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1. Rename file onto another in java

I have a file I need to rename to that of an existing file. This is a copy, modify, replace original operation on an existing JAR file. I've got the first ...

2. How to atomically rename a file in Java, even if the dest file already exists?

I have a cluster of machines, each running a Java app. These Java apps need to access a unique resource.txt file concurently. I need to atomically rename a temp.txt file to resource.txt in ...

3. Renaming a file using Java

Can we rename a file say test.txt to test1.txt? What if test1.txt exists will it rename? How do I rename it to the already existing test1.txt file so the new contents ...

4. How can I rename a file in Java?

My purpose is to rename one file. What I'm doing is: I'm searching a particular string in a text file. Among So many files and if that particular text is found ...

5. Force rename a file in Java

Can I use any utility to do a force rename of a file from
I understand that Java 7 has these features, but I can’t use it...
If I do a

File ...

6. SVNException unable to rename file when using SVNKit in a ikvmc-ed library in C#

I used ikvmc to compile svnkit to a C# (dll) library and linked it as a reference to my project. I tried a proof of concept code to checkout:

public void checkOut(Dictionary<string,List<object>> tokens) ...

7. How to disable 'renaming' a file in java?

Is there any way in java by which we can disable renaming a specific file( for eg. MS-Excel file)just as we can hide it.

8. Why would a file rename fail in java

I have the following snippet of java code:

File directoryToMoveTo = new File(file.getParent()+"_TEMP");
boolean success = file.renameTo(new File(directoryToMoveTo,file.getName()));
if (!success){
    logger.warn("Failed to move [%s] to temp Directory.");
file is passed in as ...

9. rename a file or swap the names of two files

I have the following files in my filesystem (Linux) "file1_mp4" and "file2_3gp". I want to rename the second file "file2" to produce a file with the name of the first file "file1" and ...

10. Renaming the file in java

  File file= new File("C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Desktop\\ajay\\abc.csv");
  Timestamp ts=new Timestamp(new Date().getTime());
  String str= ts.toString();
  String st="C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Desktop\\ajay\\abc\\"+str+".csv";
  System.out.println(new Date().getTime());
  boolean b=file.renameTo(new File(st));
In ...

11. Java: File#reName() successfully rename the file, but the file object still reference the old name

I experienced a strange behavior from Java

File file = new File("test.txt");
file.reName(new File("test1.txt"));
The file successfully rename from test.txt to test1.txt, but if I do
System.out.println(file.getCanonicalPath()); //This return test.txt
Is this expected? And what is ...

12. File.rename() in Java - is it an atomic operation?

Possible Duplicate:
How to atomically rename a file in Java, even if the dest file already exists?
Hi, I work with process the might be killed in ...

13. What is the proper way to rename a file in Java?

What I mean under 'proper' file renaming:

  1. It should work on different platforms.
  2. It should handle in some way cases when:
    1. the file is locked
    2. a file with 'new' name already exists
    3. there's not enough ...

14. How to rename a file to another file system?

I got a strange problem on using renameTo(). I don't know why I can't rename to /mnt/desttest but it is ok to rename to /home/kit.ho/desttest. However, I already give every write ...

15. how do you rename a file in java?

Possible Duplicate:
Renaming a file using Java
renameFile: This method should take as input a String from and a String to. It should return a boolean. ...

16. renaming multiple files

17. problem with file rename

18. File Rename

Hello, I have tried everything from past posts to try and resolve a file renaming issue I am having. Files have correct permissions and exist in different directories at the time the rename is attempted. Can anyone see any issues with my code? Thank you. public static boolean setFileNameStatus( final File originalFile, final String fileName ) { boolean changed = false; ...

19. trouble using apache file.rename method

Hi, I am attempting to "rename" (i.e. moving) files from a source directory to a destination directory and running into a problem. Note: The files which are to be moved are being ftp'd to the server from external sources before this method is used. Once the files are on the server the rename method is used to move them to a ...

20. file renaming...

I have a file, already on the hard drive (basicCustomerInfo) and another file (rewritten) which I'd like to rename to basicCustomerInfo, getting rid of the original basicCustomerInfo file and replacing it with the contents of rewritten. It doesn't rename it and replace the contents. I saw that trying to rewrite a file while input and output streams are open is a ...

21. File rename using Java API

Presumably you know about File.renameTo(), right? It's just one file at a time, but you can always write a loop. The bigger headache is remembering to check the return value, and if it's false, figuring out why. I hate those methods that return a boolean with no useful diagnostic message if a failure occurs - File has several of these. Jakarta ...

22. Renaming not happening

Hi Freinds, I'm trying this piece of code to work.But some how the temp file which is not getting renamed to the name of the file which is being sent as a parameter to this method.Where am i going wrong in this code. Lets say name of the file passed as parameter is "". Thanks in adavnce public void writeTheFile(File f,String ...

23. renaming file..

