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1. Java: Possibilities to protect files against manipulation

Good morning, my Java program builds some files (.html and .txt-files) in one directory. To finish a project I'd like to "pack" these files for example to send it to another person. But ...

2. java create a custom file extension that my aplication can recognize

I want to define a custom file format that my application can recognize. The file will be effectively an archive but I want the file extension to be different and also ...

3. Java archive file distribution and execution

I've made a Java program I would like to make available to people of every stripe of computer (Windows, Linux, and OSX). So, as far as I know, all I have ...

4. How can you get the size of a file in an archive using TrueZip?

As per the TrueZip docs, it appears that the length() method returns 0 or -1. I am updating a WAR archive and I would like to only update files whose lengths have ...

5. Java based solution for file archive

I need to create some kind of file archive - with control of MD5, meta-information of files,etc. Remove from archive by date. Do exist some open source solutions, frameworks for this? ...

6. Recursively browsing archive files

Hi, I am trying to browse through all .class files in my classpath, including the ones inside archives (jar files). Since archives can contain other archives I have to go into archives recursively to go through all entries. I am using the ZipFile class to read the archive entries, but when an entry itself is a nested archive, it seems I ...

7. Archive files?

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to create/read a file in which i can put all the resource files for my program. Something like a .pak file which is used by some games to store there resources. And is there a way to encrypt it or something like that so that you can't open it with ...

8. I need help in archive file

Is it possible to launch the archive file which is created in JBOSS 4.0 server in eclipse IDE to Glassfish server V2 in Netbeans IDE 6.0? Will it work properly if we change IDE ? Will it work properly if we change application server ? Will it work properly if we change format .war to .ear ?

9. Extracting archive file

{ String archiveFile = zip; File file = new File(archiveFile); BufferedOutputStream dest = null; BufferedInputStream is = null; ZipEntry entry; ZipFile zipfile = null; try { zipfile = new ZipFile(file); Enumeration e = zipfile.entries(); while (e.hasMoreElements()) { try { entry = (ZipEntry) e.nextElement(); try { is = new BufferedInputStream(zipfile.getInputStream(entry)); } catch (IOException e1) { } int count; byte[] data = new ...

10. Adding/Injecting Files to an Existing Archive?

Hello. I am somewhat experienced in Java, but cannot seem to be able to do the following. I've been trying to inject a file into an existing archive, but I keep overwriting the whole file, deleting everything in the archive, and then the file is added. Would anybody here happen to know how to do this? Let's say I have an ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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