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1. Best-practice for documenting available/required Java properties file contents

Is there a well-established approach for documenting Java "properties" file contents, including:

  • specifying the data type/contents expected for a given key
  • specifying whether a key is required for the application to function
  • providing a ...

2. ant task to copy properties file to their corresponding place in the java build dir

OK, I'm stumped. I have a Java tree that looks like a fairly typical Eclipse Java build:


3. Java export .properties file to build folder?

I have just created a .properties file in Java and got it to work. The problem is where/how to store it. I'm currently developing a "Dynamic Web project" in Eclipse, and ...

4. Current directory in java properties file

Is there any way of specifying the current directory in a java properties file? i.e. something like:


5. Indexing properties files

I need to index a large number of Java properties and manifest files. The data in the files is just key-value pairs. I am thinking to use Lucene for this. However, I do not ...

6. Can't get the data from the properties file

Here's the class

package db;

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.DriverManager;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.util.Properties;
import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;

 * @author Oshadha Gunawardena
public class DBFacade {

    private static Connection c;


7. Property file string length limitation (JAVA)

playing around with a property file i figured that there seems to be a limitation of 40char to save in a single property. I do the following:

File configFile = new File("");

Properties props = ...

8. How to use java property files?

So I have a list of key/value pairs of configuration values I want to store as java property files, and later load and iterate through. Questions:

  • Do I need to store the file ...

9. Managing the localization of Java properties files

I have a Web application written in Java that is targeting several countries, all of which speak different languages (and more often than not, several languages -- that's Europe for you). We ...

10. what is properties file? and what does it contain?

I want to know what is the use of .properties file and where it is used? Currently i am doing dynamic web application with ANT and i have to use .properties ...

11. Parsing enums from property file

I have a simple key-value property file where I need to parse a value which is then to be assigned to an enum type. What is the best way to do ...

12. How do I jump to a section of a properties file?

the title really says it all. I have a properties file that has lots of different properties in it for different things:
ui.outputtype.spreadsheet=Spreadsheet - xls
The file is a lot bigger than ...

13. Does JUnit support properties files for tests?

I have JUnit tests that need to run in various different staging environments. Each of the environments have different login credentials or other aspects that are specific to that environment. My ...

14. Possible ways to abstract away hard-coded path-names for properties file in java app

I'm trying to bind in a third party app to our project but have discovered that the unix paths of their property files have been hard-coded into several classes. It is ...

15. Compare two java property files using shell script

How to compare two property files in two different folders using shell script input can be path of the two folders? There are multiple files in both folders and each files needs to ...

16. java update properties file run time

i am writing standalone java app for production monitoring. once it starts running the api is configured for default values which is set in .properties file. in running state the api's ...

17. Java application properties file

I need to write a standalone Java application which will have a embedded HTTP server. I need to call a HTML page deployed locally with the application. ...

18. Reading java .properties file from bash

I am thinking of using sed for reading .properties file, but was wondering if there is a smarter way to do that from bash script?

19. Best location for properties file

I'm working on a small java application that needs to load/save configuration properties. At first I tried using a properties file that lived inside the jar but I was concerned if ...

20. Does .net have an equivalent to Java's .properties files?

To jog everyone's memory, Java has these files with an extension of ".properties", which are basically an ASCII text file full of key-value pairs. The framework has some really easy ways ...

21. Translucent colors in Java through properties files

Is it possible to specify a color in a properties file that has an alpha component? When I put a hexadecimal number in the properties file that has an alpha ...

22. save state by overwriting a properties file

I am using a java properties file to store some config information, on Object creation I am loading this information, then at certain points in the objects lifetime I want to ...

23. Regarding file and environment variable

In my file if I have the path configured like below Java successfully recognizes the path.

If I have the below way using environment variable Java program doesn't recognize the path ...

24. How to escape the equals sign in properties files

How can I escape the equals sign (=) in Java property files? I would like to put something as the following in my file:

table.whereclause=where id=100

25. java: generating a properties file that contains the svn version number

I want to generate a properties file, from my ant script, that contains the svn version number of my project. I'm 1/3 of the way done: To do this I need to:

  1. use ...

26. Accessing property file through batch script

I'm trying to write a batch script, this script is responsible to launch a jar with one parameters. This parameter indicate to my jar wich property file to use in order ...

27. How to retry opening a properties file in Java

I'm trying to handle an FileNotFoundException in Java by suspending the thread for x seconds and rereading the file. The idea behind this is to edit properties during runtime. The problem is ...

