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1. Replace string in file

I'm looking for a way to replace a string in a file without reading the whole file into memory. Normally I would use a Reader and Writer, i.e. something like the ...

2. Replace templates in html files

Given a dictionary:

and some html files like:
   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
   content content content {1} bla
   bla bla {3} &%$*#$*$%# {2} and so ...

3. Files java replacing characters

I have to check a text doc whether it exists or not and then i have to replace a letter in that say a to o. I have done the ...

4. Replacing string in a file with another string

What is the fastest way to do a search and replace on a string in an existing file using Java? Let's say I have this:

// This references an existing file 
File file ...

5. What happened to JDic? Any replacement project?

I'd always heard of the JDic project being around, but never really had a need for it until now (I'm looking to register file associations with Java, and it seemed like ...

6. Reflection in file of replacing a particular string

I have a text file as:

my name is abhi
my name is khan
my name is koushik
Now I want to replace "khan" by "viswajit".I have written a code for it. My expected output ...

7. Replacement of matrix the elements in java

I have a problem with replacement elements in matrix. I have a matrix 3x3 in txt file. I need to replacement of matrix element on this way: last element should be ...

8. Replacing a string in a file! ! ! !

I need to replace a string with an another string in an existing file. I could only find read and write methods. That means I would need to create a temp file with the changed records, delete the first file and rename the temp file to original file. Is there any way to just change an existing record? Is there a ...

9. how to replace eol and nl

If you use SDK 1.4, it's easy: public static String useBreakTags(String input) { return input.replace("\r\n", "
"); } Alternately, you can make use of the readLine() method in BufferedReader. Create a BuffereReader which reads from your input stream, and use a while loop to read each line in the string. For each line, write that line to a StringBuffer, and then also ...

10. method to replace a char

Hello all, I know this question has been asked many times, but when I do a search, I get only old answers. And maybe, Java API 1.4 has come with some interestng features. I wanted to know if it exists a convenient method to read an entire file and replace every occurence of a selected char by another char. For e.g: ...

11. replace String from a file

12. replace a string in a file.

When I start my program I write in a file dateTime;Incomplete;someOther information. After the "Program finishes execution" I want to reaplce the same line as dateTime;complete;Some Other Information. How do i replace the existing line in a file?? (the reason for doing this to let user know whether the program execution completed .if Incompleted s/he will restart). Thanks in advance

13. How do I replace a return character?

Hello. This should be pretty simple, I just can't figure it out. I am pulling a string from a database and writing it to a file. This string was stored with return characters in it and those in turn are resolving as return characters in my file which screws things up. How do I take those return chars out? Thanks, Patrick ...

14. replacing parts in Files

Hi everyone! I would like to do the following: I have a File and some strings i want to find in it. Since the strings can repeat themselves, i need to memorize my last position(RandomAccessFile?)and search for the next string from there. Is there an easier way to do this than reading from line to line? Reading lines is trouble, since ...

15. How to Replace a substring with another..??

Hi Guys, I want to replace part of string with another..for example i have a string like "HI_ROUTING_DATA[0]=DEFAULT"...and i want to replace the substring "[0]=" with "@"....So the resultant string should be "HI_ROUTING_DATA@DEFAULT"i try with the following piece of code...but it is not giving the proper output... String line1 = "HI_ROUTING_DATA[0]=DEFAULT" String pat = "[0]="; try { System.out.println("Pattern is "+pat); p ...

16. Replace tokens in a file

I would probably create a Map containing all the keys to be replaced ("NAME", "COUNTRY", etc) and all the values that they should be replaced with, loaded from the database. Then create a regular expression to look for a word to replace: Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\$([A-z]+)"); You might want the pattern to grab both the word and the text that preceded ...

17. Replace a String from a file

18. How to replace string in a file

I'll guess you want a Swing UI, and we'll work against the text file kinda like it was a single-user database. See if this sings to you: main driver: read the file edit car records rewrite the file read the file: open the file while not eof read a line create a car object close the file edit car records: show ...

19. replace a string in a file using Java

20. Replace a file using java

21. How to replace data in a file

Hi all. Can any body please say that how to replace a value or line in a file. For example i have a file with contents 1 2 3 4 5 I need to replace 3 with any value say "Name". How can i do that someone please help. Thanks and Regards alexander

22. replacing a string in a file

23. standard in failing after replacing

Hi everybody I'm sorry do ask this but my current problem is a very wierd one. And I'm completly confused. I'm writing a piece of software that replaces the standard in, out and error with a custom one. First the original ones are stored and then replaced. The problem i'm facing is in the inputstream. The replacing inputstream has a read ...

25. replacing content in a file

1) import*; import java.util.*; //import java.util.regex; public class Replacement { List lines = new ArrayList(); public void replace(){ try { FileReader fr = new FileReader("C:\\Users\\nirjari\\Desktop\\all text files\\profile.txt"); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr); FileWriter fw = new FileWriter("C:\\Users\\nirjari\\Desktop\\all text files\\profile.txt"); BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(fw); String line = null; while((line=br.readLine()) != null) { line.replaceAll("javascript", "perl script"); //I also tried , line=line.replaceAll("javascript", ...

26. Replace pattern in huge file

Am I beginner. And the only concept that stick to my head is 'Divide and Conquer'. Technically, Is it feasible and/or advisable that we divide the big file into N small files and let each be taken by a thread. When all threads are done. Merge the files... This is like dividing the job into N persons rather than letting 1 ...

27. Replace data in file

I'm trying to write a program that will ask the user a question and then take the answer and put it into a file, replacing some existing text. I'm trying to use ReplaceAll but it's not the right solution. Below is what I have so far. Any help is greatly appreciated! :) class ReplaceTest { public static void main(String args[]) throws ...

28. Help for file replace code in java!!

i want a java programme which tells the user that a file is going to replace in particular folder. actually this could be a thread which will run on system startup. when user reach in a particular folder and try to paste any file or folder and if that file / folder already exists in that particular folder. then programme should ...

29. Replace String in the file

First of all hi all.:) Well I'm trying to write a program that writes to the filename "database.txt" and read as well, but the problem is my file look like this below. 1 Red 03/08/2004 Imessa 457 false The first character is the ID after colour and so on. So my question is how can I replace the colour name without ...

30. replacing String in Html file

I apologize if this is posted elsewhere. but im trying to replace occurences of a string in a html file, with a modified string. which works for regular files. but in html files it doesnt write back the first angle brackets in all the tags? is there a simple way to do this? replace doesnt work nor do i have the ...