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1. Loading .properties files in JRun4    stackoverflow.com

I'm using the echo2 web framework in my application. But trying to start it in JRun4 returns the following exception:

26/02 17:12:21 user Remote: init
26/02 17:12:22 error
    at nextapp.echo2.app.util.PropertiesDiscovery.loadProperties(PropertiesDiscovery.java:67)

2. AccessControlException: access denied - caller function failed to load properties file    stackoverflow.com

I am having a jar archive environment which is gonna call my class in a folder like this:

java -jar "emarket.jar" ../tournament 100
My compiled class is deployed into the ../tournament folder, this ...

3. problem loading .properties file in java    stackoverflow.com

I am having problem while loading .properties file. The following works:

private static Properties props = new Properties();
But this;
private static Properties props = new Properties();
gives the following ...

4. Java Properties File not loading    stackoverflow.com

I need a configuration file in my program to store some information, I saw some examples of properties files and was trying to use them but whenever I try this second ...

5. How do I load a .properties file from a client using Adobe Flex?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to load a .properties file from a client computer using adobe flex? I have a flex app that needs to access a server and multiple URLs but ...

6. How to specify a path in a properties file to be loaded with Java Properties    stackoverflow.com

I have a .properties file I want to load in a Java Properties object. The file contains some paths. In order to be able to load the properties file without getting a ...

7. How do I load a properties file with JUnit / Ant?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Ant 1.8, JUnit 4.8.2. I'm trying to load a properties file and having some problems. The properties file is at the root of my source directory and ...

8. issue loading properties file    stackoverflow.com

I am having issue with loading

test.xml and test.properties 
inside the same folder conf. I have a myProject.jar inside dist folder and test.xml and test.properties inside conf folder. To load xml, I am ...

9. unable to validate directory loaded from property file    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to load a directory from a properties file. I have the following defined in the property file:

image.src.dir = "C:\\Temp\\foo\\"
Yes, the directory name is like that ... with ...

10. Not able to load properties file in Java    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to load a properties file. The properites file is in the class path of the application.

 Properties p = new Properties();
 p.load(new FileInputStream("classpath:mail.properties"));
Now I say classpath, because ...

11. java load properties file path unicode    stackoverflow.com

See following code, in the main method:

String PROP = args[0];
I am running the program in Eclipse. When running the program, I added
into the program arguments. Here is the result:
Why it is false? ...

12. Not able to load properties file kept outside the code    stackoverflow.com

import static com.qcom.ems.search.crawler.constants.CrawlerConstants.CONFIG_DIR;
import static com.qcom.ems.search.crawler.constants.CrawlerConstants.CRAWLER4J_PROP;

import java.util.Properties;

public final class Configurations {

    private static Properties prop = new Properties();

    public static String getStringProperty(String key, String defaultValue) {

13. Load a property file in Java    stackoverflow.com

Whenever I try to load a properties file by below method. I get an error on getClass() as-

Cannot make a static reference to the non-static method getClass() from the ...

14. Loading a property file by reading line by line from another file    stackoverflow.com

I am reading a file called abc.txt and each line of abc.txt is an properties file. For eg:-

So after reading each line I am getting properties file in String line, and ...

15. having problem loading a property file    bytes.com

properties = new File(File.separator + "home" + File.separator + "dedhia" + File.separator + "OutlierReportGenerator" + File.separator + "classes" + File.separator + propertyFile);

16. properties file fails to load    coderanch.com

I am trying to run my swing app which connects to an oracle database. It gets the database values (sid, port, etc) from a .properties file. I instantiate a new properties object and then try to load the .properties file from the jar as follows. Properties p = new Properties(); try { p.load(getClass().getResourceAsStream("properties/database.properties")); } catch (IOException ex3) { System.out.println("IO Error"); } ...

