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1. Converting HTML files to PDF

I need to automatically generate a PDF file from an exisiting (X)HTML-document. The input files (reports) use a rather simple, table-based layout, so support for really fancy JavaScript/CSS stuff is probably ...

2. PDF file generation from XML or HTML

Are there any API/solution to generate PDF report from XML file data and definition. For example the XML definition/data could be:

    <paragraph font="Arial">Title of report</paragraph>
Converting HTML to PDF will ...

3. Convert an HTML file to a PDF with their pictures and styles using Java

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Converting HTML Files to PDF
I want to convert an HTML file to PDF by using Java. I've searched stackoverflow and other sites. I ...

4. Can we convert PDF file to HTML in C,C++,or Java (any language)?

I need to convert PDF files into HTML files (IOS platform) so that I can annotate the HTML page using Javascript. I had some success in annotating HTML pages, so if ...

5. Converting .pdf to .html file

7. Converting .pdf to .html file

8. How can I convert pdf file to xml or html file.

Hello My English ability is very poor. sorry. I want to extract text and image from pdf file. so, I try use itext. but.. I can't make what I want . I searched pdfbox and jpedal. but I can't get my solution. Just I want to convert pdf to xml or html(html prefer). I think pdfviewer is hint. but I can't ...


There was this thing, it wasn't free though. It's called PDF995 printer driver, if you open up the .html in your browser and click Print, choose PDF995. It's not free, but there's no displays or anything. Just a little advert screen for 10 seconds every time you convert a file. Hope that helps.

12. convert xml file into .pdf and .html

13. java library for .PDF file to .HTML file conversion

PDFParser parser = new PDFParser(input); parser.parse(); pdfDocument = parser.getPDDocument(); PDFTextStripper stripper = new PDFTextStripper(); contents = stripper.getText(pdfDocument); } catch (IOException ioe) { throw ioe; } finally { if (pdfDocument != null) { try { pdfDocument.close(); } catch (Exception ex) { } } } return contents; } i stuck at this point . i want to convert .PDF to .HTML file so ...