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"); out.println(""); out.println(""); out.println(""); Do I have to specify the exact path? Thanks Ben

1. Writing a GIF file in Java

So I have this GIF file on my desktop (it's a 52 card deck of poker cards). I have been working on a program that cuts it up into little ...

2. Make gif from multiple PNG files

I'm trying to combine about 45 png files to make a gif, or to make a video, or some type of movie or animated image. Please provide ideas for how I can ...

3. problems with gif

4. urgent!! io classes and gif files

5. reading & writing gif files

6. How do i save an image object in any format (gif,jpg)....urgent

The gif encoding algorithm is copy-righted so I don't think you will find the required code. In the standard java packages there are a bunch of unsupported com.sun.* packages, one of which is com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.* This package has the classes required for the conversion you need. I'm not aware of any other packages. Dave.

7. Reading .gif Images from a file

8. save a GIF to byte , not work

Hi, all , I am trying to read a gif file to byte, and then save back to another gif file. But the new one is corrupted. Very simple, but I do not know why. Here is the coding Thanks. Edward ------------- import*; public class GifToByte { public static void main(String[] aa) throws Exception{ byte[] a; String tem; FileInputStream fr ...

10. how can i read .GIF file

11. Regarding Extraction of data in .gif file

Hi, I have one Zip file,in that there are .gif files. what i need to do is i read i.e extract the information that .gif file and convert them to .doc file ?? For this i analysed in this way: 1)to unZip that file i used InflaterInputStream,after that i used FileOutputStream like this: import*; import*; public class ReadGif{ public ...

12. How can i put gif data into doc file,after reading the gif info

HI EVERY ONE, Here i read the read data from gif by using the code below: import java.awt.*; import*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.awt.image.*; import java.awt.geom.*; import java.awt.font.*; import javax.swing.*; import javax.imageio.*; public class ReadGGif{ public static void main(String s[]) throws Exception { File f=new File("D:/Myapps/read/4843a349.gif"); BufferedImage; } } Now my intention is how can i put this data into ...

13. how can i display the information that is read from the .gif file- urgently Required

HI EVERYONE, here is my code: import java.awt.image.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.Toolkit; import*; public class ReadGif{ public static void main(String args[])throws Exception{ PixelGrabber pg; Image mapI; Image nowI; int[] mapx = new int[300*500]; mapI = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage("D:/Myapps/read/4843a349.gif"); // load the image pg = new PixelGrabber(mapI,0,0,500,300,mapx,0,500); try { boolean b=pg.grabPixels(); int h=pg.getHeight(); int w=pg.getWidth(); int s=pg.getStatus(); System.out.println("the height of the image is"+s); ...

14. How can i know the data that is read from the .gif file

HI ALL, My project is image(.gif) file to DoC conversion to read .gif file,imported and used Thirdparty package com.gif4j. inorder to know the data that is read from the gif file i have used below two lines of code: GifImage gifImage = GifDecoder.decode(file); int j= gifImage.getNumberOfFrames(); String s=gifImage.getComment(j); but it is throwing an exception saying that 'Exception in thread main' what ...

16. where to put the gif file

17. How to access gif files from servelets

Hi, I need my servelet to use a GIF file. I have tried placing he gif file in the following locations: c:\Tomcat 4.0\ c:\Tomcat 4.0\webapps c:\Tomcat 4.0\webapps\myapp\ c:\Tomcat 4.0\webapps\myapp\classes And I have tried refering to the gif in the following manner: out.println("

18. How change *.gif files into hexa files

19. Decoding Base64-encoded GIF

I'm receiving a base64 string representation of GIF in SOAP response from a web service. I'm then trying to decode the string, using the org.apache.axis.encode.Base64 (I've also tried the Base64 class in Apache Commons Codec), and write it to a file to save the GIF, but the image is coming out garbled. My code is included below; can anyone see what ...

20. how to import downloaded .gif files into the software.

Hi guys, for this project I am to nest different images that I downloaded into my program so that when I run it it will show the pictures. I downloaded couple pictures but the program seems to not detect the images (I don't get the images I want where I want them, instead get blanks). Where should I be placing the ...

21. Using of PixelGrabber to retrieve the pixel value of GIF file

Initially, I try to read the gif file as txt file by using string. but of course it doesn't work and make no sense. Then I found permadi website and my idea is PixelGrabber is my correct focus to extract the information from the gif file. And it is my first step before I proceed to do gif modification. From the ...

22. importing gif file to ImageIcon

/*The following switch statement looks at random number generated by the Random *object and assigns an image to a JLabel according to the int returned.*/ switch (randNum) { case 1: JLabel temp = new JLabel(this.redX); return temp; case 2: JLabel temp1 = new JLabel(this.blueCirc); return temp1; default: JLabel temp2 = new JLabel(); return temp2; }

24. Reading encrypted gif file.

25. setting a color to transparent in GIF file

Does anyone know how to set a color to be transparent in a GIF file using pure Java code (or is this even possible). I am using ImageIO to write a buffered image to file in GIF format and would like to be able to tell it a certain color to show as transparent (since GIF has only 1bit alpha). and ...

26. Resizing GIF files

Hello, I am programming a batch application, that resize images, e.g. jpg, png and gif format. On internet there are bunch of "working" examples for jpg and png. I have modified them so I can use it for my intention. Unfortunately I could not find any java snippet for resizing GIF files. Can somebody give me a hint, code snippet, link, ...

27. how to read a gif file into the java file?

28. how to read a gif file into the java file?

30. conver gif or jpg to wmf file

Read the API doc for ImageIO and you will find out what formats you can save (read convert to) using the standard JDK. If wmf is not one of them (and it is not) then you will need to (as has already been said) Google. Google for an API that will do it (if there is one). But, it will probably ...