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Hi, I have an exe called CutyCapt.exe, which will take a screenshot of given webpage URL.. Ex: CutyCapt --url=http://google.com --out=webpage.png I have executed the above command from command prompt. which has created the .png file as a output. My query is, can i access this .exe file from java, if yes, how? And also can i execute this .exe from Linux ...

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Do you correctly escape any characters which should be escaped? Are you using "\" instead of "/"? "\" must be escaped as " " Have you System.out.println()ed the String to see if the String used in the program is the String you are supposing it uses? Have you tried with another native application, to see if it is a problem of ...

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In r.exec(s); it will try to execute the exe file located in s (as in param) path. Try to print the p.waitFor() which will return the exit code of a process. after executing r.exec(s); If the process is success then you have to check the Process.getInputStream() which has the success logs or Process.getErrorStream() for error logs. Thanks,

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Hi Swati, If I use c++ exe file, I am not getting output. That exe file will take 2 arguments and returns int value. I am using the below code. Process process; String line; try{ process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("myexe arg1 arg2"); InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader(process.getInputStream()); BufferedReader objReader = new BufferedReader(reader); line = input.readLine() ; if(line != null) System.out.println ( line ) ...

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public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, InterruptedException { int exitVal ; String arg[]={"C:\\Dev-Cpp MFRP.exe","HelloFile"}; Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime(); Process process = runtime.exec(arg); process.waitFor(); exitVal =process.exitValue(); System.out.println("EXE has been executed and the Exit Value is :"+exitVal); } } I have also copy pasted a simple version of the c program that accepts the I/P parameters and creates a text file . ...

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If only this had been asked before... If only there were something called a search engine that would find these previous threads... Please learn to search the forum and to use Google as this has been asked ad nauseum. The likeliest and best answer you will find is to learn to create Jar files. Google on that too. And learn to ...

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Dear sir/madam I have developed a project and it is working properly, if i give this project to customer then he will have to compile and run on DOS. what should i do that my costomer click on a file placed on desktop and it start working.So please tell me that how can we create an exe file of this project. ...

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by "stup file". And I am not sure how something that is using Tomcat qualifies as "core" java. Do you actually have a stand-alone Java application or is this a web application of some sort. What problem are you looking to solve by running as an exe? Perhaps (likely) there is a better way ...

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Hello all I am making a multi-threaded console application. It also takes command line parameters from user. I want to create .exe files out of .java files. Note:- One class contains main method (in default package) and all other classes are in some specific package I want to create an exe for the whole application. The solutions which i get on ...

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To the expert in this forum: Here is a brief definition of distributed storage: Distributed Storage: Distributed storage is a technique of storing a single data set across multiple hosts. For example, if the information is distributed around a ring of computers and each computer is identical, in order to ensure fault tolerance (in case a particular node breaks down) each ...

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Too run external program and pass string arguments see class java doc of java.lang.Runtime method exec . You see online or download or rename src.jar to s.zip EXTRACT and see exec public Process exec(String[] cmdarray, String[] envp) throws IOException Executes the specified command and arguments in a separate process with the specified environment. This is a convenience method. An invocation of ...

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sorry. how to pass the multiple files as arguments of same exe?. i know how to run the exe file and also pass the file name as a argument. example: Runtime run = Runtime.getRuntime(); Process profile; String filename="demo.txt"; String exename="C: Program Files\\Accessories WORDPAD.exe"; profile = run.exec(exename+" "+filename); now i want to pass multiple files as a argument. do u understand?

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hey guys , am developing a java based application where my task is to embedd an .exe files say, netbeans IDE or ecllipse .. in a JFrame now is there any way to embedd an .exe file into a Frame..or any type of container... if not possible in java is it really possilble in other languages.... if so please tell me ...

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Hello, I would like to know if its possible to bundle a JVM into an exe file. Therere a lot of programs out there that can create exe java launchers, but they still need a JVM, you can bundle one in the application directory; but thats not what I want. I want an exe launcher that has the JVM inside it, ...

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I am using JBuilder 2006 and before creating the native executable, I created a .jar application, and when double clicking on the .jar file, it ran. But now I am no longer creating the application, I am creating a native executable, which creates .jar, .exe, W.exe, -linux, -solaris, and -mac files. However the .jar file does not run anymore, nor does ...

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Well yes, but that gives me the same result if I go to notepad and drag the EXE there... I get mixed code that says nothing :\ Kind of. Except you have know idea what bits to get. With the file format, you need to know where the bits of data you need are structured. Usually, the file will contain some ...

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hello world, i have created a desktop application in Java Swing... but everytime i need to compile and run the application to see how my program is doing... i want to know what should i do so that by double clicking on the icon on the desktop i will be able to rum the program directly without compiling again and again ...

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java cannot be build into pure windows .exe file. but if you want to try it there's many developer build this tool. i'm using JBuilder feature to make .exe file. But you still need JVM installed to run .exe file and i don't think that it's a good idea to make your java file become .exe. Use executable jar.

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Hai guys, I have a simple problem about converting .jar file to .exe file, the thing is I am not familiar in C or C# (Infact I dont know any code in C or C#)so need some thing full detailed guide ness about the process, If there is any convertible softwares available please tell me I have tried with JSmoother but ...

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in languages like c we can create .exe's of files.but in java we cant do that. i wanted to implement a software which i compiled in c using java.in c i created an .exe of the file and distributed it but in java i dont find any such method of creating exe as i would like to distribute the software.please help ...

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public void run() { try { message = "Enter a command:"; output.writeObject( message ); output.flush(); do { command = ( String ) input.readObject(); String osName = System.getProperty( "os.name" ); String[] cmd = new String[3]; if( osName.equals( "Windows 2000" )) { cmd[0] = "cmd.exe"; cmd[1] = "/c"; cmd[2] = command; } else if( osName.equals( "Windows NT" ) ) { cmd[0] = "cmd.exe" ...

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public void run() { try { message = "Enter a command:"; output.writeObject( message ); output.flush(); do { command = ( String ) input.readObject(); String osName = System.getProperty( "os.name" ); String[] cmd = new String[3]; if( osName.equals( "Windows 2000" )) { cmd[0] = "cmd.exe"; cmd[1] = "/c"; cmd[2] = command; } else if( osName.equals( "Windows NT" ) ) { cmd[0] = "cmd.exe" ...

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