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1. File upload requirement analysis    coderanch.com

Hi Friends, First i will give you idea about my requirement. I want to upload 100 to 200 of files at a time in database blob data. The interface should show the list of files which are available on the client machine which is accessing that link. That means i want to display the folder structure of the machine accessing the ...

3. Uploading file    coderanch.com

Your post is full of contradictions. You named it "uploading file", but there is no talk of uploading (moving a file from the client to the server). Then you talk about JSP pages, but claim that there is no view. Which is it? You'll need to be a lot clearer about what you are trying to accomplish before anyone will be ...

4. when uploading file using html:file option simeltenously,the browser will be hanged    coderanch.com

Hi.. This is yadavenar from sci it solutions can anyone help regarding when i upload new file using html:file(struts tag) simeltaneously,the browser will be hanged means no event cannot be generated,to reslove this,i had to restart my jboss server,is there any solutions without restart the server.. i will be waiting for your respose as soon as possble. Thanks YadavendarP

6. Problem About Java File Upload    coderanch.com

Hello Masters, I met a very difficult problem.That is I want to upload a file , and Before the server doing real upload work, Some validation to make sure there is no harmful script in the file should be done. One point is that the real upload work will be done by the classes in a package,in which I'm now allowed ...

7. Upload files of size more than 100mb    coderanch.com

8. How to rename and upload a file?    coderanch.com

Hi all, I m working on a module in which i have to upload an image, create its thumbnails and then display it. I m using struts2 copyFile() method for this. In the normal case everything is working perfect. Now I want to rename the actual file with the datetime stamp and then upload it so that i can distinguish two ...

9. file uploading    coderanch.com

10. Large File Upload    coderanch.com

Yes. Reading 4096 bytes from the InputStream using a loop and creating a ByteArrayOutputStream out of the 4096 bytes and appending that into the content management system. I am using read(byte[] b, int off, int len) but it looks like infinite loop no errors in servlet even after 20 mins. This is the snippet from my servlet -please let me know ...

11. upload an avatar or other file    coderanch.com

12. special char in an uploaded file    coderanch.com

actually now I am concerned about how to read the file. If the servlet let user specifies their local file by providing a "browse" button to get the file from their PC, can my servlet get a "bufferedReader" from that ? I like to have a "bufferedReader" so I can use "readLine()" to get a string for each line. I don't ...

13. Uploading Files    coderanch.com

Check out the Apache Commons FileUpload library - it handles HTTP file uploads. JSF and Struts are both web app frameworks - they both solve some of the problems frequently encountered when developing web sites (although they do so in rather different ways). There's no way to recommend for or against one or the other without knowing a lot more about ...

14. Apache commons file upload does not work for me.    coderanch.com

this is my code that ive done reading the API of apache commons file upload. package ph.com.mobility.projects.model; import java.io.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import java.util.*; import java.util.Iterator; import org.apache.commons.fileupload.*; import org.apache.commons.fileupload.disk.*; import org.apache.commons.fileupload.servlet.*; public class EprocUploadServlet extends HttpServlet { public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)throws ServletException, IOException { response.setContentType("text/html"); PrintWriter out=response.getWriter(); boolean isMultipart = ServletFileUpload.isMultipartContent(request); if(isMultipart) { DiskFileItemFactory factory = new ...

15. checking content type of file upload?    coderanch.com

I am uploading a file from a HTML form to a servlet, and I am seeking the best way to check the content type of the uploaded file. The type (rather than the subtype) is particularly important as the type affects how the file is handled by the system. So what are the options for checking content type? As I see ...

16. file upload using doPut()    coderanch.com

Hi, I am going through a source code, where a servlet is written to process doPut Request. it is saving the file uploaded as .csv file using stream. I am not sure how that servlet is getting invoked if it can't be invoked through a browser. can it be done through some web proxy servers by modifying the http methods? I ...

17. Issues with uploading files and simple plain fields    coderanch.com

hi. well Ive been successful in uploading files into the server now my question is what if I have other fields on the form? uhmmm like plain fields (text radio button etc) how can i read the parameters from the request which handles the file upload tag?

