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1. How do I get symbol files for Java.exe/jvm.dll to analyse crash core dump files?    stackoverflow.com

I have a Java application running on a Websphere application server. When I analyse the system crash core dump file, I get some info like this:

ERROR: Symbol file could not be ...

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I am using Jacob jar file in my java application. This Jacob jar file comes with a .dll file. I have added Jacob jar file to my classpath. But when ...

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I have an external tool that is a tomcat webservice (distributed as a .war) that I would like to use from .net. I have a fairly complex environment and I ...

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I am calling C++ method using DLL file in my Java project. Right now, I have hard coded the path. The application will be deployed on many machines and it also ...

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I just completed working on a client's tool, which uses Jfreechart jar, and dll and a lib file for JNI interface. Now I would like to export/ provide a executable file ...

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I am setting up an install4j script, one of the things I need it to do is to include several .dll files in the installation tree. The files are in ...

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yep.. that is my nick. After I posted question here, and no one responding so I went java forum asking the same question. I just went over there and it seems ...

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10. problem in loading .dll file using web start?    coderanch.com

i am having jar file and it has meta-inf inside that manifest file it has main class and application class...when i open the jar file my application run properly.that is jar file first run main class which is used for setting class path and loading ".dll" file into memory after that running application class .. but what my problem is when ...

11. DLL 's managing    coderanch.com

Hi, The only way to call functions in a random DLL from Java is via native code -- i.e., you write a special DLL in C/C++ which Java can call; your code in this special DLL can then call the random DLL. I don't know what you mean by "managing the file"; can you explain?

12. Exception on connecting to Serial Com Port(Can't load the win32com.dll file)    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am trying to connect to serial port com4 but it gives me exception that It cannot load the win32com.dll Exception :- Error loading win32com: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Windows\System32\win32com.dll: Can't load this .dll (machine code=0x0) on a IA 32-bit platform I am running a enumerator to get all the ports and trying to connect to port COM4 but enumerator is returned ...

13. about use of dll files in java    coderanch.com

Dear Friends. I have a dll which was developed in Visual Basic. If we use that in the VB code we can carry out certain methods. My concern is: I want to use this dll in my java method. what all the methods that can be used in the VB should also be used in java method. I know that this ...

14. Calling .dll files methods in Java Code    coderanch.com

Hi , I have a 3rd Party dll file containing Encryption methods. I need to call those methods in my java code. According to JNI , i have to compile the Java Code into a .h file and then include and call its methods in a C++ code. then compile this code into a dll. Since the dll which i have ...

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Hi, I'm not really sure at all how to do something like this. I thought I found this library but I was hoping someone else knew a way. I'm trying to call a .dll file for this java application its a basic library i made. I just want to do a basic test to prove i can call the .dll file ...

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26. java file to dll    forums.oracle.com

Basically, you shouldn't need to create a dll. Perhaps you are thinking of a jar libary which is the equivelent in Java. I use maven but you can use ant and some IDEs have tools to create jars. Otherwise you can just 'jar' up the directory with the classes and you have a jar file.

27. Reading dll files    forums.oracle.com

You can, of course, read any kind of file content in Java, in a case like this you'd probably map the file onto a ByteBuffer. But, equally of course, if you want the file formats for .dll and .exe files you aren't going to find them amongst Java documentation or forums. Search the MicroSoft site.

28. How to use DLL files in java?    forums.oracle.com

hi! i am working on hardware based java programming. the drivers which i have are in dll format. the manufacturers dont have a java based driver api's for the hardware. i want to invoke the dll file using a bridge between windows invironment and jvm invironment. more over i am not preferring to use native interface interface and c program to ...

29. How can I using functions implicit in dll file in java code ?    forums.oracle.com

How can I using functions implicit in dll file in java code ? I'm developing a program that interfacing with fingerprint hardware. I have the finger print already, and I have to the SDK that have all functions for managing this fingerprint. These SDK functions are represented in dll files. I want to know how can I use these functions in ...

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I have a problem that I have been researching for a while and still can not find a good answer. What I am working on is a J2SE desktop application. Once the application is finish I'd like to have a single self contained JAR file for deployment. The problem is I have a DLL file which the application is dependent on. ...

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In Eclipse: 1- To include jacob.jar for compile / run: Choose the Java perspective, then in the Package Explorer right-click on the project and choose Properties. Select Java Build Path from the left pane then the Librairies pane from the right. Click on Add External Jars button and select the jacob.jar file then click Open then Ok. 2- To make jacob.dll ...

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