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1. How to read from a .properties file...?

2. how to use .properties file

3. reading property files

4. include properties from one file to another

5. specifying a path to loada properties file

6. .properties file not found

None of the code here seems anything to do with loading properties files. If you're in an applet they you won't have permission to set the security manager. Otherwise the sandbox protecting us from unsigned applets would be totally useless. In general properties files in Applets are no problem if you treat them as Resources, use Class or ClassLoader getResourceAsStream(). That ...

7. Reading a properties file with sections

8. config file and properties file same thing?

9. Can I dereference another java property in a file?

Hi, I apprecite your help on this... I'd like to configure an application properties file such that the following is possible: property1 = path1 property2 = ${property1}/path2 Do I have to dereference this myself by custom coding after reading in the properties, or is there a simpler & elegant way for this? Thanks.....

10. Accessing .properties file from java code

11. File Custom Properties

Hi, My app writes a project file out to the file system(e.g. desktop). One of the important attributes of the project file is a string representing a colour. I want this string to be displayed in the tool tip when the user roles over the file on the desktop. I believe I need to set a custom property on the file ...

13. .properties file

14. ResourceBundles properties files

I'm reading about internationalization with properties file backed resource bundles ( on the java web site ). It appears that resource bundles and properties files were meant for i18n. Does this mean that when people use properties files to parameterize their applications, as is very common, that its a bit of a misuse of the resource bundle?

15. why do we need to recompile our project when its property files are change?

And, as already mentioned, if that is the only one you change, then the next time you recompile your project those changes will be lost. Go into the project properties in Eclipse and reactivate the automatic compilation. Then you need only change the "source" version of the properties file, and Eclipse will update the one in the compiled area automatically, which ...

16. Uploading file path in properties file

I am using the below code to upload file and works fine. I am saivng the files at C:/upload/images which is declared in the above code. How can I put this path(C:/upload/images ) in the properties file, so that any change in destionation can be changed directly in propertied file ony. Any suggestions String saveFile = ""; String contentType = request.getContentType(); ...

17. Where do we put a properties file?

Hi, (Hope this is the right forum for this question) I am writing a web application and deploying onto a jboss server. The application needs to use a properties file. Where should I put the file? I tried putting it in the WEB-INF/classes directory and then in the lib/ directory, but it wont work. Throws a FileNotFoundException. Thanks! Neha

18. Passing file name from a properties file

Dear all, I was wondering if someone could help me with this. 1)I would want to create a file name based on the parameter supplied in the properties file. how do I go about it ? I thought I would have to probably read the entire properties file in the current java file which creates this name. Is there a better ...

19. Multiple use of properties file

Is there a way to use a properties file for multiple languages? ie. en_EN points to the en_EN properties file I want en_US to also point to that, is this possible? (it now points to default language if not present) And anyone got a good tutorial / overview of the possibilities of properties file? have not been able to find a ...

20. an alternative to properties files?

Hello! I want to store and retrieve in/from a file some parameters. The problem is that I have multiple values for the same key for example key name=db values for this key: db1,db2,db3 More, at some point I need some kind of association of the following type [key1,key2] -> value1 [key1,key3] -> value 2 ..... etc Is some way to model ...

21. Setting file properties when creating a file

Well the file meta data (like title/comments etc) on XP is saved into alternate data streams (ADS) with support from the underlying file systems NTFS. Well you could write to these ADS from Java, but you would be able to read the data programatically. This data would not easily be put into the predefined categories like title/comments

22. Which to use Properties file or java file with constants

Hi all, I have a small problem which I could not get anything on Google. I have some attributes which are used in a java program, now these constants can vary depending on certain rare conditions and maybe not at all. So the thing is should I add these as constants in a java file or make a key value pair ...

23. properties file

24. No properties file:

Basically I am a new guy getting familiar with Jboss. This is the exception I have received on my JBoss-4.0.5. No properties file: or defaults: found I am trying to implement JAAS security with my application on Jboss. I have written a class which extends from HttpServlet and implements LoginModule. My aim is to build a small login/password ...

25. reading properties file problem

hi, i am running my program through the Properties file i read the file then i created the batch file here the problem is when i change the path in properties file it's not able to read the file what i given. it's only taking the old path. String destination = null; Properties pros = new Properties(); InputStream is = null; ...

26. Manipulating a properties file

So I am trying to add a couple of lines to a properties file. I need to search for a string and then after that string, on the next line, I need to put a new line in. FOr example, lets say I have the following: What I need to do is ...

