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1. Writing contents to file    forums.oracle.com

L_Louis wrote: Hi all, I am srry about last time I did not ask my question clearly... I am writing codes which allow writing text and table into rtf file and I have done the writing text part. Below are the codes that I attempt to write both text and table into Table.doc file. Please tell me how to do the ...

2. Writing to File    forums.oracle.com

/** * Close all the given objects, regardless of any errors. *

  • If a given object exposes a close method then it will be called. *
  • If a given object does NOT expose a close method then a warning is * printed to stderr, and that object is otherwise ignored. *
  • If any invocation of object.close() throws an IOException ...

3. JSR 75 removing question on file read and write    forums.oracle.com

Hi all. I am trying to send a file using a filebrowser from netbeans 6.1. The application works fine, but when I transfer the application to my mobile, I get two questions, asking if its ok to read and write from the files in the folder. This is very annoying because it asks those two questions every time I access a ...

4. writing in a file    forums.oracle.com

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: Syntax error, insert ";" to complete Statement Syntax error, insert "AssignmentOperator ArrayInitializer" to complete ArrayInitializerAssignement at suchAlgoritmus.outputChar(suchAlgoritmus.java:99) at suchAlgoritmus.underline(suchAlgoritmus.java:88) at suchAlgoritmus.auslesen(suchAlgoritmus.java:63) at suchAlgoritmus.setFileName(suchAlgoritmus.java:27) at Start$1.actionPerformed(Start.java:33) at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(AbstractButton.java:1849) at javax.swing.AbstractButton$Handler.actionPerformed(AbstractButton.java:2169) at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.fireActionPerformed(DefaultButtonModel.java:420) at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.setPressed(DefaultButtonModel.java:258) at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicButtonListener.mouseReleased(BasicButtonListener.java:236) at java.awt.Component.processMouseEvent(Component.java:5517) at javax.swing.JComponent.processMouseEvent(JComponent.java:3135) at java.awt.Component.processEvent(Component.java:5282) at java.awt.Container.processEvent(Container.java:1966) at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(Component.java:3984) at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Container.java:2024) at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Component.java:3819) at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.retargetMouseEvent(Container.java:4212) at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.processMouseEvent(Container.java:3892) ...

5. writing to file    forums.oracle.com

6. java file write    forums.oracle.com

7. Cannot write to external data file.    forums.oracle.com

8. Advice on writing objects to a file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on the best way to write objects to and read objects from a text file. My user-defined object (we'll call it Object1) consists of an ArrayList of other objects so I cannot write it to a normal flat text file, and I cannot use a database either. Object1 consists of a unique ID. ...

9. Writing a single file with Guitar Chord Info    forums.oracle.com

Hey everyone. I'm developing an application that will present stored animations on a fixed image, which is loaded on top of a jPanel. The image is actually depicting a guitar fretboard and what changes is the group of drawn dots and numbers that will illustrate how each chord is played. What I want to do is to store 268 different variations ...

10. Problem with file write    forums.oracle.com

the directory exist. But the problem is it should write 30 lines and it does when I am asking it to write it in current directory. That MATLAB directory exist in local directory and when I am asking to write the file inside MATLAB + other directories, I am losing some content. Why is it so?

11. How to control BOM in writing UTF8 files?    forums.oracle.com

12. Writing to a File    forums.oracle.com

try { FileWriter output = new FileWriter(filename); PrintWriter mypw = new PrintWriter(output); if(count <1){ output.write("******Hex Word List******* "); output.flush(); }else if(count == totalcount){ output.close(); }else{ output.write("\n"+myString); output.flush(); } } catch(IOException e) { System.out.println("Cannot save " + filename); System.out.close(); System.exit(0); }//end try }//end of write file Edited by: MariamMohamed on Aug 29, 2008 12:01 PM

13. Need to write java code for encryption and decryption of a file.    forums.oracle.com

I need to write a java code for encrytpion and decryption of a file. I need to encrypt a file using some predefined key and need to decrypt the same using that key. Can someone guide me how can i do that or share the sample code. It is like read a file encrtpt the content using predefined key and write ...

14. FIle Writing Question    forums.oracle.com

15. write a file in remote system    forums.oracle.com

16. Writing files, too slow    forums.oracle.com

this is an example, I don't have 100000000 times, it was an example. But it is true that I have something similar and my algo spends too much time doing the writing, so I was wondering how to improve it. So, basically it is faster to write a big string in one time that to write a small one but many ...

