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1. Are there any Java VMs which can save their state to a file and then reload that state?

Are there any Java VMs which can save their state to a file and then reload that state? If so, which ones?

2. Memory-Mapped Files & Transparent Persistence of Java Objects

Greeting All, I want to achieve transparent persistence of Java objects through memory-mapped files (utilize the OS paging/swapping mechanism). My problem is: how can I move a Java object to my memory-mapped block ...

3. What is the most appropriate way to persist configurations in Java?

I need persist some configurations of my sistem like options selected, user and password of database connection, etc. I heard of and text files, but I dont know what ...

4. File-based persistence system is needed

We need to use file-based persistence instead of DB and very basic operations are in demand: reading/writing/searching/listing and transaction support is a must. I wonder if someone knows whether a framework like this already exists. P.S. Sorry for cross-post to another forum here since I don't know which address is the right one.

5. Persistence

6. Application context persistence

A J2EE application processes requests from the users and performs certain task. - Each request comprises of several sub-tasks which are invoked one after the other. The application context object is updated each time the sub-task is through with the job. - At the end of processing the request, the application context object contains the overall result of the processing done. ...

7. File based persistent store with Java

Hi, I was thinking of implementing a file based persistent store in Java. I can write the contents of the Objects to a file on the disk. I can dump 100 objects (e.g., for 100 employees) to a file. However how do I read one of the object (for a particular employee) back? For example if I want to change the ...

8. Deleting persisted file

It's not very clear but to me it seems that if you want to delete "Joe Smith" from the address book your code is actually trying to delete a file called "Joe Smith". If you want to delete a single entry from the address book you need to open (read) the file, delete the entry and write the contents back to ...

9. unlocking persisted file

Hi, I have an address book application that can add,view and delete an address. The delete function works okay unless I have just added the address I want to delete. In order to delete an address I have just added,I have to close the program and run it again. Is there someway to get past this problem?