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1. Uploadify doesn't send filename

I'm trying to use Uploadify for uploading multiple files,

    uploader: '/js/uploadify/uploadify.swf',
    script: '/uploadpath',
    cancelImg: '/js/uploadify/cancel.png',
    multi: true,

2. Java Xmodem only for sending file

I need XModem in my project only for sending is there any solution I am stuck in my project.

3. progress bar during sending a file

when sending file from client to server where should we add the code for progress bar?

4. Can YUI 3 Uploader (multiple files) be used to send request params to a Java controller?

I am currently trying to add multiple file uploads to an application I am working on, but I am having problems finding good documentation on the correct syntax for the parameter ...

5. Sending Java POST request without calling getInputStream()

I would like to send a POST request in Java. At the moment, I do it like this:

URL url = new URL("myurl");
URLConnection con = url.openConnection();
PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(con.getOutputStream());
ps.println("key=" + URLEncoder.encode("value"));
// ...

6. which is best to sending file to client?

What does "scalable" and "high performance" mean to you? Can you give some numbers as to the expected orders of magnitude (file size, number of files, time frame in which this happens, ...)? Neither HTTP nor RMI is particularly suited for sending files. I might consider sockets instead -or a file server, if feasible- but it's hard to say for sure ...

7. sending chatuserlist to all clients

I have written a chat application in swing where in i am sending the messages to each client via the sockets stream .Now if i want to send a list of all the chatclients logged in to each one of them then how can i do this.will sending it as a long string with each name seperated with a comma and ...

9. Sending request with basic authentication

Hi, I have to connect to a Domino server and then send an xml transaction. I'm connecting this way : ---------------------------------------------- URL u = new URL("url"); String userPassword= "domainname\\username assword"; String encoding= new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode (userPassword.getBytes()); URLConnection uc= u.openConnection(); conn= (HttpURLConnection) uc; conn.setRequestProperty("Authorization", "Basic " + encoding); conn.setDoOutput(true); conn.setDoInput(true); ---------------------------------------------------------------- Then I send my xml, flush & close my writer. As soon ...

10. Sending file name

I am sending a file via tcp/ip it's a combo of a ftp program and a tcp.ip program. I have no errors. However i would like to send the file name, as a String, without the path to the client. e.g c:\my doc\a.txt i would like it to be sent as a.txt. I tried using a loop, but aside from the ...

11. send message to another computer

Hi Guys I would like to do the following. I have a situation where i am required to write a java application which sends message to another computer..just like NET SEND command in DOS. i would also like to provide an IP range so that i can send message to more than one computer at one time.. Can you help me ...

12. How to send comands to anoyther program

I need to execute a program done in haskell that is usually executed from command line. This program wait for an input and shows the correspondent output. For instance: $ prosoft-reduce prelude> / in Integers => now in the context of Integers Integers> succ(one) => succ(succ(zero) Integers> $ My program must call this program "prosoft-reduce", send commands to it ("/ in ...

13. Java API for sending files to thirdparties

Hello all, I need to design a Java API for sending of jobs(XMLS files, HTML files, etc) to third party job boards as a batch process . I would appreciate if someone can share your design thoughts and the efficient tools and technologies that I can make use of for this process.Would also appreciate if someone can point me to some ...

14. Sending file through http protocol

15. Send a File

Hi all, I have developed a servlet which will stream a particular file from the server to the client. The client clicks on a link, and the servlet starts streaming the file. My problem is, even after the file is streamed completely, the mouse pointer is not changing from busy state to normal state. What could be the problem. Should i ...

17. send file to the client/ jspsmart

Hello I send a file to the server using the MultpartUpload of O'reilly. Now i want to send a file from the server to the client. I am trying to use the jspsmartUpload to do it using the following code in a jsp file (save.jsp): "<%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" %> <% // No cache. response.setHeader("Pragma", "No-cache"); response.setDateHeader("Expires", ...

18. Send a whole file across

Dear experts, May I know how to send a whole file across to the other host. Normally what we did was to send a text file line by line or byte by byte. In my case here, I wanted to send a whole .exe file across. Can you please kindly advise me on this. Warmest regards, Franco

19. Another file sending question...

I'm trying to figure out a way to transmit a file from one webapp to another, each running on different servers. It also need to be done completely behind-the-scenes, unseen by the user. The goal is to make it look and act as if one user is exporting information from one app and importing it to another with just a click. ...

20. File sending and recieving

21. Sending files over HTTP

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22. send file from java app works in browser but not wget or curl?

Hi, I have some code that downloads a binary file just fine when executed from a broswer, but when I run the app via wget or curl, everything works fine except that I never get the file. Any ideas why that might be? It's a spring application. Here's the section of the code that delivers the file: response.setContentType("application/binary"); response.setContentLength((int)length); response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", ("attachment; ...