17. File writing to new file on daily basis    forums.oracle.com

Dear All, I have a program which is running as a service and keep receiving data and putting to database and text file immediately.The problem now is that if I want to write the file on a daily basis meaning that once is a new day I want it to write into a new file with the file name_date. How can ...

18. Write / read files to RAM memory    forums.oracle.com

Dear all, I want to write a text file to RAM memory and after read it from RAM memory. Why? Because, I want to read my text files quickly, in short time. if I use default method for reading files it take long time for reading the file and for write the file. But, if I use write / read files ...

19. Writing to a specified location in a file    forums.oracle.com

If you are updating in place the RandomAccess is the thing you will need. You will still have to figure out how to pad and/or format the data. ONe bit of warning, I suspect that RandomAccess file is going to be difficult fo you to use properly. I could be wrong about this, but I get the impression that you are ...

20. Reading and Writing Information from Files.    forums.oracle.com

21. Reading and Writing into Files.    forums.oracle.com

Hello Programmers, I am currently having a issue with a aplicattion i am trying to make ( obviously using java ), to explain a little a bit about the aplication: It requestes information from the user, using ObjectOutputStream it saves it on to a file and then using ObjecInputStream it reads the information alrady saved from the files and displayes it. ...

22. Web Start can write a file locally, but it cannot read it.    forums.oracle.com

How do you know that the plugins cannot be read? The exception is a Security exception indicating that you can't use System.exit() . Since you have not printed the exception trace I cannot decide whether the exception is as a result of a side effect of you not being able to read the file or something to do with System.exit().

23. Writing to file(using PrintWrier)    forums.oracle.com

24. data written in file doesnt remain the sme!!    forums.oracle.com

The code is working fine however there is a problem when I store cipher in file. Suppose I am converting -- Text - abc using password - ab ASCII values of characters stored in file should be- 388 392 390 197 199 the first 3 characters in file show up as "?" when this app reads file, it reads characters in ...

25. While loop for reading and writing file    forums.oracle.com

Hi I am new to reading and writing files in Java. I want to write a code to read a txt file that for example looks like this: 12334234234 12312332321 12323123123 12312312321 Peter John Sam I only want to read and write to cvs file the records with numbers only. I will use the "while loop" and want the loop to ...

26. Sample code to write a file connecting to another PC.    forums.oracle.com

Those links provide sample code. You can always try tweaking the query to get different results. If, rather than "sample," you mean you want someone to write the code for you, then you need to hire somebody. If you do in fact want sample code, that you can learn from and then adapt to your needs, and if, after spending an ...

27. Vista UAC and file write    forums.oracle.com

Hello All, I have to write a file in program file in windows. I wrote a code which is working fine in XP but it is throwing Excetion "FileNotFound" in vista if UAC is enabled.However my code is working fine if I turn off the UAC. I there any way to write a file in vista. Thanks in advance

28. Writing to file problem    forums.oracle.com

29. File Writing on the web    forums.oracle.com

30. The impact of application termination while writing to a file(buffered)    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have a problem, One of my process will be writing the events to the file, in buffered mode.(binary format) But while writing, when still something is there in the buffer, my application terminates. So as a result the file becomes corrupt. Is there any way to flush the entire thing before it terminates? Or is it possible, for the ...

32. Issue with writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

I am writing a Reservation program in which people can enter thier information, see the current reservations of each of the boats, and reserve a boat for a specific time frame. The code should automatically check if the boat is available during that time, if it is add it if not tell the user to try a different time or boat. ...

33. Writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

Just because something compiles it doesn't mean that it's free of errors. Successful compilation just tells you that the program is syntactically correct. Just glancing at your program, it occurs to me that you might want to flush the buffered writer before closing it. (Although maybe it does this automatically on close() anyway; check the docs.)

34. Cannot write String to file    forums.oracle.com

35. Problem Writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

the createNewFile and delete steps are not even needed - the particular FileWriter constructor used will create a new file anyway, regardless if it exists or not. Other than that the snippet should not show any difference in writing the content, unless an exception is thrown that you are secretly catching somewhere but not handling.

