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1. File copy and paste

No offense Maneesh, but that link is not good yet. It's solution uses java.nio.file.Path which is not available in Java 6. It will be part of Java 7 and beyond. The only way to do it now is to manually copy using a FileInputStream and FileOutputStream. There is a short example here, at the bottom. Just don't forget to close the ...

2. Copying File Delete Special Character

Hallo, i copy a text file (XML) with fileChannel.transferTo. It works fine except that the target file has noch special characters any more. So in my special problem it is that all 'carriage return line feed' will delete, so the target xml file is only one line. Heres the code snippet for copying file... private static void transfer (FileChannel fileChannel, ByteChannel ...

3. Detect copying file

4. Copy file

import*; public class JCopy{ public static void main(String args[]){ try { JCopy j = new JCopy(); j.copyFile(new File(args[0]),new File(args[1])); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } public void copyFile(File in, File out) throws Exception { FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(in); FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(out); byte[] buf = new byte[1024]; int i = 0; while((!=-1) { fos.write(buf, 0, i); ...

5. copying file , results greater size

Hello , I have a simple script that has to convert files from UTF8 to UTF7 , the thing is that after conversion , the resulting file is actually bigger System : java1.6 on ubuntu 10 System 2: java 1.4 on aix 3 This is the code : import*; public class UTF7 { public static void main (String args [] ...

6. FileInputStream/FIleOutputStream - Copy File

import*; class CopyFile { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { int i; FileInputStream fis=null; FileOutputStream fos=null; try { fis = new FileInputStream(args[0]); fos = new FileOutputStream(args[1]); } catch(FileNotFoundException e) { System.out.println (e); return; } catch(ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException e) { System.out.println ("usage java specify source target"); } try { i =; while(i!=-1) // -1 denotes EOF { fos.write(i); i = ...

7. Different size when copy a file with FileIOStream

Hello everybody. I've done a program to copy a binary file in another (new) file. This is the code (I've removed the catch block and the close methods): byte[] b = new byte[1024]; int i = 0; int nCopy = 0; try { FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("1.jpg"); FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("2.jpg"); while(i != -1) { i =; fos.write(b); ...

8. copy file from local host to remote host

Hi , I need to copy File to a remote linux computer on the same LAN. I used this code : InputStream in = new FileInputStream(new File("C:\\temp\\myFile.txt")); OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(new File("\\\\\\temp\\myFile.txt")); // Transfer bytes from in to out byte[] buf = new byte[1024]; int len; while ((len = > 0) { out.write(buf, 0, len); } in.close(); out.close(); When ...

9. need to copy file from one location to another location

Yep, but filing systems themselves use buffered streams too; typically files are 'read ahead' for 4KB or 8KB; double buffering doesn't help much there: the data is simply copied from one buffer to the other one. The 'best' solution would be to use mapped ByteBuffers and let the MMU (Memory Management Unit) do the hard work. kind regards, Jos

10. Copying Files

Hi All, Im looking for some assistance in writing a basic program which will copy the contents of a source file to a destination file. The program should prompt the user for both the source and destination file names as well. I know this should be simple but evidently Im not very good with Java. PLEASE HELP!!

11. Copy,Delete,Rename File IO

Create a temporary file. Copy from the file to the temporary file but do not copy extra blanks (replace blanks with more than 2 white spaces to 1 white space). Then delete the original file,and rename the temporary file to be the original file. Okay, this is what I have so far. -It copies the file to "temp.txt" -Deletes the original ...

12. Copying large files efficiently

Is there any way to use the copy function of the operating system to copy and paste large files because I cannot think of any efficient algorithms for copying 125mb avi files. With the algorithm I have it takes around 5 minutes to copy one 125 MB file. If I can't use the operating system default function, can anyone tell me ...

13. Copy file for than 64MB, can someone explain

Hi, found this page, it discussed about copying files. I am more concern about the second example since it is faster the first example was an old technique. It says there that windows OS will give an error if I try to copy a file that is greater that 64MB, so it gives the third example. My problem is I cannot ...