18. File Upload    coderanch.com

Hi Does anyone know of a good tutorial for a file upload system yet i also have other inputs in the form. I have a form that works but only as an upload so can anyone suggest something for a form with other details. I would store the stuff in the database so it would be possible to put it in ...

19. Uploading a file using the FileUpload control was failing only with IE8    coderanch.com

Hi, In my application I store location of local files attached . Now IE8 has option to include the local directory path for the Internet Zone on the client-side. Default value is false ,as a result IE7 and IE8 has different behaviour. IE 7 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="targetFile"; filename="C:\Users\\Desktop\abc.txt" IE 8 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="targetFile"; filename="abc.txt" Now , I can not say ...

20. File upload problem    coderanch.com

Hi everyone, Can anyone please try to run the following code and see if it works? There's a FileUpload.html, calling a FileUpload.jsp, calling the FileUpload.java file and all of them do one simple thing: upload a file from the file system and write it to a location you specify. This is simple stuff and it works on my windows development machine ...

21. Uploading Files    coderanch.com

22. File Upload problem    coderanch.com

Please use code tags ... I'm guessing, but should this go into a JavaScript forum? var fp = new Ext.FormPanel({ renderTo: 'fi-form', fileUpload: true, width: 500, frame: true, title: 'File Upload Form', autoHeight: true, bodyStyle: 'padding: 10px 10px 0 10px;', labelWidth: 50, defaults: { anchor: '95%', allowBlank: false, msgTarget: 'side' }, items: [{ xtype: 'textfield', fieldLabel: 'Name' },{ xtype: 'fileuploadfield', id: ...

23. uploading file    coderanch.com

24. Checking file size before uploading    coderanch.com

Hello guys, I have a form where i allow the user to upload files as much files as they want until they reach X mb. Suppose that X = 1 mb, they can upload 1 file of 1 mb OR 2 files of 500 ko OR 5 files of 200 ko. How did i try to do that : In the ...

25. Unable to upload file using apache commons file upload 1.2    coderanch.com

Hi, I have written one servlet to upload file using apache commons file upload 1.2. The application works fine but when i deployed it on unix server i am getting exception no such method org.apache.commons.fileupload.servlet.ServletFileUpload/parseRequest. Parse request is the method name. I am using web logic server 1.3 on unix platform. i think this issue is because of jar file conflict. ...

26. How to Upload Files    coderanch.com

27. File upload and ^M chars    coderanch.com

Hi, I wrote a code using apache' fileUpload and when a file is uploaded from Windows to Unix env, there are ^M chars at the end. This code is deployed on Unix, but a file can be uploaded from Windows. I know how to use some unix commands or dos2unix from windows to remove the ^M chars, but this has to ...

28. Problems with file upload    coderanch.com

# import java.sql.*; # import java.io.*; # import javax.servlet.*; # import javax.servlet.http.*; # import java.util.*; # import org.apache.commons.fileupload.servlet.ServletFileUpload; # import org.apache.commons.fileupload.disk.DiskFileItemFactory; # import org.apache.commons.fileupload.*; # # public class testServlet extends HttpServlet{ # @Override # public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) # throws ServletException, IOException{ # PrintWriter pw = response.getWriter(); # String n="";String v=""; # boolean isMultipart = ServletFileUpload.isMultipartContent(request); # if (!isMultipart) ...

29. Doubt regarding file uploading.    coderanch.com

30. Uploading a file from a website, then passing the file to a model through a controller    coderanch.com

Hello Everyone, I'm trying to write a servlet that takes a file uploaded by a user from a website, and then passes that file to another java class that's going to do lots of fun stuff with it. All the explanations I could find for handling uploaded files talked about using the FileUpload libraries from Apache Commons. However, using that, I ...

31. uploading files with java    coderanch.com

I'm just wondering, is there some way in java to upload a file to the internet? I have one of those free web pages (you know, with the advertisements). Anyway, the way I usually upload a file, is I go to the internet site of my page and click a button and choose a file and then click another button to ...

33. Uploading file with special characters in name    coderanch.com

Hi! I am using the Apache Commons Fileupload tools for standard file upload. My problem is that I cannot get the proper filename of uploaded files if they contain special characters (, , , etc.) They all get converted to ? signs. request.getCharacterEncoding() says UTF-8, but the bytes I get in the string fileItem.getName() are all the same for all my ...