36. Reading Writing file MapInfo MIF / MID    forums.oracle.com

37. Help writing to file    forums.oracle.com

38. Write File to an location on HDD    forums.oracle.com

To further understand the reasoning for this, I am building a GRID encoder. What happens is, the client reads a .wav file, then injects it to the grid. There a node on the grid will read the file again using the above method. (It is passed between the 2 as "serizileable") The node then does some processing and again returns a ...

39. Reading and writing to files    forums.oracle.com

40. Help with file writing please!...    forums.oracle.com

42. Re : Multiple Java program writing to same file    forums.oracle.com

I have cron job running that will repeatedly invoke java program and pass different parameters.The parameter passed is Application ID. I have about 7 and growing application ID's to monitor.Now based on which Application ID is passed, a flag for that corresponding App. ID will be raised (say value '1' for flag) .Now I have .Property file which is flag holder ...

43. Write the file at specified position    forums.oracle.com

Hi friends, I have one urgent requirement.I need to add the string in file at specified position .Is it possible send me the code. It will be grateful if i get the code. Example: test.txt Hello sun fourms guys how r u how is going on work.. i need to add the string (Super) the test.txt file should like this Hello ...

44. Problems in writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, I have created 2 java progs. - one creates a file of size 2048 bytes on the desktop the other tries to modify some of the bytes in btween. the problem is after the executn of the 2nd prog. only the modified chars remain and the rest all bytes are deleted. I am using FileWriter class in the second ...

45. Writing in INF file Problem!    forums.oracle.com

46. writing integers to file    forums.oracle.com

47. Writing to a file in java    forums.oracle.com

} if (strLine.contains(":")) { query = strLine; for (int i = 0; i < query.length(); i++) { if (query.charAt(i) == ':') { count++; } } } else if (strLine.contains("value=")) { String[] store = strLine.split("value="); argList.add(store[1]); if (argList.size() == count) { for (int j = 0; j < argList.size(); j++) { query = query.replace( ":" + (j + 1), argList.get(j).toString()); } boolean ...

48. How to write to an existing HTML file    forums.oracle.com

If I understand you correctly I think you want to fill out a HTML form and after submitting the form capture the data and display it another HTML. Well....You can do so by submitting the HTML page to a servlet and retrieving the form parameters in the servlet by using request.getParameter .You can do the same by submitting your HTML page ...

49. java - read from a file only when write is completed- very urgent    forums.oracle.com

Hi , My requirement is to run a thread as separate process to write bulk data to a file using java. I must be able to read from the file only when the write operation to the thread is completed. Is it possible using java. If yes could you please give me sample code for that. Its very urgent....... Thanks in ...

50. Write to a file ( JApplet )    forums.oracle.com

Dear All, I want to program a guestbook using java applets but now I have problem of writing to a file from JApplet. it is working without any problem if i run the program via command: java GuestBook or if I run it using the appletviewer, but if I put the class file into the applet code it is not working, ...

51. Reading / Writing Files ONLINE    forums.oracle.com

Well, i need to know a way to read and write files online with java. I am running a multiplayer online server thogh my computer, and want it to save the charecter files online to a storage somwhere (you can tell me where i should store it) All i need to save is txt online so i think it will probably ...

52. Write a String in File    forums.oracle.com

53. Read and write at the same time. Or: Read while the file is being written.    forums.oracle.com

Something else i thought of: The program which writes the video has the feature to cache the video in the memory. This means while someone is for example playing a game, he can press a button when smth interesting happened, and the memory with the last 30s video gets written to disk.

56. How to write remote file?    forums.oracle.com

Easy on the bold girl... we can hear your allright... any we're not nearly as think as you thick we are It's just that what you're attempting to do is impossible... so people who know that keep misinterpreting you. Why? Becuase I really really really don't want anyone modifying the files on my webserver unless they go through all my security ...

57. writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

59. Why Cannot i write to a file?    forums.oracle.com

60. Writing out a File    forums.oracle.com

Hi everyone, I was wondering how I would go about doing the following: Currently I have read in a File from the devices File System, converted it to a byte array and transmitted it accross to another device via an RFCOMM bluetooth connection. How do i then take the received byte array and convert it back into a File which I ...

61. Writing Data to Multiple Files    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I got a problem while writing the data to multiple files. Actually my requirement is, I want to read the data from multiple files and retrieve the required data from those and save that data into separate files. Meaning if i read the data from "D:\kiran\kk\123\kiran.txt" the retrieved data should be saved in "D:\kiran\kk\kiran.txt" the file name should be created ...