14. Copying files

When comes to JSP, there are no cleaner way to copy files. However, Java I/O classes are enough powerful to write your own file copy. With the use of File class initialize two handles for the source and destination. Same as using FileInputStream and FileOutputStream initialize streams for the job. Define a byte array to hold data (with the preferable size, ...

15. Copy File Help

Oh - and - you posted too much code. But, too much code is better (for getting an answer anyway) than too little code (up to a point) so no worries. But next time you might strip out the Swing stuff (since it's not giving you troubles and likely isn't the culprit for file corruption) and post a [SSCCE|] that demonstrates ...

16. I want to copy and paste a file in java .....

File destfile = new File( "C:/workspace/City/src/com/moksha/ws/test/practice.text"); if (!destfile.exists()) { String ch = "y"; if (ch.equalsIgnoreCase("Y") || ch.equalsIgnoreCase("y")) { copy(srcfile, destfile); System.out.println("Copied Successfully"); try { if (!delete(srcfile)) { throw new IOException("File not deleted"); } } catch (IOException e) { System.out.println("Error is : " + e.getMessage()); } } else if ((ch.equals("N")) || (!ch.equals("n"))) { System.out.println("u do not want to copied"); System.exit(0); } else ...

17. Is there possible to copy a file from Cdrive to FloppyDrive? URGENT

I got 2 JList and a button 1. JList1 2.JList2 3.JButton Means when i click on "JButton1",the selected file in JList1(Currently in Cdrive) will copy into FloppyDrive and display in JList2. These days Im suffering of search for the anyone can guide me here or link me to the tutorial page?Thanks

18. java file copy

e.printStackTrace() } everytime, i change the invalid machine name, it gives me unknownhost error(which is correct), but when I tried to change invalid filename it gives me conenction error ( Connection refused: connect) but this is not what i want, i want file not found exception. anyone help me on this. thanks. Cheers

19. How to copy a file in java?

Hi, How do I copy a txt file in Java within the folder? ex: I have bank.txt in C:\BOA\bank.txt. I want to copy the same file in the same directory with bank1.txt and I dont want to remove bank.txt from the finally I should have bank and bank1.txt in the directory. How do i do this? Thanks

20. copy file in java

Well, imagine the difference. You: tell the hard disk to read a 8192-or-so byte long cluster, take one byte from it, throw the rest away. Then you write that single byte. Next byte. ejp: reads a cluster or two, takes the entire thing and writes it down. Next cluster. What would you guess has less overhead? Since a hard disk can't ...

21. file copy

22. File copying

23. Copy and Rename A File

24. Copy file>>>Plese help me to correct this code....

class Untitled1 { public static void main(String[] args) { try { File from = new File( "C:/Documents and Settings/PANORA/Desktop/edu/Hardware_56k.wmv"); // Hardware_56k.wmv is 30Mb file File to = new File( "C:/Documents and Settings/PANORA/Desktop/Hardware_56k.wmv"); FileChannel fromChan = from.getChannel(); //>>>>>>>>Compilation error gives here<<<<<<<<<<<< FileChannel toChan = to.getChannel(); //>>>>>>>>Compilation error gives here<<<<<<<<<<<< fromChan.transferTo(0, fromChan.size(), toChan); } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } } }

25. Copy a file thats in use

26. Copy a file

i use FileReader and FileWriter classes to copy a file one place to another place(using readLine() and write() methods).But when i want copy a large file (eg 10Mb) this way it slow down the speed of the machine by taking high processing power. But usually when we use copy and paste in OS it doesn't slow down the machine speed.How can ...

27. can you copy and paste files?

28. Copying an html file

29. Backup copy of a file

30. Read a file content and copy to another Diectory

I wanted to do the following 1-read a file from dir 2- read the content of the file 3- if the file contains zeros exit from this file and go to read next file else do some calculations i read a file and its contents and found zeros in the contents, so how can i say in the code to go ...

