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1. How can I build a compile graph for Java files?

I have a large number of classes in a project, and I would like to compile all of them from a script. The thing is, the classes should be compiled in ...

2. Problem, when compiling .jrxml to.jasper files

I have a well working program, which uses JasperReports. It uses JRBeanCollectionDataSource(List items); to populate the rows with data, but if I compile the .jrxml file either with JasperCompileManager.compileToFile() or with ...

3. How do I link two Java files together during compilation using GCJ?

My apologies as I'm very much a "Java noob." Anyways, I think I've dumbed this problem down sufficiently to ask in a way that is straight-forward and will get me the ...

4. What happens if you compile an empty java file?

When i compiled an empty java file it didn't produce any class file. So wanted to know how compiler react when compiling an empty java file. It should have generated an ...

5. How to compile these 2 java files correctly?

I'm following the steps here, it's basically :

  1. Compile the DataSource and LiveStream classes: javac -d .
  2. Run using JMStudio: java JMStudio screen://0,0,160,120/10
But when I compile them, ...

6. java ..from one java file compile other java file

here is my case ...i have one file when compile and run the file i get output as file .....but i need yyyyyy.class file i.e is from file ...

7. in debian

i try to compile a java program but in the import section of the code fails:

import java.util.*;
import java.text.*;
import java.awt.*;
//import java.awt.image.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
//import java.awt.image.renderable.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.border.*;
//import javax.swing.border.EtchedBorder;
//import java.lang.reflect.*;
how ...

8. How to compile file in clojure

I've created file "hello.clj"

(ns clojure.examples.hello

(defn -main
  (println (str "Hello " greetee "!")))
and try to compile
clojurec hello.clj
But I got this error
Exception in thread "main" ...

9. Problems compiling file on School's Unix System

COMPLETE EDIT BUT SIMILAR PROBLEM What's the best software/plugin to enable FTP on Eclipse? I'm using FileZilla, but is there something better/easier?

10. How to compile a java project consisting of multiple files?

I have a java project which contains multiple classes spread out over multiple files. How do i compile and get this to work ? Can anyone suggest how to compile this using jCreator ...

11. Decompile compiled Java file with proprietary headers

I've got a file that is a binary java file that was compiled using a proprietary program. I've tried to open this up in some of the standard decompilers but they ...

12. How do I compile an IDL file for CORBA?

i have a problem here where i have to compile an IDL file to be used in java. actually i want to use OTS or JTS for this and all i ...

13. How to compile a single Java file

I have searched this, but I could'n find or understand what I found.
Now I'm not a Java programmer, but I have the need to compile a single Java file into an ...

14. How I can join compiled jasper file and my project in java?

I have design my project in iReport and I have compiled successfully. Now I want to add the compiled jasper file to add in my java project. May any one help ...

15. using cygwin compile java file to widows native code

I have written a small java application for one of my homework. the problem is the teacher may not have JRE installed. what i want to id to compile the java ...

16. Is it possible to compile a java file without providing its depedencies?

There is a java file, which has some dependencies jars. But now, I don't have those jars, and I have to compile it to a .class file. Is it possible to do ...

17. How javap works for java library files?

JRE contains the .class files for library classes. When these .class files in JRE folder will be used? Does JRE contains the .class files for all library classes. Let us take an example.. when we ...

18. Use already compiled Protobuf-classes in new .proto-files

I have imported a library which contains classes generated by protobuf. I would like to send objects of this class as part of other protobuf messages. But protoc (obviously?) complains about missing ...

20. Compile, running OK but no result

Hi all. I want to create a program that writes the names of all locales to a file : public final class AllLocales { static public void main(String[] args) throws Exception { FileWriter output = new FileWriter("AllLocales.txt"); BufferedWriter fw = new BufferedWriter(output); Locale list[] = DateFormat.getAvailableLocales(); for (int i = 0; i < list.length; i++) { String line = list[i].getDisplayName() + ...

21. Can we compile

Suppose i have a class definition like this : class CheckSyntax{ int var1=10; } this text data is available in stream......... Can we compile the text through javac on a fly without saving the file. More specific : Suppose through a form post method somebody send me that text (class definition ) . So my Question is Q1...can we compile that ...

23. Size of .java file affects compiling.

Hi, I have a .java file whose size is more than 1 GB. Please dont curse me for this as this file is automatically generated by the existing system based on some inputs. As of now this 1 GB java file is giving errors while compiling. It is not able to compile. I want to ask does java has such restrictions. ...