27. Reading path from properties file & open the file in jave

just create a file called in the same directory as the class and added values to the property file for example test = properties file content retrieved test2 = more content retrieved the code works by getting the resource (in this case the file ) as an Inputstream and then create the Properties object by loading this InputStream. All ...

28. The best way to read properties file

30. How to read properties of file?

Is there any code snippet that can drive me through or start with??? I have very little idea about JNI and native APIs How about COM ???.. However, I should be able to read the files and get info from both windows or unix... i.e the files storage shall be mounted on UNIX server from which I need to read.. Any ...

31. Using Properties File.Please help.

32. Saving properties to file with French

ISO 8859-1 character encoding is used to store properties, but only ASCII charset is used for writing key-value pairs (actually, ISO 8859-1 is only used/relevant for comments.) Documentation describes the escapes sequences that are used for key/value pairs: [...] Then every entry in this Properties table is written out, one per line. For each entry the key string is written, then ...

33. Java property files issue

Hi I have a property files where in i set JDBC connection , this works in USA but not in germany, the property file is as below date format=iso time format=hms behavior override=1 translate binary=true In germany there is problem with blank space between property name date format. i thought there was a java tool to convert property files for language, ...

34. Regarding Properties File

Dear Friends, In my Project previously we are getting labels in to JSP from DB through Beans. now we are in process of decreasing the Dependency on the DB, and we are using "Properties" files for that. previously its taking 2-3 seconds to load all the labels from DB. now it taking 45-50 secoinds to read all 288 labels in properties ...

35. Properties file unload

36. Good design for property files?

Hi Id like to put the property file for my application in the users home folde, and on any *nix OS (Linux, Unix, OS X,..) thats a good solution if i simply make a .xxx directory (a directory starting with a '.'), and then the user cant see the directory by default, and then place all my configuration there under. But ...

37. Property files

Folks, I have used .properties files in my project for i18N. There are some questions that lingers me regarding these proeprties file. 1. Are .properties file not a part of source code 2. When we make a change to .properties file how the change will be reflected. 3. who loads these properties file.

38. when to use properties file

39. How to pass a parameter to a string in properties file

Hi, I have a properties file (text file) which has a list of some error messages which are displayed to the user. Here are the three sample strings I have in the properties file: error.invalid=Some of the values entered are invalid. field.invalid={0} is invalid. Now, if a user enters an invalid User-name, then back in the action class I have ...

40. Sections in properties file

41. How to write Properties file for my project

Hello Friends.. now a doing one project ... i want to run the project in one system(server) (contains webserrver tomcat and java) and i want to access that project in other system in my network(client)(which dont have webserver tomcat and java). how can i do that.. i tried that but not working .in client i used this url (http://server ip address/Folder_Name/index.html) ...

42. property files

43. Property files

you're missing the fact that Properties ( which are based on HashTables ) are not sorted. there's no way to guarantee the order in which the entries are pulled out. you obtain the entries by asking for them by name. there's no need for them to be in any order, if you think about it

44. locate properties file

I have a build developed on window.Now this build need to be deployed on linux in jar format.working as user wasadmin In this jar I am loading file from /home/wasadmin/jar/ b.jar is also in same folder I am trying two options 1)in = new FileInputStream( new File(propertiesFilePath+propertiesFile)); // Unable to locate resource where is linux server name ...

45. Accessing properties file information

47. Reading property files

Check the docs for System.getProperties. Maybe one of the properties it lists is the directory that the executable is in. But I'd advise doing it a different way. Use the preferences framework, or check for the properties in the user's home directory or something. It gets kind of hairy to put config files in with executables.

48. Trouble with properties file (setMnemonic())

49. write in properties file

Properties is based on Hashtable which has no concept of the order of keys. The order is based on the hashing algorithm used. If you need the order maintained, you can't use Properties. You could write your own based on LinkedHashMap which does maintain an order. However, if you want to know how many keys were added why not compare the ...

50. Constants or properties file - best practice question

Hi, My application has a number of values that will be used in different classes throughout my project. For example, I perform a check against the max allowed length of an ID in numerous places in my code. Therefore, it makes sense to set this value in a central location, and refer to it as a variable where it is required ...

51. Can't store data in Properties file

52. Overload system properties using file and -D option

Hi, We use a configuration file to load properties values. We would like to override values using -D option set on the command line. But actually the value from the file is taken into account, not the value set on the command line. How to do that ? Which method to use ? Thanks Regards