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1. using Java to get a file's md5 checksum?

I am looking to use java to get the md5 checksum of a file. I was really surprised but I haven't been able to find anything that shows how (and the ...

2. Determining whether a file is a duplicate

Is there a reliable way to determine whether or not two files are the same? For example, two files with the same size and type may or may not be the ...

3. Different Checksum values retrieved

Hi, I have made a Java application that uses CheckedOutputStream in addition with ZipOutputStream to compress a certain number of files. After a set of files are compressed, the Checksum is retrieved and stored in a database table. This zip file along with the checksum value is then sent over to another place via e-mail. Here another Java application decompresses the ...

4. CheckSum

A "checksum" is a function that you compute using all the bytes of a file, message, or other chunk of data. If you compute the checksum before transmitting (or saving, or compressing) some data, then compute it again after the transmission (or after loading, or decompressing) then the two values should match. If they do, you can be pretty sure the ...

5. Checksum file download?

Hi, I have a servlet newbie question. I have a servlet which gets a file name from a client and sends it the file. I would like to add a checksum feature so that the servlet can delete the file if it is sure that the client has received the file correctly. The client can compute a checksum when it writes ...

6. CheckSum implemantation details for a file

Hi All, In my application i am fetching files from a file server. Now i have to implement CheckSum on the files that will being fetched so that to avoid any data error. Can any one provide me steps in details so as to implement the checksum on file. Looking forward for suggestions.

7. Generating a Checksum Value

I'm trying to create a 100 byte ASCII string to send over a com port. Byte 99 in the string needs to be an 8-bit checksum. How do I set this byte? I've seen the package, but I'm not sure if that's just used for 'reading' a checksum or not. Any help is appreciated.

8. how to determine the checksum for Remote file

HI, My progarm is for uploding and downloading of the files. Now before downloading i want to check the checksum of the remote file , if it is same, then will allow to download.... Actually problem occurs when uploading and downloading of the same file takes place at the same time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.