62. Quickest method for reading and writing files    forums.oracle.com

63. how to write data into a file    forums.oracle.com

FileInputStream Creates a object by opening a connection to an actual file, the file named by the path name in the file system. now when you are creating a FileInputStream object by fis = new FileInputStream(mss); java doesn't know where to search the file thats why the exception occur. Message was edited by: rajeev123

64. Writing data in a File    forums.oracle.com

66. need help with writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

I am writing a program that is a file sharing program where i read in bytes from a socket in a BufferedReader into a char[]. Then i want to write to a file using FileOutputStream which only lets me write with a byte[]. Is there a way to read in the info into a byte[] rather a char[]?

67. problem in writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

68. file read write is slow    forums.oracle.com

Please provide a short, self-contained, compilable program that clearly demonstrates the problem you are having. Code snippets don't count as they're not compilable. It's impossible to tell where your problem lies from your previous post; you'll have to show us what you're doing for us to help identify where your bottleneck is.

69. Writing to file is flawless -- reading works but returns nothing.    forums.oracle.com

You are doing a 2nd Java course and yet all your code is still in a single method? In your catch statements try e.printStackTrace() and see if any exceptions are being thrown. Currently all you do is convert it to a String and then do nothing with it. So you have no idea if an exception is being thrown or not. ...

70. how to write a string into a file in java    forums.oracle.com

71. Set writtable in Java 1.5 (Write to read-only file)    forums.oracle.com

MarieDM wrote: Thanks. However, chmod is OS dependent... If I have to, I might use it, but since I have to handle many operating systems without being able to test them all, I would like to avoid that solution. That's exactly the reason why setWritable() was finally added in Java 6. There is no operating system independent way to solve this ...

72. Write in a file using FileConnection    forums.oracle.com

I agree with you, DrClap. In this case, I have no need to get them back, I have just to register a new client in a mobile device and send the file to the server where it will be treated. I will continue studying another ways to implement it, but Java Me has less resources than Java SE. And about the ...

73. reading and writing a file    forums.oracle.com

74. Writing data to a file    forums.oracle.com

Eh, if you move it into the loop, it'll write ABC after each row. Not atfter each ResultSet as you claim. I don't see any loop over a number of result sets, but if that exists, writing that line after writing a result set of course also leads to such an entry after each result set. So don't do it then. ...

75. Writing a file recursively    forums.oracle.com

Hi All, I am retriving values from db into a xml file which needs to be given to import functionality(on other machine say m/c1) to import data at that end...Now i am retriving huge amount of data.We fear that our tool on m/c1 will be unable to handle this much amount of data..So we need to split the xml file.The name ...

76. Writing Data to file    forums.oracle.com

77. Write file    forums.oracle.com

78. Writing to a File    forums.oracle.com

i want to write a specially formatted String into a file (multiple lines) example of formatted String: String output = variable + " is" + variableAsWell; How would I do this (for example... what class and how to input such a string). also.... is it possible to create this files by invoking a method... but without overwriting a previously generated file? ...

79. Reading and writing files, detecting charset, creating crazy-charset files    forums.oracle.com

However, when I run it on a file that it has previously generated, the character set detection code doesn't work - it can't work out the character set. I honestly can't see why this would be. Perhaps I am writing the file in some crazy way and I don't realize my amateurs mistake...most likely.

80. Writing to a file not yet created    forums.oracle.com

fileWriter.close(); bufWriter.close(); } // end try catch(Exception ex) { message.setText(ex.toString()); } // end catch I don't understand why every example I see uses the BufferedWriter on a FileWriter and maybe thats what is constructing the file but mine didn't work...what's wrong with my code or what I am not doing? Thank you for your help!

81. How to write meaaages to a File when MQ is not available?    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I'm new to Java (MQ) so just wondering if anyone can help me or provide me with sample code. I write an application which sending messages to MQ and when MQ is not available, then throw an error. But however instead of throwing an error, I want to buffer up the messages in a file and when MQ become available, ...


# Comment INTEGER Declares integer type variable STRING Declares string type variable LET Assigns a variable CALCULATE Performs an arithmetic calculation PRINT Writes data to the console PRINTLN As print, but followed by a new line END Terminates the program Each line of the program must begin with one of these words, and the language should not be case sensitive. Tim ...

