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1. Download file code

What is a 'file code'? Where do you want to download this from? Your question seems too vague, please provide more information and please make the effort to type complete words (please instead of plz , etc.) because it makes it easier for non-native speakers /like me/ to read your mesages. Mike

2. How to Download a file from remote system.

3. Downloading a file, some sort of logic problem

Personally, I'm surprised this even runs. Rather than create a huge buffer to hold the whole file, and then load that buffer one byte at a time, how about just reading a normal sized buffer's worth of data and then immediately write it to output? There are plenty of examples of that kind of thing in tutorials, and it actually works. ...

4. how to download a file

5. Incorrect file name when downloading an attachment on MSIE 6.0

I've found lots of topics about this subject, and try different settings for servlet header ( Cache-Control - public,etc), but still without success. Can this be from a server setting?? We have 2 j2ee servers( SAP J2EE engine) one on linux and one on windows. And the problem is only for the linux server, which I'm not sure if it have ...

6. Java coding for download file & launch application

Now as to whether there could be some way of doing the functionality, my first thought would be to associate the file with InDesign, so you could at least click on the file and start the program. Of course then it would be downloaded to a temporary folder which still would depend on the browser.

7. review my code of download file

HainaSoft wrote: I would like you guys to review the code, is it good enough or is there something can be improved? "Good enough" and "is there something can be improved?" are very subjective terms: 1 - does the code do what YOU want it to do? 2 - does that meet the requirments of the project? 3 - is it ...