28. Which Java library lets me initialize an object's properties from a properties file?

Is there a Java library that lets you "deserialize" a properties file directly into an object instance? Example: say you have a file called

and a Java class with some properties:
class Connection ...

29. Define a default .properties file depending on language

I have 2 .properties files in my java project and I want to define one of them as default file to be used when the language of the operating system is ...

30. How to know whether a property exists or not in a property file?

How to know whether a property exists or not in a property file in java?

31. What is the best option for reading Java property files?

I have an application which uses a servlet to read an intialization parameter from web.xml for the location of a property file. The serlvet then creates an instance of a class ...

32. Guice and properties files

Does anybody have an example of how to use Google Guice to inject properties from a .properties file. I was told Guice was able to validate that all needed properties ...

33. How can I convert a java bean to a properties file?

What libraries are available that can do something like

public class Person {
  private Long id;
  private Name; 
  private List<Long> associations;

  // accessors

public class Name {

34. Building JCoServer without Properties-File

I got another JCo-related question and hopefully finding help. With JCo you can easily build up a connection like it is explained in the example sheets which came with the JCo-library. Unfortunately, ...

35. How to read a properties file in java in the original order

I need to read a properties file and generate a Properties class in Java. I do so by using:

Properties props = new Properties();
props.load(new FileInputStream(args[0]));
for (Enumeration e = props.propertyNames(); e.hasMoreElements();) {
However, the ...

36. Lock Properties File in Java

I am using the java properties file construct. At the beginning I read it to populate a dialog, but I also give the users the ability to change the values in ...

37. Java properties file editor for multiple files?

I have an application that reads a .properties file at start up containing key/values where the key is bound to an item in a file and the value is some text ...

38. java plugin specification via properties file

I have a project which I want to add plugins. I have all the interfaces/factories/etc. setup (my gateway interface is called ApplicationMonitorFactory), I just need to make a way to locate/activate ...

39. using character entities in java properties file

I'm trying to add some text to a web app via a java .properties file. I want the text to have an en-dash in it. If I add the character entity, ...

40. inheriting the user.home property within my custom .properties file

Can I do something like working-dir="file:${user.home}/some-directory" within my .properties file? I am using ResourceBundle to load configuration from a .properties file and I would to inherit a system property key such ...

41. Editing properties files w/o losing formatting

I have a properties (Java world) file with comments and key=value. I simply want to take backup of the file and edit few key=value. I need to edit the key in ...

42. JenaException: Invalid properties file

I have been working with Jena fine for the first few weeks. However, today tomcat has started spitting out errors. I think I've narrowed it down to:

Caused by: com.hp.hpl.jena.shared.JenaException: Invalid properties file
at ...

43. Using both \u.... and html entities in properties file?

I'm stumbling upon a few,, etc. files and I'm a bit surprised for they contain both html entities and \uxxxx escapings. I guess the HTML entities are fine as long ...

44. Java properties file specs

Possible Duplicate:
Escaping equal sign in properties files
In a .properties file, can I use the character '=' after the first one? Like this:
Is it allowed and ...

45. Where to store .properties files for Java?

The Java tutorial on using properties talks about how to use the Properties class. In the tutorial it shows the properties being written to a file called "defaultProperties". ...

46. Store paths in property files

I have Java app which runs on Linux and Windows and app depends of path of some program ( I need to read two paths in my app, one if I ...

47. Multiple .properties files in a Java project

I would like to find an expedient way to switch between multiple .properties files for different deployment configurations. My initial inclination is to create a separate file,, whose single property is ...

48. java.home property adds extra slashes when it it written to a property file?

As per my understanding, java.home is a ANT built-in property. In our scenerio, we write the value of java.home to a another property file in the same project . Hovewer, ...

49. how to create and use encrypted Property files in Java?

I want to create a encrypted property file that stores information related to licences and some other highly sensitive data.
My Requirement during creation of encrypted Property file

  1. Once created, should not be ...

50. Multiple properties files

In a java application, I am using .properties file to access application related config properties.
For eg. the contents of which are say,
I ...

51. .properties file in java

I saw a lot of .properties files in java project. Is this kind of java standard files?

52. Does reading properties files multiple times consume lots memory?

I have a class which reads a properties file. Please see below. The method readProperties() is called many times when the application is running, does that mean there is a memory issue ...

53. Saving to properties file escapes :

Does anyone know why the colons are getting escaped when I store the properties file? I'm doing this:

Properties prop = new Properties();

// Set the properties value.

And storing using: FileOutputStream(propFile), null);
It's working but ...