34. Help with uploading of file    coderanch.com

35. Problem Uploading Files    coderanch.com

Hi, I am facing an issue with Servlet Upload. I get below Error when i upload CSV files using Servlet Upload. The strange part about this is that this error is thrown sometimes and sometimes it uploads fine. Here are the details for this issue :: Error :: 11/10/07 17:41:12 org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadException: Processing of multipart/form-data request failed. Broken pipe 11/10/07 17:41:12 at ...

36. Uploading a file?    coderanch.com

Hi, I am getting problem when i try to upload the file in jsp. In my form i have to insert data into two tables. I have to set data from jsp to bean class in servlet. the second table has file uploading also so i have written the code like this servlet: if(action.equals("qualification")){ jobseekerQualifDAO = new JobseekerQualifDAOImpl(); jobSeekerTechDAO = new ...

37. Uploading of files    dbforums.com

38. how to specify location of file to be uploaded?    java-forums.org

Hi, May be this will help you. Sending Attachments Sending attachments is quite like forwarding messages. You build up the parts to make the complete message. After the first part, your message text, you add other parts where the DataHandler for each is your attachment, instead of the shared handler in the case of a forwarded message. If you are reading ...

39. Select multile files to upload    java-forums.org

40. resolving a file upload issue using    forums.oracle.com

I had them in WEB-INF/lib when I first posted the thread. My resoultion ended up being to put three jars (listed below) in the following location JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\ext. The three files I copied were: 1.servlet-api.jar 2.commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar 3.commons-io-1.4.jar Actually I have the three jars in three locations: 1. WEB-INF/lib of my web application 2. TomcatHome/lib 3. JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\ext I have a gut feeling I ...

41. Making an file upload script    forums.oracle.com

JJ, It is your responsability to provide adequate information in order to illicit helpful responses. If you can't do that, at least don't bite others for your shortcomings. Now pull your socks up. What exactly are you trying to do? In what environment? What are your contraints? What are your assumptions. And at least try to use technical terminology correctly FFS. ...

42. doubt regarding springframework for uploading files    forums.oracle.com

iam student learning spring. In case of Strutsframework i have used JAVAZOOMS uploadbean component to upload a file.can i use the same uploadbean as part of springframework or should i use the bean which is part of jakarta commons package in sprinframework. If i use the JAVAZOOMS uploadbean component as part of spring then can i use the name of class ...

43. how to restricts same file twise uploading .......    forums.oracle.com

1 - move the file so you cannot upload it again. 2 - make your file naming conventions distinct so you can tell one file from the other: like myFile20080316.DAT 3 - if you don't have distinct file names, then you'll have to check date stamps. 4 - keep track of what you have uploaded and just don't do it again. ...

44. I am having problems upload a file using IE6 or 7, but it works fine in fir    forums.oracle.com

Note that IE is notorious for its non-respect of standards. If your code works fine with Firefox I'd suspect it is a IE issue that might not be going to be solved easily, if at all. I'd strongly suggest that you try your code with other browsers. Message was edited by: java_knight

45. Uploading File    forums.oracle.com

46. i finding a upload file tutorials    forums.oracle.com

47. upload file    forums.oracle.com

48. POST data with a file upload (updated code)    forums.oracle.com

49. File Upload question    forums.oracle.com

50. Creating mulitple file upload application    forums.oracle.com

I'd like to create a file upload application that can upload a folder or multiple files, and can be initiated through a website. I've read a couple of books - "Java for Dummies" and "Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days," and I feel I have a good understanding of java basic/core concepts. I know that to launch the upload application I ...

51. access several uploaded files from one form    forums.oracle.com

Sorry, this one is dependant upon the browser. IE 7 (?) and 8 have a new "advanced option" to send the file name and path along with the contents, but that is a NEW option. Other browsers might not have it available ot may have it in some hard to get at location. ALT: You could add additional inputs of type ...