31. File data copying problem

32. Copy files from one computer to another

33. Copying files using java

Hi, How can i copy a file from one location to another by changing its name. i have placed the locations to copy and from in a property file and i have to change the name of the file by taking some value from database and appending that with the existing file name. Please help!!

35. Copy of a file

Ok? And? What specific problem are you having? (And note well: "I don't know how to read from one file and write to another" is not a specific problem.) Do you know how to read from a file? Do you know how to write to a file? Edited by: jverd on Oct 6, 2010 3:08 PM

36. Copy file

6 replies, 8966 views You didn't catch me this time, fanduu_ani! But it can be annoying to be unwittingly tricked into reading zombie threads. Have a go at contributing to some "live" problems. (Also consider buffers and throwing exceptions that help alert the caller to the sorts of things that can go wrong.)

37. Copy through process builders fails when filename contains whitespaces

@BIJ: as mentionned in my first post, i tried your suggestion of splitting the different parts of the command some time ago, but i couldn't get it working: either when i started directly with "cp", or when i was using "sh", "-c", "cp", the copy didn't occur. As far as i recall, the process didn't work at all when i used ...

38. Copy file to a location

Hi, I'm trying to copy a file from a location to another using java code. I searched the internet but i only found how to copy the content of a file to another file that already exists, and even this i admit i didn't understand very well (i only do java for about 3 months). Is there a way i can ...

39. copy file from local host to remote host

40. Copy Files

I don't know what you're trying to ask here. So let me just start with the most obvious possibility: you have an S3Object. Now call the getDataInput() method and you have a File. (Or you might, anyway.) Create a FileInputStream from that file and copy bytes from it to the FileOutputStream you already appear to have.

41. Copy files from Webserver

I want to copy a file kept on a webserver. i tried copying it through URLConnection but the speed at which the gets copied is very slow (atleast 10 times slow) than what I get from copying it through a Browser (IE or Firefox). Is there something missing or some more flags that are required to be set for fast copying ...

42. File Copy

44. Copying file to ClipBoard

45. Copying files that are updated.

You can do it iteritively or recursivly, but Paul's suggestion about recursion is the easiest way to do it. Once you understand recursion, it's like falling off a log and you'll wonder why you didn't do it that way to start with. When you recurse you can do a few thins to check--check the archive bit or keep a list/db of ...

46. System File Copy

Im trying to copy some a File for some SML code. The problem is that reading and writing from the File Stream isn't working. Somehow.. even if i Copy/Paste Manually to the other file.. it doesn't work. It only seems to work if i use "COPY" from the command prompt or copy the file as a whole from the desktop. Thats ...

47. Copying a file in Vista with UAC

48. comparing files to copy the contents

49. File data copying problem

Thanks for your reply, dudes...Now I got the output..But i had one small doubt..Why these java soft people didnt write flush() method in predefined streams or readers or writers( say BufferedWriter or some other output stream)..Why they gave us a choice to write this flush() expilictly....?? Why wouldn't they have written in these predefined classes(say BufferedWriter) itself?? And another small doubt, ...

50. is there a better way to copy all the info. from one file to the other?

I am using the bufferedreader class along with its readLine method to read from an input file and then I'm just copying that line over to an output file. I just want to copy everything from the input file to the output file. I am basically taking many input files and copying all their contents into ONE output file. Is there ...

51. File copy functionality implementation

52. Problem copying a File to another File

br.readLine() read the line up to the end on line. (and consumes the end of line which is not part of the string returned) bw.write() write the contents of the line (but no new line). You have to either - not use readline as it is discarding part of the file. - or put back a new line with a PrintWriter.println(line); ...

53. Copying files to another pc

54. Copy file without retyping its name

56. File copy

57. Copy a file from one machine to another

58. Copying the contents of a html file and pasting into a document

hey all, Ive searched everywhere but cant find an answer to my question which is; Ive got some java code which opens up a html file, at this point i want to be able to select the entire contents on the page (select all), copy, and paste it into an open office writer document. Can anyone tell me if this is ...

