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1. How to set up java logging using a properties file? (java.util.logging)    stackoverflow.com

I'm having a stupid java logging problem: I'm loading the logging configuration from my app configuration file - but it just doesn't log anything after reading the file (which looks pretty ...

2. Is it possible to set up two FileHandlers in the same logging.properties file?    stackoverflow.com

Using the logging classes in java.util.logging, is it possible to set up two different FileHandlers with different formatters that will write different logging information to two different files? I'm currently using a ...

3. how to configure my own formatter in java logging property file    stackoverflow.com

For my java project, i am using the java logging api. I want to log everything using a property file. Before using this file (log.properties), I configured my onwn formatter in ...

4. How to make logging.properties and commons-logging.properties property files working?    stackoverflow.com

I have two property files in my default package (I'm using NetBeans): commons-logging.properties with property:

and logging.properties with:

I'm getting INFO level messages in output. What i'm doing wrong? I also haven't found ...

5. Level configuration Java Logging API by properties file    stackoverflow.com

i have trouble using the java logging api. My error seems to be pretty basic but i can't find it. I use the following configuration file :

handlers= java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler

java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.level = ALL

.level= FINEST
com = ...

6. Logging System properties into a file.    forums.oracle.com

Hey, I'm creating an extended Formatter:a logFormatter. And it creates a webpage. Now I want to use the same formatter for log messages AND for formatting system properties log messages for example System.getProperty("os.name")); If you know a better way to print these system properties please let me know. The problem I have a fixed output like this which print the rownr, ...

7. use environment variables in logging.properties file    forums.oracle.com

I'm sorry, but don't you think your answer is useless? Maybe I haven't made my question clear enough. I need to know if java.util.logging recognizes environment variables in logging.properties files. If it does not, then there should be a well-known class to use instead of standard loader for logging.properties (java api mention one briefly).

8. Java Logging Using My Own Logging.Properties File?    forums.oracle.com

I read a tutorial, but still confused about the following: 1) In the java logging.properties file comments he said # You can use a different file by specifying a filename # with the java.util.logging.config.file system property. # For example java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=myfile if I implemented this command, it will be applied on all applications that are running on the same system. What ...