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1. read pdf file with original contents

Hi I want to read pdf file with original content like its font(its possible that some font size is small while some font size is big ) and paragraph and table if ...

2. Reading a PDF file using Java

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4. Reading and Editing the Same PDF File

Dear Friends, I would like to know if it is possible to read and edit the same pdf file using Java. ie my PDF file named "Sample.pdf" has contents like First Name = &F_NAME Last Name =&L_NAME what I want is to parse the Sample.pdf file and look for &F_NAME and replace it with "Jacob" and &L_NAME and replace it with ...

5. Reading PDF Files from a Java program

I need to read the content of a PDF document, using a java program and use its content for storage as well as display purposes. The contents of the PDF document are in a tabular format. Please recommend products/utilities available for reading the contents of a PDF document. Swamy SCJP 1.2, SCWCD, SCBCD

6. Is it possible to read a PDF file

7. Reading a table in a pdf file ?

Does the PDF file format actually have a concept of tables? It's much like postscript so I'd imagine it only holds layout information for (a) text, (b) vector graphics (including the lines around table cells), (c) bitmap graphics (such as inserted images). Most PDFs aren't directly editable either, for the very reason they don't contain nearly as much information as an ...

8. Read the pdf file using java

9. java program to read data from pdf file

dear all , i want to read data from a pdf file , tried to write one but the usual file reader is not working for pdf files. 1) i want to read data from pdf file 2) and put the data read into another ordinary text file . could anyone please suggest me with a java program for this . ...

10. PDF file creation and reading

11. read PDF files

12. how to read a PDF file?

BIJ001 wrote: [Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Documents|] But... PDF is not a Microsoft document format. It's from Adobe. (Edit: Sorry, I see there was a throw-away line at the end of the post which I didn't get down to.) To answer the OP: there are a few packages which can reverse-engineer a PDF document and allow you ...

13. Read BARCODE in PDF file

Hi! I've a requirement to read some barcodes inside PDF files. I actually can read from images, but can't find how to read them from a PDF. Someone has done this? Or maybe some suggestions to convert PDF to image, in that way I can read the code from the generated imaged? Best regards!

14. read a pdf file line by line

15. How to read pdf file

16. Read and modify a pdf file

Hi, I want to read a pdf with Java, Right now I can also read the plain content of the pdf, But actually I need to retrieve the content as well as the format of them out of Pdf file. But Itext seems that could not help me, Don anyone have any suggestions ? Thanks in advance .

17. reading PDF files in java

Hi, can any one help me on how to read pdf files in java using itext. I have written some piece of code but it is of no use. It is giving some garbage. import*; import java.util.*; import java.lang.*; import com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader; public class PdfAccess { public static void main(String[] args) { try { String pdfFile = args[0]; PdfReader reader = ...

18. Reading pdf files(please help me)

Hi, I am trying to read the text of a pdf file , but cant..How to do this..I got some jars in they ar telling to use PDFTextStripper class..But cant find how to use it..Can any one please tell me using a sample program how can we get the text of a pdf file(may be using that class).. Please help ...

19. How to read in empty string to a PDF file

Hi, I have found a example code that converts text file to PDF files. but from the code, i found out that they only print out lines that are not null and those that are null, will not be printed out. is there any other way i can change this code to print everything even the spacing and null line out? ...

20. reccomendations for java API -- reading pdf files?

Hi, I need to write an application that will extract how many pages a particular pdf file has, and some other information about it -- size, date created and so on, but the number of pages is the most important. I googled and came across iText, PDF Box and a few others, and I was wondering if anyone else had used ...

21. Reading PDF file

22. Reading a PDF file as a String and creating another pdf file

I am facing the same problem. Please help me out. I just want to read a PDF file as bytes from one location and write it as another pdf file in some other location with a diolog box prompting to open or save in the location where we want. I executed the following code:

23. how to read data from the PDF file

24. LucenePDFDocument to read pdf file