24. I have problem with Compiling and Runing Java file with JDK

Hi, Every body I have a problem with the jdk, when I am going to compiling my java file in Command Prompt I am typing JAVAC then I can compile but when I am going to run this file I am typing JAVA name_of_file, I cna not run the file it give me this message C:\java test Exceptin in thread ...

25. Dependency Files while Compilation ?

26. Unable to compile servelt-files.

27. compiling all files in all subdirecoty?

Yes ANT is the best build tool available for JAVA. I use it all the time! I'm on Windows XP Pro and the cmd shell is, well, not allways useful (to say the least). But if you want to do things like javac `find . -name '*.java'`, you can also install Cygwin and have fun!


The thread that you pointed me to does contain some useful info....but do you have any other examples or sample code that you can refer me too. I actually just looking for a simple method that I can use, that takes some .java files and compiles them to .class files Thanks in advance for your help

29. Compiled Java files working on one machine and not on another machine??

Hello, I have two queries which are as follows: 1) I had some java classes which i had to compile and move into the production machine. Now i compiled those files in my development environment and moved the class files to Production.But they didnt worked there. My Development environment consists of: Windows XP,Apache Tomcat Webserver 4.1,jdk1.3.1_01 My Production environment consists of: ...

30. compiling or packaging only the required files

Hi, I have one application project that uses a shared project. I would like to distribute only the files that I use in the shared project along with the application project. The shared project is too big and I only use few files from it (at the same time, I can't manually pick them). Do we have a way to do ...

31. compiling java files

There's no command to do that explicitly. But javac will also compile any source files that the classes it compiles depend on, if no class files for those are present. So if certain class files are missing, and the source files about to be compiled depend on those, they will be compiled as well. Tools like the javac task in Ant ...

32. How to compile multiple java file in different package with one script?

You probably don't need a script. If all your classes start off in the same folder, try javac -d . I have only got it to work once without packages, but it should work. The -d option mean to create directories (if required) and the . means start in the current directory (for source).

33. how to compile a group of java files

If one of your classes is calling or using another class, then the other class must exist in compiled form for the compiler to resolve everything. This means that you can NOT have a circular reference and expect to get it to compile. This would be lousy programming form in any language even if it were possible. You would be in ...

34. compiling files in packages

35. I have problem with Compiling and Runing Java file with JDK

Hi, Every body I have a problem with the jdk, when I am going to compiling my java file in Command Prompt I am typing JAVAC then I can compile but when I am going to run this file I am typing JAVA name_of_file, I cna not run the file it give me this message C:\java test Exceptin in thread ...

37. Compile files that ref each other?

In relatively simple "circular relationships" between source files, Sun's recent compilers would seem to not have much trouble. For instance, this example compiles fine when the compiler can locate both source files.[B]//[/B] public class Foo { public FooTwo method() { return new FooTwo(); } } [B]//[/B] public class FooTwo { public Foo method() { return new Foo(); } }I once had ...

38. compiling c/c++ derived object files

39. Unable to access compiled file

Hai Friends, I have a collection of java files. i stored them in a different folder(in different drive-d than the actual java jdk pack folder(in c . I can able to compile separate java files in d: and the compiled class files are stored in d only. My problem is if i am using 2 java files and one is referring ...

40. The Code is not compiling,and also tell me what will be the filename for this code

public class GuessGame { player p1; player p2; player p3; public void startGame() { p1 = new player(); p2 = new player(); p3 = new player(); int guessp1 = 0; int guessp2 = 0; int guessp3 = 0; boolean p1isRight = false; boolean p2isRight = false; boolean p3isRight = false; int targetNumber = (int) (Math.random() * 10); System.out.println("I'm thinking of a ...

42. Unable to compile these java files

i am new to java and i developed following code. i am not able to compile these files. i am getting error while compiling second file C:/Code/foo >javac C:/Code/foo >javac cannot resolve symbol symbol : class Person location: class foo.Employee public class Employee extends Person ^ 1 error following are code package foo; public abstract class Person ...

43. Compiling a blank file??

I just tried it: save a file with only a CR, LF in it with the name ".java" and try to compile it like this: javac .java This works with JDK 6 on Windows XP, but you don't get a class file. It's probably just a peculiarity of the Java compiler. The question whether an empty file is a valid Java ...