52. upload file to other location    forums.oracle.com

Hi , if I use String loadpath=getServletContext().getRealPath("/"); the file be wrote to /NetBeansProjects/ uploadFile/build/web/ , but if I want to change my loadpath to other location , what can i do , ? I did not looking for c:\xxxx I did not use win , can I upload the direction to uploadFile/myfile

53. File upload utlity    forums.oracle.com

Can anyone direct me / have a file upload class or library that I can re-use ? I wish to include functionality that lets me browse my hard drive and upload a file to my java application. I know that they exist in a class libray and wish to re-use it. Note : I know the principle of this site is ...

54. different languages used while uploading file from java Application    forums.oracle.com

Hi everybody, i have a problem with multiple languages , let me clear you the question, i were developing a java application using spring ,hibernate frame works, so i got a problem while uploading a file with chinees language or other it was saving with different format other than chiness in the database, can any one help me out ... i ...

55. Design problem: Website where users can upload and download files    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I am a java developer having few months of experience in java/j2ee. I have to develop a website where users can upload files(doc,pdf,txt, jpg), search files by some categories and then download them, and put review comments on the files so that other users can know about usefulness of that file. Categories for searching the files may be: 1. Topic/Subject ...

56. upload a file    forums.oracle.com

57. how to handle escape sequence character when file upload    forums.oracle.com

Normally when your servlet gets a file upload request, that request is going to be coming from a different computer. Since your servlet doesn't have access to the file system on that computer, it's pointless to attempt using a File object to handle the request. So don't do it that way. I'm not sure if you even have the right HTML ...

58. Uploading files using POST    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for answering so fast. I can't debug on the server side but I can show what's happening on the logs of the server. As you can see below, login succeeds but when I try to upload it gives an error... INFO,2009/12/28 16:08:06Login,Login succeeded.,admin WARN,2009/12/28 16:08:28,The program is abnormal,Failed to retrieve the User CSV file.,admin Edited by: javajuniordeveloper on Dec 28, ...

59. why i always got timeout if upload a file from other connection?    forums.oracle.com

still it is network related. 1. perhaps the FTP server is limited to accept connections from certain IPs only? 2. perhaps your firewall is blocking the connection? 3. perhaps your connection at home is not stable? Try connecting with a real FTP client like FileZilla to see if you can do an actual large file transfer using it.

60. Read the contents of file on upload?    forums.oracle.com

Hello All, I'm looking for a method where you can read the contents of a file on upload. Is it also possible where I have a text area where I drag and drop a particular file and I should be able to open the contents in that text area? Looking forward to your reply!! Thanking you Garuda

61. HTTP Incremental File Upload in
question.    forums.oracle.com

- how do I prevent the POST contents being fully populated on a Submit click? - What (if any) classes do I need to override a method on (Servlet)this.getServletContext() in order to alter HTTP POSTing to a process such that the Server knows: -the total filesize at the beginning? -receives portions of the file, and the size of each portions? From ...

62. Uploading xlsx files    forums.oracle.com

Hi Iam trying to read xlsx file from server thru a web allpication,for uploading file iam using POIFSFileSystem from apache. i.e.POIFSFileSystem poiFs = null; FileInputStream xlsx = new FileInputStream(urlPath); poiFs = new POIFSFileSystem(xlsx); File has got valid data and i could able to read the file successfully with out any exception if my file extn is with xls. When i run ...

63. Uploading Exel Files    forums.oracle.com

64. How to upload and Download the file in a system through java programing    forums.oracle.com

public class FileUpload { public void upload( String ftpServer, String user, String password, String fileName, File source ) throws MalformedURLException, IOException { if (ftpServer != null && fileName != null && source != null) { StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer( "ftp://" ); // check for authentication else assume its anonymous access. if (user != null && password != null) { sb.append( ...

65. upload a file to remote machine    forums.oracle.com

66. Regarding file upload    forums.oracle.com

67. upload file writes too fast in while loop    forums.oracle.com

My upload thread occasionally rushes through its while-write loop, writing data for a 3mb image in less than a second and then it waits for a longer time (10-30 seconds) for a response. The thread is writing directly to the OutputStream class using OReilly's implementation. I do not understand this delay. It appears to be buffering? I would like real time ...