17. Loading properties file    coderanch.com

19. Loading Specific Section of a Properties File    coderanch.com

Hi, How to load specific section of a properties file using java.util.Properties? Suppose, I have a properties file as follows (for example): myproperties.properties: ----------------------- First=1 Second=2 Third=3 Sum=+ Sub=- Mul=* Now my requirement is i have to construct a HashMap which consists of {Sum,+},{Sub,-},{Mul,*}. Following are some constraints which i have: 1. Keys and Values has to be picked up from ...

20. Loading a properties file from the bean    coderanch.com

I have to load a properties file from a bean.This bean is called from the jsp page. The properties file is in the same folder as the jsp page.But how do I get the correct path in the bean to load the property file. If I call the System.getProperty("user.dir"), it gives me the path to the folder before the jsp page.(Not ...

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22. loading properties file    coderanch.com

23. loading a properties file    coderanch.com

I have a properties file in the same folder as my java class. I have tried the following code to load it, but it fails. I get an uncaught NullPointer Exception. main.java -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Properties properties = new Properties(); InputStream stream = null; try { stream = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/test.properties"); properties.load(stream); } catch (IOException e) { } and my test.properties file is as follows ...

24. cannot load property file from WAR    coderanch.com

What we do in our projects is store the default properties in the war or jar-file and then have the modified properties-file written to either the user directory (defined by the user property 'user.dir') or another suitable directory. If the user directory or properties store contains a properties file, we use that, otherwise we use the default properties file.

25. Unable to load a .properties file    coderanch.com

Unfortunately this isn't working for me. I'm now getting a NullPointerException instead of the FileNotFoundException as before, so it now seems to at least be finding the .properties file OK. I have added the directory where the properties file is living (c:\jboss\jboss-4.0.1\server\ilxupgrade\deploy\500ilxupgrade.sar) to the JBOSS_CLASSPATH used in the JBoss run.sh, as well as to the CLASSPATH environment variable for good measure. ...

26. Loading Properties file    coderanch.com

I have some values in my property files for example file_path = "file location" I need to load these properties file and store them in java beans so that i can use them through out the porgram. My concern is I need to make these values final as they are no gonna be changed. how to achieve this ? Is this ...

28. how to load properties file    coderanch.com

29. unable to load property file at runtime    coderanch.com

Hi , i am a java beginner. My Jar file , has the following structure: MyJar | sysProp.propertise | MyFolder | MySubFolder | main.class ------------------------------------ In my main class, i am trying to load property file like this : main.class.getResource("sysProp.propertise"); This is not working. Please tell me what code is needed to load the property file. Please help.

30. loading properties file    coderanch.com

why don't you try fileinputstream instead of URL and if you are using URL , which class you are using, Below code also works, you can use that also where i have used FileInputStream class try { URL url = new URL("D://a.txt"); ResourceBundle b = new PropertyResourceBundle(url.openStream()); System.out.println(b.getString("34545_NameExit")); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } ...

31. Load Data from Properties File    coderanch.com

Hello, I would like to implement own config file for my Program (I mean configs loaded from properties file at program startup, also user will have possibility to edit these settings, from program window or simply by editing properties file) Anyway, I made little test class, to see how does it really works. But I have a problem, I can load ...

32. Loading Properties file    coderanch.com

I write tow method for my class to obtain correct file path in FileInputStream class to loading Properties file: public String getClassName() { String thisClassName; //Build a string with executing class's name thisClassName = this.getClass().getName(); thisClassName = thisClassName.substring(thisClassName.lastIndexOf(".") + 1, thisClassName.length()); thisClassName += ".class"; //this is the name of the bytecode file that is executing return thisClassName; } public String getLocalDirName() ...

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34. how can load properties file for one time and use in entire application    forums.oracle.com

Hi folks, I dont want to read properties file every time , and want to get property value in any servelet or jsp page.(means i want to read only property file only for once and want to get value in any where ) , how to do this. Message was edited by: RajeshwarReddyT

35. Load Properties Files    forums.oracle.com

36. property file loading in inherited classes    forums.oracle.com

You're probably best to use the class that the properties file is most associated with, which looks like the MyLabel in this case not a big issue usually. But the resource path is relative to the folder with the .class file, which yours doesn't appear to be. If you use Class.getResource and the path is absolute start it with a "/" ...