54. How to read properties file in java

I want write a java program Problem: I have property file, in the property file contains

I should get the input as range from command prompt or JSP and print out message ...

55. Best way to read properties file in java?

I am aware of two ways to read a .properties file: 1- System.getProperties.load(Inputstream for .properties file); 2- Creating a new Properties object and then calling load(Inputstream for .properties file); In first ...

56. Java: possible to line break in a properties file?

Is it possible to continue a long string on the next line in a Java properties file? e.g., somehow

and when I get getProperty("myStr") it will return ...

57. Storing changes in .properties file that has been read via getClass().getResourceAsStream

I am writing a java web application that reads properties from a .properties file. Since I do not know the absolute path of the .properties file, because it depends on the ...

58. Saving properties in a file with JAVA formatted

Is there a way to save Properties in Java with some formatting using the Properties object? Like is there a way to introduce new lines between entries? Or comments before each ...

59. Good repository organization practice for Java properties files

I maintain a multi-platform development framework that attempts to configure environment variables based on certain system and environment information that is inferred via various means. Once I infer these variables, I ...

60. Is there default properties file to put configurations into?

Any default properties file which java can automatcially load?

61. Can't read AppletViewer properties file - Applet

I have create a java applet program and compiled, it generates a class file. while running the applet viewer in command prompt it shows a following warning message.

D:\Applets\Applets>appletviewer ...

62. java write properties file

I have a treemap that has sorted information (I sorted by the hashmap's value, not key) but when I want to write them into the properties file, the order is not ...

63. Java configuring in properties file

I want to configure a property in my properties file. But that will not be a static value. For example, var=abc some_unknown_string_here def I will set the value for the unknown string within ...

64. Code running under ant doesn't find a properties file unless I fork the JVM

I'm just getting started with Ant, and I'm having problems getting a "run" target to work. Part of my code loads a properties file, and it always fails to find this ...

65. Relative path for properties file

I'm using a properties file

try {
    properties.load(new FileInputStream(""));
} catch (IOException e) {
Where should I place ''? I don't want to specify absoulte path as this code has to ...

66. Logical Operators in Java Properties File

Are there any recommendation for design patterns for using logical operators in conjunction with values generated from Java properties file (the number of values not known in advance)?

67. Remove comments in properties file java

when i updated the properties file the comments are also updated along the data .is there any possible way to remove the comments or updating the data without comment. Here i update ...

68. Problem creating a properties file

This is what I finally ended up doing. It works great but could probably use some fine tuning.

File file = new File("C:/Users/Mike Home/Desktop/"+fileName+".properties");
FileInputStream inStream = null;
FileOutputStream outStream = null;
Properties config ...

69. How do I read a .properties file without calling its absolute path

I have my .properties file in

 -somefolder  `<--- This guy needs it`
 -config  `<--- Here is where he sits`
when deployed how can I call ...

70. VB.Net : How to have properties file like java properties file in

I think that we can specify or import our properties that we wish to use in the project in the .vbproj file of our project. Is that true ? And.. if so, how ...

71. Properties files not found running java through Ant

the structure of the example project is:

|-- ./build
|   `-- ./build/TestAntLoadFile.class
|-- ./build.xml
|-- ./dist
|   |-- ./dist/icpFinder.jar
|   `-- ./dist/
|-- ./
`-- ./src
    `-- ./src/
and the ...

72. javax.usb.UsbException: Properties file not found

I used the following code to get the manufacturerCode of the usb device attached to the system. I added the jsr80-1.0.1 jar. And I got the following error javax.usb.UsbException:


73. Can i Call methods From Properties File in Java

I am reading an Excel file using java, I have written some methods for my business logic and i want to implement using properties File. What i want to Do is : I ...

74. How to add properties file into Java project?

I am using .properties file for my project and Netbeans 6.9.1 IDE. How can I add my properties file into the code?

  String prop="c:\\";
    Properties Config= new ...

75. Static initialization of properties files fails with ant build

I have a small java project which I execute using TestNG + Eclipse, and it works well. I have externalized test data using properties file and I initialize it in one static ...

76. Null Pointer Exception for read properties file in Idea

after define a property file in idea 10.5 when i try to use it,compiler show me Null Pointer Exception!I try anything that i think fix it among change property file path,... here ...

77. How to update a property file?

i am using the classLoader method to load a property file. Using this, I am able to retrieve the values of properties but now I want to update the values of ...

78. Dynamically populate String's from a Properties file in Java

Does anyone know of a method to load a properties file, and dynamically create Strings with identical names to the key value? I'm trying to clean up my code by moving all ...

