in word(.doc file)

I am able to read the values in cell from excel document. But unable to draw the table in the word document. this is my for reading excel file package p1; import; import; import jxl.Cell; import jxl.CellType; import jxl.Sheet; import jxl.Workbook; import; public class ReadExcel { private String inputFile; public void setInputFile(String inputFile) { this.inputFile = inputFile; } ...

34. Reading a .doc file

I am begineer of java.I am facing problem reading a document file..I have a code.when I compile it I get 9 errors.Please let me know about the basic jobs to read a document in JAVA... ERRORS are given below.. package org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem does not exist import org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.*; package org.apache.poi.hwpf does not exist import org.apache.poi.hwpf.*; package org.apache.poi.hwpf.extractor does not exist import org.apache.poi.hwpf.extractor.*; cannot ...

35. Reading a .doc file

Once you install the relevant resources, actually all the relevant packages, using any IDE you can test the same code. Once you compiling those sample, errors will display if any. It's not coupled with the IDEs at all. Search on our forums too, I've contribute to several such thread here in the past.

36. Reading a .doc file

37. Need suggestion on which API to use (to handle .doc files)

Some Background: I have been creating a "tool" which basically takes two documents, and merges them together while also removing some irrelevant pages from the documents. The irrelevant pages are determined based on user input. I have created a working version using itext and pdfbox. The problem is that the document needs to be edited even after it is run through ...

38. Reading doc file

40. redrive Strings from .doc file

41. Open a .doc file

42. move .txt and .doc files from directory to directory

Does anyone know why when in a for loop, I move files in a directory consisting of .txt and .doc and .htm files to another directory, the .txt and .htm takes a LONG time to move or it doesn't cut and paste right away like the .doc files, but COPY and paste over and over again. I'm moving files, so it ...

44. Open DOC file, find and replace strings - using Java

Hi, Our project uses DOC files(due to client request) as templates - in fact we are converting a project from old C++ code to web based application, which uses Java. Basically we need to be able to do the following, using Java: - open a doc file - find and replace certain keywords - save the file back or print it ...

45. Making a paragraph bold in a .doc file.

From within a Java program a .doc file is written. The file contains some \r\n characters to skip lines. It contains some \f for a page break. Are the any control character that can be written to cause a paragraph to be bold or be centered when the file is opened by MS Word. Thank you.

46. how create MS Doc file ?

Apache POI is the most mentioned one around here. (Google could have told you that, by the way). And "better" is hard to answer, if you don't give specific requirements. You do know that "best" isn't any good when you don't have any context, do you? "best" could be "fastest", "best" could be "most featureful", "best" could be "smallest", "best" could ...

47. How to read .doc files using jakarta POI api......

Thanks a lot ... but how can i download the whole package. whenever i click the folders, it's taking to the internal folders. but there's no option to download the whole package. do i need to copy each file separately from the url... Can you please let me know how i can download the same. Thanks and Regards,

48. search and replace in *.doc files

49. intermediate file between doc and binary

what is the intermediate file format between doc and binary???? i want to read a doc file in java and i dont want to use apache or jakarta poi. i was suggested to open the doc file in an intermediate file format(between doc and binary), which could then be read in java.... thank u.

50. help in word frequency program for .doc files

51. generate and write microsoft word file (doc)

52. How to generate .doc file in java???

Now with that out of the way the problem is a darn site simpler. RTFs have a freely downloadable spec if you are that way inclined. FOP supports them, so it you are all XML-y you can do that. And as they are just text based you can even use any of the templating engines out and about.

53. How can i generate .doc file?

54. Hi How to open .doc file on notpad

assuming it's running on a Windows system, this line Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c start C: ma.doc"); Should be equivalent to double clicking ma.doc in Windows Explorer and open it with Word (assuming that Word is installed). You can try this Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c start notepad C: ma.doc"); which will try and open it with notepad, which is not a good idea since a .doc ...

55. Not able to read doc files of fedora

i cannot read doc files that are generated in fedora 8. I am using org.apache.poi.hwpf.extractor.WordExtractor to read the contents of doc file. The code follows try { org.apache.poi.hwpf.extractor.WordExtractor wrdExtrctr = new org.apache.poi.hwpf.extractor.WordExtractor(new FileInputStream(file)); String text = wrdExtrctr.getText(); int start = 0,end = text.indexOf('\n') ; while(end

57. Regarding Tabular data from .doc file

58. print doc file in java with POI library

I did a little search on this, and I see POI recommended all over the shop, but have yet to see a clear example on how one is meant to do this. My guess is you are meant to take the object model created by POI and build a viewer around it. :scared: From what I can tell the options are: ...

59. Matching in a doc file

60. how to read data from the microsoft word file(.doc) using java io.

Hello digitalfusion_ravi, Try this, note that here "path" and "outPath" are String variables which represent (source path+fileName) of and (destination path+fileName) of your files.... try{ file = new File(path); outFile = new File(outPath); FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(file); FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream(outFile); byte bytes[] = new byte[1024]; int con=0;; while(con!=-1){ fout.write(bytes,0,con);; } }catch(Exception e){ System.out.println(e); } ...

61. redrive string from .doc file

62. delete a doc file

65. How to write data in a .doc file

Hi, I want to write data from a string into a .doc file. In my jsp page, i retrieve data using request.getParameter like as String data = request.getParameter("description"); I want to write this data into dynamically created .doc file. That time, i am able to create a directory, but when i create a .doc file. Its give an error. I want ...

67. Read a doc file and write back to a doc file