23. Sending two files after successful login

1) On the right side of each webpage there is IFRAME: This IFRAME checks wether user session set or not if set the User servlet display the "user control panel" else it display HTML content to get login/pass for signing in 2) Login servlet is doing two works: (a) getting user/pass to ...

24. sending a file

25. sending fax and receiving fax

i need some help.. i want to develop a application for sending fax (computer --->(to) fax machine) and receiving fax (fax machine-->(to) computer) in java. is it possible? if yes means please help me...... source code please...... i have found serial ports in my system... but i dont know how to send data or documents to a fax machine...

26. Sending Fax

27. i need help on send data with modem

Generally speaking, you'd get both computers to dial in to an Internet service provider, and then use normal TCP/IP sockets for communication. If you need to go to a lower level than that with Java, you probably need something that would wrap your modem driver with a Java interface, or (ugh) write such an interface yourself.

28. Send file as attachment

Hi java Lovers I am preparing a html page in java which will be displayed as output I wanna send this page as an email attachement also. mailto doesnt support attachment much. I wanna acheive functionality that whn user clicks button the current page is attached as an attchment to the default email client

29. How to send a java file?

Hello, I started learning Java about a week ago. I wonder how I can send my (small) programs I made in Java to someone else. I mean: when i was programming in C++ and when I built a file, there was automaticly a new .exe file added to the bin. So I could send that .exe file and then could open ...

30. sending and recieving files

31. Send .cod file in BB Device

32. Sending file via internet

Hello everyone. I have been programming for a while, and want to make my first advanced program! I want to make a program that also includes a function to automatically send a file to an e-mail address, or just uploads a file to a database i can reach. Is there a way how i can program that? I would rather have ...

33. file.delete() - is there a way to send to Recycle Bin?

The actual location of the Recycle Bin varies depending on the operating system and filesystem. On the older FAT filesystems (typically Windows 98 and prior), it is located in Drive:\RECYCLED. In the NTFS filesystem (Windows 2000, XP, NT) it can be found in Drive:\RECYCLER, with the exception of Windows Vista which stores it in the Drive:\$Recycle.Bin folder.

35. using filestream to send files over the internet

is is possible to use a filestream to send files from client to server? If so could someone show me some example code or point me to a good internet reference. i have done some searching and reading but haven't found anything that showed it well. thanks for the help in advance.

36. sending file

37. what is the best way to send a file?

38. can i send you my test file

I am new and learning java! i have created a test program but when i compile i get only one error saying : orphaned default default: System.out.println("Error - Input not recognised!"); ^ What does this mean? i have looked and looked at the code and it seems fine. here it is: import java.util.Scanner; class TestTelevisonV3 { public static void main(String ...

39. Sending data to a file

# }//end of try # } # catch(EOFException e) # {EOF=true;} # catch(FileNotFoundException e) # {System.err.println(e); # return; # } # catch(IOException e) # {System.err.println("Err reading input file"+e); # return; } # } //end of ReadData //analyize the data (chunk and calculate the entropy ) # void processfile() # { # int Find = 0,f = 0,f1 = 0,p,N_entropy,L,Length = 0, ...

40. Sending File to rar Archive

I have a program that backs up my server, but to transfer it to my home server with the program I have to have it as an .rar to get it to be small enought, the original file is 6.2gb So I guess Im looking for a jar, to send them to a .rar thanks

41. How to get the value from a JavaScript and send the same to Java file?

I appreciate you patience and time. You are right, but the thing is slightly related to Java. Indeed, my doubt deals with carrying values to class file from javascript. We can take values, if it is directly from JSP to Servlet, but the thing here we deal is about JS to Java file. Thanks for the link. If I asked anything ...

42. How do you send a file accross the internet?

Hmm, ObjectStreams for sending files across the interwebs? You could do it easily with normal sockets. Have your game program (i.e. the client) contact the server in a well known IP address, he can then query the server for updates and what-not. Then the server can (in a custom defined protocol) send files and general data back. Or, you could just ...

43. How to send a file without getting Connection Refused??

How does FTP work normally? Well in most cases you are talking to a server that is on the internet. This server has been configured to be behind or on a network where the routers are not blocking requests to connect to FTP ports (among other services). So nothing different other than it is configured correctly.

44. Simple Send File

Im fairly new to Java so go easy on me please Im developing a small Java applet to run on browsers, One of the features is to enable access to a particular file on the users machine which is being saved/downloaded. How do i have the Java applet listen for connections on port e.g. 4050 and then have the file sent? ...

46. sending files as attachments

47. a program that send to several files

Hi all how can i create a program that send data to diff files according to some Criteria i.e. i have the following line male(john 23 teacher) femal( mary 18 student) thing (flower pink) thing (book blue) male(john 23 teacher) femal( mary 18 student) how can i send the male information to male file and femal information to femal file and ...

48. sending File Steam

Hello everyone, I am working with servlets and i want to send a File Stem to a client. the point is, that the file is in the server but not in sunone directory. that means, i dont have a http link that i can give to the client that he can dowload from it. i have the absolute path of a ...