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1. Is there a cross-platform Java method to remove filename special chars?

I'm making a cross-platform application that renames files based on data retrieved online. I'd like to sanitize the Strings I took from a web API for the current platform. I know that ...

2. Remove files using a unix-like pattern

I would like to implement something equivalent to the unix command 'rm foo*' using Java. Obviously, I want it to be multi platform. I know that this can be done using ...

3. remove xml declaration from the generated xml document using java

String root = "RdbTunnels";
DocumentBuilderFactory documentBuilderFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
DocumentBuilder documentBuilder = documentBuilderFactory.newDocumentBuilder();
Document document = documentBuilder.newDocument();
Element rootElement = document.createElement(root);

OutputFormat format = new OutputFormat(document);

XMLSerializer serializer = new XMLSerializer(System.out, format);
gives the result as ...

4. Remove filename extension in Java

What's the most efficient way to remove the extension of a filename in Java, without assuming anything of the filename? Some examples and expected results:

  • folder > folder
  • hello.txt > hello
  • > read
  • hello.bkp.txt ...

5. Remove all Tags !!!!!

Hello everyone, I want to be able to open an html file, and save it with out all the html tags, basically what I think I have to do is search for a < and delete every think till >, if some one could post some code for this or some advice, I would be thankfull. Thanks in advance Yoel Stern ...

6. how to remove files

7. remove all occurrencies of carriage return from string

I am trying to write information collected from a database to a tab delineated file for opening in excel. The problem i have is one of the field has carriage returns embedded in it which excel does not like, i am unable to change the code to retrieve the data from the database as that would be the best course. So ...

8. Remove unwanted \n

Hi I have a file that represents a database table delimited with pipe characters. \u007c. I need to give this file to someone who has an import application that presumes each new line is a new record - the trouble is my export contains return characters in free text fields so the return character is not necisarily the end of the ...

9. i want to remove the hard coding

i am reading data from a file using jsp. FileInputStream fin=new FileInputStream("c:/program files/tomcat/project/book1.txt"); i want to remove this path "C:/......." and i want to use relative path like "/book1.txt" it was not working. Even i went for;but i did not succeeded i am getting the path upto "c:/program files/tomcat/bin" can any one help on this

10. Removing temp files

11. remove extension from file name

Hi All, I can get the name of a file using getName(), but I want to remove the extension Should I just write a substring to extract a filename, or is there a method in the API to do so. Name: file.txt I want to remove the .txt to extract just "file" This code does the job do for: File file ...

12. How to ignore or remove comments from a java file with the help of another java file.

Shouldn't be too hard. Java only have two comment types, and they don't nest. So... If you encounter the single line type while parsing, then just read and ignore everything til the end of the current line. If you encounter the multiline type while parsing, then just read and ignore everything, including end of lines, til you reach the end of ...

13. Safe to remove fields that are nulls?

I have some serialised objects from a class that looks like: public class SomeClass { private static final long serialVersionUID = 201012160001L; private Integer number; public Integer getNumber() { return number; } public void setNumber(Integer number) { this.number = number; } } I have since decided that number needs to be a Long. I know that I can't just change it, ...

14. how to remove contents in a file

15. Removing illegal chars from Filename

I want to rename some files, but the destination filename may have some illegal characters in it. I looked around a bit but I couldn't find anything that could help. I was expecting a char array of illegal chars which I could use to remove them. So is there any standard way to remove those characters? If not, what is a ...

16. how to remove specifc data from a file?

17. Mass removing parts of a Filename

Okay so I have around 500 pictures from my friend when we went on vacation (shes got a thing for pictures). Anyway I want to change what the files are called there like this 1_76573.jpeg, 2_94423.jpeg I want that to be just the 1.jpeg 2.jpeg and so on. Also the numbers I showed there are random because they all are. Is ...

18. how to remove a character in a file??

ya.I searched about it in google and other tutorials available with me.I got tons of info about how to deal with a file but not about the info in it.i mean i didn't get any info about deleting a character in a file.I'm asking here after trying myself.But i didn't arrive at the answer.So,please do consider my request.Post the answer,if you ...

19. How to remove empty tags from a config file

Hi all, I have a task where we need to run a Java program to remove tags which do not contain ny information from the config files. The format of the file is as under: In the above lines is a tag which contains some data, ...

20. remove a file extension from a string

When I open a file I am retrieving the file name using the JFileChooser getName method. This returns the file name with the extension e.g. filename.txt. I would like to print this file name to the screen with out the extension. Is there a method call to revome the extension, or is it necessary to loop through the string until the ...

21. Can i remove a particular part of a file?

22. How can I remove ReadOnly flag from a file?