24. Having a problem in renaming a file

Hai friends , i am having a problem in renaming a file . when i used renameTo() method i am not able to rename it , the code complies without any error but i go and look in to my specified path i see the filename remains same . i am stating the code below import*; public class FileMethod { ...

25. How to rename a file in JAVA ?

26. Renaming a file in Java

27. Renaming a file -- what's wrong with this code ?

I am puzzled why this rename code is not working.I am able to rename a file within the same directory but when I want to rename a file of a directory to a different name and move to a different directory then it is not working. Can you tell me why ? Is the naming convention of directories wrong ? Your ...

28. rename file

Well, let's see. I'm not a Windows person, so I can't comment on whether Java interprets the "C:\" drive specifier properly as a directory; I'll assume it does. One possibility: the file's name isn't actually A.jpeg, but A.jpg. Don't those file extensions have to be 3 characters? Have a close look at the file and let us know.

29. renaming a file with a filename that already exists

Hi, I was wondering, how do you rename a file? And if there already is a file named do you overwrite it and replace the file thats already there with the new file with the same name? Sorry, I'm not sure whether this belongs to beginner or intermediate, please don't fine me! [ June 15, 2005: Message edited by: jin ...

30. File Renaming while getting copied.

Hi Guys, I need an approach for my requirement, any pointers will be helpful. Requirement - I have a file (size of 20 gb) I will be copying it to a mapped drive, but while copying I have to keep my file name with an extension as ".wait" and then when it gets fully copied I have to rename it to ...

31. Renaming files

I'm unable to rename files (line 78). Can anyone help me out? import*; public class accounts { public static void main(String args[])throws IOException { DataOutputStream dout=new DataOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("account.dat", true)); BufferedReader keyin=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; String name; String add; int accno; double bal=0; boolean eof=false; do { System.out.println("Enter name as '*' to stop"); System.out.println("Enter name"); name=keyin.readLine(); if(!name.equals("*")) { dout.writeUTF(name); System.out.println("Enter account number"); ...

32. Unable to rename file

File.renameTo does not change the File object. If it returns true it renames the file, yes, but the File object is immutable and stays exactly the same. Instead of using the old value of f you should reassign it: import*; public class simple { public static void main(String[] args) { //Obtain the reference of the existing file File oldFile = ...

33. Problem in renaming a file using java

Hi, I wrote a code for renaming a existing file using renameTo(). I have a string "cbvfjkhgtg If i found a tag i need to write the string content "cbvfjkhgtg" in the file. Once i noticed tag i need to rename the file which was previously written. The code that i used is : public class example { public static void ...

34. File renaming help

I have a folder with a bunch of mp3's which start with the same first letters, so I wan't to get rid of the first parts of their names... here's some files from the folder: .... Electroman Metal - heyreivorei.mp3 Electroman Metal - ishvaal.mp3 Electroman Metal - warati.mp3 Electroman Metal - eilum.mp3 Electroman Metal - arbeit.mp3 .... basically, I want to ...

35. Renaming a file

I'm having some trouble renaming a file. Seems simple enough, close stream, then use file1.renameTo(file1), but I'm getting consistent failures. Perhaps it's something small but I just can't quite figure this one out. Here is the relevant code, the goal is to open a file, read a line, convert it, and write a changed line. Java Code: import*; public class ...

36. not able to rename the existing file

Hi All, I have a java file in which i am doing the following stuffs. 1) I am creating a new file 2) Entering contents in the existing file 3) Renaming the existing file--When i am doing this i am not getting any error but the existing file is not renamed The contents of the file************************* package; import ...

37. unable to rename file's

38. Rename Files

Well, Hello Everybody, I have a personal project. It consist in develop a program that could rename files conteined on a directory, the purpose of this, is because sometimes I got a lot of I want to give them a base name and then just add a number...I know there are a lot of this programs but I want to ...

39. Rename files with a given string

40. Unable to rename files!

41. Renaming files issue

I HAVE gotten something simpler working.... I am able to directly change ONE file but not the array of files one at a time. About the trim, which is completely irrelevant to what I'm trying to fix, it is used to take all the white spaces out of the text that I am recieving from the "index" file.

42. File rename Issue

43. Rename File ?

44. Problem renaming File

46. Best way of renaming a series of files

Hello, I have a series of files with the same name in different folders. I'd like to write an application to rename these and am looking for suggestions on the best approach (don't need code or anything). I was going to Increment starting at 000001 or something and storing the last number but have been told there are better ways. I'm ...

47. rename file

48. Renaming Files

49. renaming a file from java

But calling exec method of Runtime could I be faster than the first implementation?? I thought that the first implementation was heavier (more Java objects created) than the second one... Was I wrong? Maybe. However it is not relevent. It is just flat out stupid to make things that convoluted in the name of "performance". Especially something like this. All you ...

50. Need Help - Problem: Cannot rename the file

I hv three type of file, which is original file, processed file and edited file. Then, my goal is change all the three type of filename after i edit and save the document... My problem is sometime it can be changed, but sometime it just change either one or two type of filename only..... Can somebody to help me........10s first.... Below ...