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2. check if File is hidden or system file

What does the API doc for File say about the above method? Are there methods in the File class to check for System files? If not (and I am waiting for you answer on this), then you can not do it directly using a File object, but would have to rig something using Runtime.exec and system dependent command line operations.

3. How to check wwheter two files are the same?

Comparing a hash, if you have to calculate it each time, is bound to be slower than a byte by byte, or character by character compare. This kind of comparison is used mostly in things like content management systems, when a new file of data is checked to see if it's identical to a file already entered, hash values being stored ...

4. Check File Location Accessibilty

Hi guys, I am having a problem which i want u guys to help me with. Actually, I am trying to take user input to get the location where user wants to save the file. But now user may give a location where there are not enough privileges to create a file.. What i want to know is..Is there any way ...