59. Copying a file help please!

Runtime.exec executes an executable file. Notepad.exe is one. Copy.exe does not exist, it's a shell command. So you're have to run something like "cmd copy ..." - and make sure you read up on any command line arguments for cmd you could use. All in all, copying a file like that is a pretty asinine idea altogether. Doing the same thing ...

60. How to copy the content of one file into another

} fin.close();*/ now in this way i can lift one character at a time and copy it into another file (note i have not done the copy part in this code but that can be implemented) however this whole procedure is taking too much time if the size of the file is too big....kindly suggest another way to copy one file ...

61. Copying info from a file

Call one of the directory listing methods on File to get the contents of the directory. The method names all start with "list". You may want to create a filter to limit the files to a particular kind. In particular you might want to avoid reading previous output files, if they'll be in the same directory.

62. File copy

Hi All, sorry as my earlier post cud not be posted properly. can anyone please tell me if i can completely copy a i know byte by byte i can do or using os commands. But i want to avoid the above two approaches. Is there any API which helps to copy a java file.

63. File movement and copying

Here where i work we use a software, whose files are stored on the server. But we also have a local copy of these files so that we can use the software when not in the office. Or when the server is down. The problem is, that many of my co workers are not very computer literate and the constant copying ...

64. to a directroy copying a file, How?

65. Question from renaming a file and copy a file

Hi Like I tell in subject I have a question about those 2 functions. Well I have a program that will copy files to an other directory for backup. Those files can have so to 1GB. Well I wrote a my code on using FileChannel and that takes some good time to copy it to the other place. But then I ...

66. how to copy file in Java

Dear All, I am working on a utility and want to develop it in Java,on a LAN we have two PCs P1 and P2, on P1 there is a shared folder in which a text file is present, when I will run my utility on P2 it will go on the specified folder path on P1 and copy the text file ...

67. Problem with Copying and Renaming FIle once it reaches its limit

Yes there is a reason I cant use the java.util.logging, because am already using log4j for logging purposes. AFAIK log4j doesnt give me any other logging level other than the defaults ( debug,info,...,fatal). Where as this code, I will modify and have a static method being called in my DAOs with params to append to this file.

68. copy and paste a file please help.

69. How to copy a file?

70. file copy

71. detecting a file has finished copying (using xcopy)

@pbulgarelli my question is how do i know when the copying is finished... @mkoryak Java's socket copying not very reliable. I do not know why sometimes a byte is lost and do not wish to spend time debugging it. @BigDaddyLoveHandles I dont think i want to delete the file after copying... @Danniel_Willian I do not think that thread helps much... I ...

72. copying a file

73. How to copy a file from Java code

74. Question about file copy operations

4096 is exactly 1 "virtual memory page" on a x86 microprocessor. On many operating systems and runtime environment implementations on x86, when you allocate a memory block that is around 4096 bytes in size, then the OS will "round it up" to 4096. So you might as well get the full size. Edit: Of course, JVM actually adds overhead. So you ...

75. problem by file copy

76. Copying files from one pc to another pc

78. copy a file with another extension

79. how do copy a file to desktop in java

I am creating some overlays for a program to import. It creates some simple text files. We would like the default location for these files to be the user desktop (something like %DESKTOP%)...Does anyone know how to direct a file to desktop using system variables etc. I am not sure if System object contains a reference to the user desktop... Right ...

80. File Copy with resume enable

I am thinking of making a file copy program like the download managers, which provides resume enables, so that users can continue at later times. Suppose, i have a 10 GB file, and i want to transfer it over to my external, then instead of non breakable file copying, user get the option to stop, and resume laters from that point ...

81. Copying a file with specific user id

that is very OS specific. Java doesn't do OS specific things. So if you want to do it, you'll have to go through JNI so you can use native code to do it. Or find a third party library on the net that can do it for the specific OS you want this to work on.

82. Copying file from one location to another