44. how to compile java file

45. About Compiled File

Hi there, I am using myeclipse5.1, and i want to know that how to read class file? Actually i want to know what happens when a .java get converted into .class file. Is there any other way to know this? Basically i am looking for static inner class. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

46. trouble running compiled file

48. Compiling java files

your path environmental variable is not properly set. You need to set the path as follows before you compile your code. I assume your jdk is installed as follows C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_06, then before you compile your code type the following command prompt set path=%path%;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_06\bin;. the java path might change depending upon your installation. now execute your code.

49. Issue with compiling Java Files inside of Packages

I am trying to compile the following java classes which are arranged in a package structure. 1. Servlet class "" is inside package 2. The above servlet class calls a plain Java File "" that resides inside subdirectory "model" I am trying to pre-compile the servlet class along with the supporting java file and then place the compiled class files on ...

50. Can you help me get this file compiled?

Hi! I am working with Head First Servlets and JSP. I;m in the Mini MVC tutorial chapter. When i compile the model, its all fine. But when i compile the, it reports that the package com.example.model (one in which the CoffeeExpert is present) is unavailable These are the command prompt reports when i compile the (And i have ...

51. can't able to compile javabean file

52. Compiling java file

This is a pretty silly problem. I am trying to complile the file which creates the Dog variable ( Dog class is compiled) From what i know , the memebers from with in the same package automatically gets imported , however here, i have tried everything by importng and setttng the classpath but still get the same error where "class ...

53. Compiling more than 1 .Java File

54. how to compile a java file from java program

Thanks Ulf Dittmer, The api looks great also JEL might also prove to be a help in achieving what i am trying. And pete i agree the solution involving compiling the class on the fly is a dirty fix most of time but i know exactly why it's been required in my case. Thanks for your concern. Cheers

56. Problem with Compiling java files in packages

Hello I have a question in Java when compiling with packages. Can anyone Help?? My 2 java files & are in packages com.example.web & com.example.model respectively. The root folders goes like this. C:\MyProjects\beerV1\src\com\example\web\ and C:\MyProjects\beerV1\src\com\example\model\ I have compiled the in the model package.(ie the class file for BeerExpert is in the com.example.model package.) My BeerSelect2 file which is ...

58. Compiling Multiple Files

59. Why do you only compile the Test file?

Yes, I'm a newbie. But all texts seem to assume everyone understands only to compile and run the "" file and not to compile or run the other non-test files. Sure, you only run the Test file because that's the main one... but I was under the impression that when you use the javac command, the compiler turns the java code ...

60. How to compile multiple files in terminal / dos

Hi guys, I started learning Java in Eclipse and whilst I love it, I'm exploring doing my work via a text editor and (I'm using Windows at work) compiling via CMD. Now for an individual file, say public class file1 { .... } when I compile this file using javac, it creates the class file when I can call using ...

61. Compile a set of java files for a sudoku program

I wanted to study a full fledged sudoku built in java.. I came across this sudoku at You can download the source code from here.. Java-Sudoku - Browse /playsudoku/1.0.1 at After extracting the files,i don't know how to compile all these files one by one.. i mean which should be compiled first and which one later.. Can anyone please ...

62. How To compile to interdependent file in two different packages

If the classes weren't circularly dependent, you could just compile the independent class, then compile the dependent class with the independent one on the classpath. Circular dependencies require you to include the entire cycle either on the classpath or in the list of files. Since neither of these classes are compiled yet, they must both be included in the list of ...

63. Can i compile my java file using JRE?

64. Problem compiling java file

check your compile parameters. Is the xwork-.jar added to the classpath during compile? ( depends on the struts version you use. For struts 2.08 you would add the following libraries as far as I know (I cannot look at my own compile options from here): freemarker-2.3.8.jar ognl-2.6.11.jar struts2-core-2.0.8.jar xwork-2.0.3.jar Add them to the classpath during compile.

65. .java file compiling but not executing in jdk6

Using javac in jdk6 I can compile a .java file but cant executing the same using java command from my own directory. I can still compile and execute the same file from jdk\bin directory. I am using windows XP Home. While executing the .java file from my own directory, it fires a message: "The Java class could not be loaded. java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: ...

66. java file compilation problem..

hello... i placed all my java file in the folder C:\nmt and i run the following command to compile it... javac -sourcepath C:\nmt now it showing an error.. cannot read javac -sourcepath C:\nmt -d C:\nmt to produce the output in the C:\nmt folder but it shows the same message... now change the format of the command... javac -soucepath ...