68. scaning uploaded file using java    forums.oracle.com

hi All, I want scan an uploaded file for viruses.i there is any JAVA API where i can connect to Scan engine. i have gone through the Symantic scan engine. where it provides the ICAP protocol to communicate with ScanEngine but i dont know how to communicate with that using java Thanks Prashanth k p

69. Cannot upload file suddenly    forums.oracle.com

70. uploading files using jfileupload    forums.oracle.com

71. Please anyone help me to upload a file from User Screen to Unix platform    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, Could anyone help me in uploading a file from user end to Unix platform where our JBoss Server is residing. Jboss server is in unix directory \volume\jboss and client is loading the files in database from there windows environment C:/Users_File.csv to the database, which is on Unix platform. Problem is that when we are trying to load the files ...

72. multiple languges used while uploading a file using java appn    forums.oracle.com

Hi everybody, i have a problem with multiple languages , let me clear you the question, i were developing a java application using spring ,hibernate frame works, so i got a problem while uploading a file with chinees language or other it was saving with different format other than chiness in the database, can any one help me out ... i ...

73. Issue in file upload functionality in my appl    forums.oracle.com

On further traiging we found that there is issue Error 500: ServletException in '/jsp/pm/completeness.jsp': Cannot find bean: "standardprofile" in any scope This error is being shown if we use Firefox browser.IE just dipalys error 500. Rather than displaying co Following are the JVM logs for unsuccessful upload: [9/17/08 17:38:46:969 EDT] 236425b SystemOut O Using session factory 'sessionFactory' for OpenSessionInViewFilter [9/17/08 17:38:49:193 ...

74. File upload    forums.oracle.com

Hi, From JSP page with 'upload' button we can choose one file at a time with the File selection dialog box, but I want to choose multiple files from file selection dialog box and create a list of files that were choosed on the jsp page when user click on submit then upload the filse to server. I have created this ...

75. File upload using java code ....?    forums.oracle.com

String contentType = request.getContentType(); //out.println("Content type is :: " +contentType); if ((contentType != null) && (contentType.indexOf("multipart/form-data") >= 0)) { DataInputStream in = new DataInputStream(request.getInputStream()); int formDataLength = request.getContentLength(); byte dataBytes[] = new byte[formDataLength]; int byteRead = 0; int totalBytesRead = 0; while (totalBytesRead < formDataLength) { byteRead = in.read(dataBytes, totalBytesRead, formDataLength); totalBytesRead += byteRead; } int lastIndex = contentType.lastIndexOf("="); String boundary ...

76. code to upload a file in java    forums.oracle.com

HI friends I want to know how to upload a file in java. After submitting the selected file should be copied in a folder created by us only. I mean first we need to select a file using browse,then after submitting the selected file should be placed in a folder ,this folder should be created by us only using mkdir(); Can ...

77. File upload    forums.oracle.com

Lookup the Apache Commons FileUpload API: [http://commons.apache.org/fileupload]. You can find here a very useful Filter example which handles multipart request fully transparantely for you. It puts all request parameters back in the parameterMap of the HttpServletRequest and it puts all uploaded files in the attributeMap of the HttpServletRequest (so that you can get it by request.getAttribute("fieldname")). This way you can just ...

78. File upload wizard    forums.oracle.com

This code works for one file depending on reuquirements u modifiy it to 3 files. All 3 files are compulosry or optional at time submit? In JSP u can use on clikck <%@ page import="java.io.*" %> <% String contentType = request.getContentType(); System.out.println("Content type is :: " +contentType); if ((contentType != null) && (contentType.indexOf("multipart/form-data") >= 0)) { DataInputStream in ...

79. Multipart File Upload    forums.oracle.com

Agree. It might be worth the effort to go to their homepage once again and carefully read the 'User Guide' and the 'Frequently Asked Questions' sections: [http://commons.apache.org/fileupload/] so that you would be sure that you didn't miss something. And in the future, please post Servlet related questions at the Servlet forum: [http://forum.java.sun.com/forum.jspa?forumID=33].

80. Regarding:::Uploading File    forums.oracle.com

81. multiple file upload    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, I have a .xhtml page, i need a multiple file upload component in this page. multiple file upload means in a single browse , i can select multiple files at a time. How i can do that? can anybody pls help me with any information related to this.. my project is jsf -seam framework based web application.

