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1. Rogue black-box java application not responding to standard input redirect

I have an external java application (blackbox), which requires authentication. I need to run this application in a batch setting, but it seems to be reading from standard input in some ...

2. Redirecting input of application (java) but still allowing stdin in BASH

I'm a little confused, I had this working yesterday, but it just stopped accepting the redirected stdin, almost magically.

set -m
mkfifo inputfifo
mkfifo inputfifo_helper
((while true; do cat inputfifo; done) > inputfifo_helper)&
trap "rm -f ...

3. Detecting input redirection file

How can we detect/fetch the name of a file that's fed as an input redirection to a java program from the command line?

4. redirect system.out ??

I'll have a quick attempt: You can use the call System.setOut(PrintStream out) to alter where data sent to the standard output stream is sent. now its a case of creating the stream you want (probably a Reader cos it's text) As to how you now redirect it to a jTextArea, dunno, I don't do the Swing thing If you can plug ...

5. Redirecting System.out to a String??

Hi, I have a problem here. In my code i am calling an Oracle API, which prints its output to PrintStream and by default it is System.out. console. Now what i want is i want to redirect this output to a String variable. I know that i can set the output of System.out to a file and then read the contents ...

6. redirect conosle result

One neat way is to run the command with runtime.exec and connect readers to the stdout and errout of the command. You can also connect a writer to the stdin of the program and interact with prompts and responses and such. You kinda need to get into some threading tricks to make it all work, so it's not quite a trivial ...

7. Redirect to a file:// on client side : is it possible ?

Hi, I'm trying to do the following for a few hours, and I don't event know if it is possible... What do you think ? : Knowing that there is a file at a specific location on the hard drive of the client machine which is accessing the webapp (say C:\dir\image.jpg), is it possible to redirect to a file URL (file:///C:/dir/image.jpg) ...

8. Undo redirect to file

9. File Redirection in java

The only problem is that everything is supposed to be redirected and if something wasn't than it is considered a mistake on the user's part. I can't exit out of the program or enter a correct message whenever the file isn't redirected. It becomes an infinite loop even when I do the appropriate characters to exit.

10. How to redirect rejected records to a file.

Hi People, Am very new Java. Here is my question. -- There is a java code which has a method in it and it takes few parameters. Later it will process those and load it into a table using SQL commands inside it. However, before calling SQL procedure we will validate the data if it should be loaded or not. If ...