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1. Why would I care about IOExceptions when a file is closed?

I've see this sort of thing in Java code quite often...

catch (IOException ioe)
    /* Ignore. We do not care. */
Is this reasonable, or cavalier? When ...

2. How can I close my file with the special condition?

just think that when I opened my file then when I want to write something in it ,one Exception will be thrown,and if I used file.close() in the try block ...

3. Regarding java file closing

i noticed in a java program the below line used to open a file and process it

BufferedReader inp = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(inputFile));
In the javaprogram the inp is not ...

4. Why doesn't have a close() method?

While does have a close() method doesn't. Why is that? Is the file closed automatically on finalization or something? Thanks!

5. explain the close() method in Java in Layman's terms

I went through a java tutorial that allowed me to create a text file and write the words,"20 Bruce Wayne" in it. The last method that is called in the main ...

6. Can I close file handles opened by code I don't own?

I'm using a third-party commercial library which seems to be leaking file handles (I verified this on Linux using lsof). Eventually the server (Tomcat) starts getting the infamous "Too many ...

7. java file close

I'll be having lot of files in a directory. I'll be just getting the file names using File.getName() and log it to a log file. I presume, i don't ...

8. making sure file is fully closed on operating system

Hi, In my J2EE app, I'm updating a text file and then immediately sending it as an email attachment via JavaMail. My only concern is that, when testing it, if I write to the text file and then immediately open it in Wordpad, sometimes the old version of the text file loads, not the new version. However, if I close the ...

9. Accidentally closing System.out

I ran into this problem some time ago, and have never figured out a solution. Some libraries provide methods that take some sort of output stream, then write their data to that stream. For example Castor generates objects based on an XML schema. You can get the XML back by calling marshal(Writer out), on the root object. Typically, you pass it ...

10. flushes on close

Hopefully straight forward question ... I don't do that much Java I/O, I'm reading a book that takes a paragraph to emphasis that flush should be called before close to make sure all bytes are written with a FileWriter example (which might make sense), however FileWriter is an OutputStreamWriter is a Writer and the sun close documentation (1.4 & 1.5 ) ...

11. IO close() method

What exactly does the close() method do for input and output streams? Please use as little jargon as possible. I am using Apache POI HSSF to read in an Excel file (this maybe should be on an Apache POI forum, but please tell me what you think). I am trying to figure out when I can close the input stream. If ...

12. When is an explicit close() necessary?

13. MDI file close.

How can I know, is a file closed from a Multiple Document Interface(MDI)? My idea is lock the file for that MDI and check to write that file from another java thread. If it is writable that file is been closed. For that. I am starting a process using the Runtime. for example: cmdArray[0]="C:\Program Files\TextPad 4\TextPad.exe"; cmdArray[1]="test.txt"; Process process=runtime.exec(cmdArray); Now I ...

14. file download-user authentication-window close

I'm involved a project to let staff to access valuable files throught intranet. I want to realize the following functions: 1. When the user clicks the zipfile download image in a html page, a user authentication window appears to ask user to enter userid&passwd. I write the required zipfile name as a hidden field in the authentication page. 2. Next, after ...

15. About closing File Handler

I have a code snippett: ******************* File myFile = new File("FileName"); out = new RandomAccessFile(myFile, "rw");; out.writeBytes(xxx); ****************** Suppose that's it. Now I am about to close the file handlers safely. WHat should I do next ? sould I do **** out.close(); myFile.close(); ***** or **** myFile.close(); out.close(); ***** or just **** out.close(); ****** or just **** myFile.close(); ***** Thanks. ...

16. Closing a file

17. How to close a file

18. Close popup after generating a file

Hello, I need to close a popup window after generating a file. The content of the file comes from another application. The popup should be closed after the file is printed, when the streams are closed, but I cannot write anything else in this page because the response has been already commited. Could you give me any ideas? The process is ...

19. closing files

//you need these three items before you try to open the files again with filereader1 and filewriter1. filereader.close(); filewriter.flush(); filewriter.close(); filereader1 = new FileReader(s2); filewriter1 = new FileWriter(s1); while((i = != -1) filewriter1.write(i); filewriter1.write("\n" + s3); filewriter1.flush(); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { System.out.println(e); } catch(IOException io){ System.out.println(io); } finally{ try{ if(filereader!=null filereader.close(); if(filewriter!=null) filewriter.close(); if(filereader1!=null filereader1.close(); if(filewriter1!=null) filewriter1.close(); }catch(Exception e){ ...

20. closing a file

I a quite new to java so i am not sure abt this.If i get what you mean is i will not be able to close a file from my cancel button which is running using another thread.However, by instructing or message back to the other encryption page that uses the thread, it is possible to cancel and close the file.Okie ...

21. Implicit File Closing

I need to know what are the rules for when a file is actually closed if there is no explicit "close" called on the file. I have a thread running that wakes up, check if it needs to create/write to a new file, calls a method to create and write the file, calls a flush() on the BufferedWriter, then goes to ...

23. how to close only one file?

When you kill the winword process, it will close all open documents because they're all opened by that process. To close single documents, you'd need to communicate with the winword executable, using DDE or OLE automation. There are Java libraries around that do this sort of thing, but thre're clearly not part of the core Java libraries. Google for them.

24. Wait until text-file is REALLY close

I use Windows XP(ntfs) on Compat Flash Card. I turned off write caching in Windows for HDD but problem is still during. I think error is in Operation System because there is write caching on HDD and that's why I am looking for some function which will be wait if file is really close.

25. Wait until text-file is REALLY close

I use Windows XP(ntfs) on Compat Flash Card. I turned off write caching in Windows for HDD but problem is still during. I think error is in Operation System because there is write caching on HDD and that's why I am looking for some function which will be wait if file is really close.

26. How to close winword file in Java Language

27. forcibly closing files

I have made a batch utility which calls the main(...) methods of other utilities. Each of these utilties produces a file as output. It seems that some of these utilities do not release their handle to the file so i cannot delete these files at the end of the batch run. How can I either forcibly delete the file even if ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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