79. How to Specify Path for Properties file

I am using Config. properties file for passing parameters to my methods Now i am loading file from Properties Config= new Properties(); Config.load(new FileInputStream("C:\\Config. properties ")); As i don't want ...

80. Software for managing java lang .properties files for translation

Is there a goot software for managing java .properties language files, I have tried Pootle but there u must convert to po files and back is there any other alternative? I neead ...

81. Tool for managing and refactoring java .properties files

Is there any tool for managing java .properties files that is able to:

  • rename keys in .properties files along with their usage in .java and .jspx files (something like Eclipse's refactoring)
  • find keys ...

82. Spanish character óé display error in Java properties

When I process a properties file with the Spanish characters ó and é, characters are displayed as ?. I tried different ways to fix this, but still fail:

  • I tried to use ...

83. Setting a directory path in a properties file

Is there a way to set a property in my properties file based on another property eg:

sub=root + \\sub

84. Reading Properties file in Java

I have the following code trying to read a properties file:

Properties prop = new Properties();
ClassLoader loader = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();           
InputStream stream = ...

85. JWS and properties file

hi Manish i played w/ it more and i find following, the problem is we can use property tag of the jaws only if we have signed the jar files. the reason being, property tag in JNLP is just a declaration that we want to make some "key" , "value" visible via System.getProperty() or System.getProperties(). Now, jaws will go to actually ...

86. jnlp and property files

I am looking into running our webstart client without having to sign the jars. My main problem is that i get an access denied error when i try to read a system property that i have defined in my jnlp file, despite the fact that it says here that an unsigned webstart client has: Limited access to system properties. The ...

87. Properties files in JNLP

I looked in the documentation. For the element it says "Specifies a JAR file that is part of the application's classpath". So, that answers the first part of your question, I think. For the second question: is there any other way to do what? What problem were you trying to solve with that idea?

88. read a properties file

import java.util.*; import*; .. class takeProperty { takeProperty(){ this.initExample(); } initExample{ try{ Properties Prop = new Properties(); Prop.load(new FileInputStream("c:\\dir1\\"); String PathImage =Prop.getProperty("ImagePath"); String PathJsp = Prop.getProperty("JspPath"); }catch(IOException ioe){ ioe.printStackTrace(); } public static void main(){ new takeProperty(); } } ... ... # that's contents of fie ImagePath= JspPath= # # ...use the above code like a model ciao! ------------------ ...

89. Properties file

90. Is it that use of property files hampers the prformance

HI all I am planning to use property files in my application, to store the configurable values. And access the same in servlets with use of ResourceBundle API in servlets. Does this hamper my application's performance? I have the other option of having a class that stores the values. I want to know the mechanism that is used in ResourceBundle. Does ...

91. Adding Properties through a Property file

I am using the following class from my main function in following way PropertyLoader.Instance().loadProperties("Properties.txt"); PropertyLoader.Instance().addProperty("HELLO","DOCTOR"); but my Properties.txt file is not getting updated with the new entries What changes do I have to make in it to make it the way i desired public class PropertyLoader extends java.util.Properties { private static PropertyLoader instance; private PropertyLoader(){} public static PropertyLoader Instance(){ if(instance==null) { ...

93. edditing properties for files

94. Store() Unicode in Properties file

I am using the stor() method of Properties class, which takes and Output stream as argument. How can I set the encoding of the stream so that the Unicode text is written properly. You can't if you use the Properties store() method. This method specifies its own format, which uses special escape sequeces for many chars, as described in the API. ...

95. File properties

96. Encrypting properties File Parameter and updating !!!

Dear All, I m working on a problem where I am storing my DB name , User , PWD etc. are stored in a properties file. My Java application reads the properties file and connects to DB. This is how the entries in Props file SID=ora82 DB_PORT=1521 USER_NAME=TEST PWD=TEST Now I want to encrypt the values of parameters and update my ...

97. Properties file v/s Constants in Java

Consider the scenario that you have some strings in your application. Whose value may change some time in future. What would be the best possible solution for this? Using properties file and loading them through resource bundle or Using a java class which contains public static final strings for the changing values. Which one is better and why? Thanks

99. Reading a properties file using BufferdInputStream

As the subject says : Reading a properties file using BufferdInputStream. I am assuming that you are trying to read a properties file.In that case you case create a FileInputStream and then using the load method of Properties object you can load it. FileInputStream fin = .. Properties p = new Properties(); p.load(fin);