82. While uploading a file, how to show status/progress    forums.oracle.com

Hello All , Inside my JSP a link/button is incorporated that is used to upload a file. My problem is how do I show the current status of uploading process ? To be very precise, I need to show the user how many bytes are already uploaded. Please suggest a solution. -Best Regards

83. uploading file using filter    forums.oracle.com

84. want to upload a file.....    forums.oracle.com

Hi all. I have written a java code using struts through which i can upload a file from my local machine......i have deployed it on weblogic and i am able to read the contents of that file. I am simply reading the full path of filename and doing the processing. My problem is that if someone tries to upload a file ...

85. Problem at the time of Uploading a File which is more than 60KB of Size    forums.oracle.com

Hi I am Facing a problem at the time of uploading a file which is more than 60 KB in Size.As soon as i upload it will be idle for some time and after that it is displaying an error as "Page cannoy found".And also in log files it is showing Null pointer exception .We are using MultiPartParser class for uploading ...

86. Upload A File    forums.oracle.com

87. How to upload the file to remote machine    forums.oracle.com

This really depends on the method you intend to send your file to a remote machine. Typically, on a remote machine, FTP or SFTP is used, but this does require a FTP server on the remote machine that you can connect to. Alternately, you can have the local operating system create or mount a network drive when you can treat this ...

88. doubt regarding uploading a file using SPRINGFramework    forums.oracle.com

iam student learning spring. In case of Strutsframework i have used JAVAZOOMS uploadbean component to upload a file.can i use the same uploadbean as part of springframework or should i use the bean which is part of jakarta commons package in sprinframework. If i use the JAVAZOOMS uploadbean component as part of spring then can i use the name of class ...

89. File Upload    forums.oracle.com

On a side note ( Not needing an answer ) i have been trying to install Tomcat. I currently have a Apache 2 and i don't know how to have both run or even get Tomcat to work. Excellent Tutorial Please. I also have Java 6 installed and i can't compile a simple servlet.

90. Upload file to html form    forums.oracle.com

91. Uploaded File Processing    forums.oracle.com

I have a web app that allows a user to upload a csv, I do some validation on the file then write the file to disk. I process the file and when finished email the user a csv file. What I would like is to have the user upload the file and be done until they receive their email. How would ...

92. Drag and Drop file upload......    forums.oracle.com

93. How to upload a file?    forums.oracle.com

My website is running on Linux. I want to upload images using java code. Can someone please help me how can I do it? If someone can give me code, I will be thankful to him. Specially I would like to know: I have Windows 2000. When I browse the file to upload how does the Linux will read file from ...

94. getting empty on file upload    forums.oracle.com

} } } ActionForm code: /** dpmodel property */ private String dpmodel; /** iattach property */ private FormFile iattach; /** rattach property */ private FormFile rattach; /** tinput property */ private String tinput; /** fattach property */ private FormFile fattach; private String dattachment; /** * @return Returns the dattachment. */ public String getDattachment() { return dattachment; } /** * @param dattachment ...

95. Uploading file,help me,please !    forums.oracle.com

97. to upload a file in awebsite    forums.oracle.com

98. how can i upload a file which doesn't have extention    forums.oracle.com

Hi Folks, I have 2 issues: 1. How can i upload a file which doesn't have any extention. 2. when i upload a file that is other document like PDF,ZIP......., it happen successfully , when i try to view it it's showing empty content but when i save it and opening a file its showing content.(Finally what i meant is i ...

100. problem when uploading the file    forums.oracle.com

if (MultipartFormDataRequest.isMultipartFormData(request)) { // Uses MultipartFormDataRequest to parse the HTTP request. MultipartFormDataRequest mrequest = new MultipartFormDataRequest(request); String todo = null; if (mrequest != null) todo = mrequest.getParameter("todo"); if ( (todo != null) && (todo.equalsIgnoreCase("upload")) ) { Hashtable files = mrequest.getFiles(); if ( (files != null) && (!files.isEmpty()) ) { UploadFile file = (UploadFile) files.get("uploadfile"); if (file != null) out.println("

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