37. Can't load .properties file with getResource("test.properties");    forums.oracle.com

Adding a folder (with the properties file) to the root of the fragment and adding that folder under the "Runtime" pane in the ClassPath section solved the problem. This makes no sense since it says: "Specify the libraries and folders that constitute the fragment runtime. If unspecified, the classes and resources are assumed to be at the root of the fragment." ...

38. JUnit test load .properties file when building with ant    forums.oracle.com

Hello, can anyone tell me how could I do unit tests with ant, so that unit test class files could load my .properties file. My app works great in eclipse, tests and all, but when I am doing ant build, then it fails on unit tests, because it can not locate .properties file. Myproject ---------+WEB-INF ------------------conf ----------------------+my.properties ------------------classes ------------------------+com.myproj.test.ConfTest.java ------------------------+com.myproj.Conf.Conf.java ------------------myfiles ...

39. Loading properties file within war    forums.oracle.com

I was trying to use a properties to read some configuration properties, when I run using Java code its working fine. But same thing if I deploy on WebLogic 10 server Its throwing FileNot found exception. Can some one suggest me where to put the properties fine in a WebLogic-WebServices based web application. Things I tried: 1. Put this properties in ...

40. How load properties file by using the relative path (not absolute path)?    forums.oracle.com

Relative File path: File f = new File( "../../foo/bar/myfile.text" ); Now, may I also suggest not to use platform-specific symbols in your path? See File.separator or System.getProperty("file.separator"). There are other ways to build a platform independent path, too, such as with the File(File,String) constructor. And if you really don't want to be bothered, at least consider that the / has worked ...

41. Load property/file dynamicaly from classpath without giving the path    forums.oracle.com

Hi Gurus, Please tell me the solution which is bothering me alot, I saw many threads on this but doesnt work the way I want. eg using xxxResourseAsStream(xx) etc I want to load a file, text or property file in my java program without giving a path so eg if i have a property file name 'myfile.properties' or 'myfile.txt' in a ...

43. loading a properties file    forums.oracle.com

Try stream = getClass().getResourceAsStream("test.properties"); (If test.properties is on the root of your project. Else also include the package path.) From what I understand Java checks from the root of the project and not from were the class is. Also, I think it will be different if you are running it from within a jar file or not. Cheers

44. property file loading    forums.oracle.com

How to avoid default file searching fof the english locale path while loading property file using ClassLoader file. like myproperty.properties, myproperty.en_properties, myproperty_en_US.properties. Any sugestions to avoid to search for English related files while loading German locale files. Currently while loading German property file through getResourceAsStream( String arg0 ) method, It is searching for the English property file along with German. How ...

45. Load multiple property files    forums.oracle.com

46. properties file load    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I want to access a properties file,which has been kept under C:\Maximo\applications\maximo\properties and I've set my classpath as C:\Maximo\applications\maximo. Now when I want to access the properties file from a java class(residing in C:\Maximo\applications\maximo\businessobjects\classes\psdi\tcs\custom\workorder), it fails in executing the code (prop.load(maxProperty);). I used the code mentioned below: Class clazz = getClass(); InputStream maxProperty = clazz.getResourceAsStream("/properties/MaxProperty.properties"); prop.load(maxProperty); Can anyone please help..???? ...

47. Loading Properties File    forums.oracle.com

48. loading arabic properties file    forums.oracle.com

hi i have a property file such that the key is in english and the value is in arabic. When i load this file and get the value of any key and load it on UI tools .. the value is not encoded correctly and the characters are meaningless .. does anybody know how to fix this? thanks in advance

49. Problem loading Properties file    forums.oracle.com

50. load the path for properties files    forums.oracle.com

Hi; My application uses of the properties files which are stored in a repertory /properties at the same level that JAR. I search an good means to configure the path of the files properties: for example: a environment variable or another mean? My application will read from this env variable (or another means) the path where are stored the files to ...