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1. searching files based on mask

Hi I need to write a component that gets a file mask from user and searches files based on the mask but I could not find a good linux based library. (I do not want to use regex because the user is not a computer specialist!) Does anyone know a good library? thanks

2. How can I search a file system and only return newer files?

Sorry the title didn't give me much room to work with. I'm writing a tool which needs to track all the files in an OS. What I'd like to do is make it so my program will only return files that have been modified/created since the last search to add to my program. I was wondering if there's an efficient way ...

3. how to search a file from a hierarchy and delete it

hi , i have to delete a file from a directory structure .i dno't know where is file stored in my folder hierarchy .i have to search that file and delete that file . for example ; i have a folder name A , which have folder B ,C ,D ,E . B folder have other 2 folder or 3 file ...

4. Need a search engine for offline java documentation help file

I'll try and elaborate on my question. How would you use a javadoc search engine? Surely it wouldn't help unless you knew the name of the class you were searching for. If you know the class you are looking for use the index. Are you just trying to save yourself that extra second of lookup time? Ted.

5. some help with file searching

i got 3 classes 1. which run the program 2 contains all the methods for file searching 3. basically the gui so what ido is in the searcherGUi , the action listener of the one of the button is basically the main method, so if the button clicked the program will run again in new window, but once ...

6. NEED HELP about file handling and searching

7. [HELP] Search Files Function