67. problem in compiling a java file

hello... i placed all my java file in the folder C:\nmt and i run the following command to compile it... javac -sourcepath C:\nmt now it showing an error.. cannot read javac -sourcepath C:\nmt -d C:\nmt to produce the output in the C:\nmt folder but it shows the same message...pls tell what worng here?? sam

68. Compiling java files

69. Re: Cannot get JDK_6.1.0 to compile java file

70. Re: Cannot get JDK_6.1.0 to compile java file

71. Re: Cannot get JDK_6.1.0 to compile java file

72. executing a java compiled file on Sun Solaris

I am using jdk1.4.2_07 and Sun Solaris. I have create a Package structure like in this package i have created a java File directory structure ~/project/src/java/ The java file ( package public class Test { public static void main(String args[]) { System.out.println("Hello"); } } I have compiled this file using ~/project/src/java$ java -d . *.java it create a folder ...

74. Java files compilation

75. compiling files that are given to me

hi, i'm in a fundamental data structures class, and the topics are fairly easy, however i just cant figure out how to start my project. the project is to implement a maze generator and solver. my prof. has given me several files (.java files and .class files) and i am to implement two of the .java files. however, i'm new to ...

77. compiling java files in package

78. How to compile a ".java" to ".form" file?

Hi all, I know that using UI Designer, I can easily design a form visually and then get the java source code for it. But here I want to de the reverse: I have the java source for some GUI of my software and I want to change it in some way without bothering myself in the code. How can I ...

79. How to compile a ".java" to ".form" file?

Hi all, I know that using UI Designer, I can easily design a form visually and then get the java source code for it. But here I want to de the reverse: I have the java source for some GUI of my software and I want to change it in some way without bothering myself in the code. How can I ...

80. how to compile java file dynamically??

Is it fun asking the same ambiguous question over and over? All of your posts start from the same ambiguous point, and then you slowly reveal that you're trying to build some sort of web interface that compiles, manages projects, dynamically introspects, profiles, traces, and does god-knows what all else. If you don't know how to start this, don't try. And ...

81. Warnings while compiling file

/** * This class is used to create implementations of XML Pull Parser defined in XMPULL V1 API. * The name of actual factory class will be determined based on several parameters. * It works similar to JAXP but tailored to work in J2ME environments * (no access to system properties or file system) so name of parser class factory to ...

82. How to compile this file

Yes, I used the decompile-tools. But I dont want to steal it for commercial purposes. The project has been not updated for a long time since August, 2004. I just want to add some new features in it. I think I cant get it source-codes in his site(however the software is free). It would be better if I could request the ...

83. How to compile a java file Dynamically !!!!

Hi all The problem is I have a dynamically created java file ,and i want to compile that file dynamically itself. The file name is stored in a string, I am using ECLIPSE editor.. How do i compile this java file (which is stored in a string) dynamically? Pls help me, already wasted a lot of time, Thanks in advance

84. .java files compile but cannot execute

Hello,- I have a small problem in that the compiler can find the .java file (javac, however the execute command (java javaFile) does not work (Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javaFile). I'm using Windows Vista and JDK 1.6.0_02. Which one of the environment variables is responsible for file execution? Thanks beforehand, Vahagn

85. Multiple Java File Compilation

86. Cannot compile file

First timer trying to learn Java. Have Java JDK version 1.5.0_04 and in trying to compile my first program; I get this error message: 'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I have followed all the directions to the letter in the book that I am using "Programming with Java in 24 Hours". ...

88. Compile code in a file

This will write any diagnostics to the standard output stream, and return the exit code that javac would give when invoked from the command line. You can use other methods on the interface to handle diagnostics, control where files are read from and written to, and so on. If you are using an older version of Java, check out ...

89. To compile the java file

91. netbeans5.5: attempt to compile a single file causes package compilation

Hi, i have two different (Java Class Library) projects- say A and B. None of them is finished. However, i want to run a test on A ( I have instructed project A to include B.jar (Right Click-> Propertied, etc), since includes files from project B. Trying to compile/run the, i get compilation errors from a bunch of packages ...

92. How can I compile single java file using Netbean 5.0?

In Netbean 3.0, it is just easy to create a new file, save it, and compile it, and a java class is ready in working directory. While in 5.0, it always require you to create or open a project, even you just want to create a single java file. Sometimes I just only want to make 2 single java files with ...

94. Generate /Compile java files from another java file

Hi , I'm writting a java code which generates some java files and I need to compile the java files on the fly during generation. Reading Jsp Engine it seems to me that JSP engine does the job of compiling java files on the fly. Looking for information on how this can be done ? Anyone can point to some resources/code ...

95. File pointer and compilation