83. Over writing a file    forums.oracle.com

I want to over write a file, so i used the following ways. with Random Access file only RandomAccessFile r = new RandomAccessFile(fileName, "rw"); r.seek(seekIndex) r.writedata.. r.close() << with RandomAccessFile converted to DataOutputstream RandomAccessFile r = new RandomAccessFile(fileName, "rw"); r.seek(seekIndex) // Get file descriptor from random access file and form file out put stream FileOutpusStream fos = new FIleOutputStream(r.getFD()) BufferedOutputStream bos ...

84. Writing to file    forums.oracle.com

In the code you sent, outputStream is still null when you call its print method, you don't set it when you call new PrintWriter... Anyway, I'd probably just skip PrintWriter and BufferedWriter - if it's something big and time consuming that you're writing, you probably should do that in a separate thread.

86. Writing long to file    forums.oracle.com

87. writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I am trying to write some string from the input stream of a servlet to a .fdf file. This is the code i use. The issue is it adds a '\' after every 256 characters. Could anybody say why this would happen. Any help is greatly appreciated. BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(request.getInputStream())); BufferedWriter writer = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter (fdfFile ...

88. writing to a file: kind of urgent, due in 2hrs. Any help would be wonderful    forums.oracle.com

I'm not bumping it. I post a problem, and then i solve it, and i create a new thread with a different problem. Is this not the way to approach it? and sorry for writing urgent. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Was just hoping somebody could shed some insight. Edited by: Cymae on Dec 3, 2007 4:27 AM

89. Writing onto a file.    forums.oracle.com

Well, there wasn't much information. (Besides which you posted the question at midnight.) What kind of "text area" is this? AWT? Swing? I'm pretty sure the Swing text areas have a method for writing the contents to a Writer; I don't remember its name, but you should be able to find it in the API documentation.

90. Writing a JPEG2000 file (.JP2) on a Smart card    forums.oracle.com

Hi everyone I need to save image on smart card and my smart card only have 8 kb capacity, so I have to convert my bitmap file to Jp2 file. My problem is that now I don't know how can I convert this jp2 file to byte or string so that I could write it on smart card. I'll appreciate any ...

92. Writing the datas from 2 files into 3rd File?    forums.oracle.com

I want those data's to be written in a 3rd file. Say, Example3.txt Ashok^ data1^data2^data3 Babu^ data1^data2^data3 Chenthil^ data1^data2^data3 Danny^ data1^data2^data3 So that i can tokenize it with a delimeter(^) and get the values. Here how to append the datas in this form in Example3.txt. Eventhough u use FileWriter with append "true" as a parameter how they will apend like the ...

93. writing to a file then reading from it    forums.oracle.com

94. Issue writing to a file?    forums.oracle.com

I bolded the part where I'm writing to the file.... I know it is actually running this piece of code becuase it does successfully create a file called "interface.SMP" in the project directory, but it doesn't write to the file unless I write directly inside the constructor which is of no use to me.

95. Problem writing and reading from file.    forums.oracle.com

//sends constructors to method addFile in CreateFile class. create.addFile(myProduct[count]); } //Closes File "inventory" create.closeFile(); //Opens File "inventory for reading" read.openFile(); //Reads file "inventory" read.readFile(); //Closes file "inventory" read.closeFile(); } } package inventory; import java.io.Serializable; public class Product implements Serializable { //Private variables used in product class. private String itemName = null; private int itemQuantity = 0; private double itemCost = 0; ...

96. write / read objects to/from File    forums.oracle.com

Hello again Finally I found the solution In fact it is important to not to close the FileOutputStream and ObjectOutputStream until all the data was written on the disk. What I mean: in the begining of the program you have to open these two streams and write down the data that comes from somewhere. But you musn't close these streams before ...

97. Reading and Writing to the same file.    forums.oracle.com

I need to read, validate and make corrections to some text files. The files can be very huge (the size can be several GBs). So there may not always be enough memory in the server to read the whole file in one stretch to a String or StringBuffer and also there won't be space to create an additional file so that ...

98. writing a file on client side    forums.oracle.com

99. problem in writing file....    forums.oracle.com

100. how 2 write in a file    forums.oracle.com