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1. Locking a file while copying using Commons IO

I am using the Apache Commons IO:

     FileUtils.copyFileToDirectory(srcFile, destDir)
How do I make Windows lock the destination file during copy? Windows locks the file correctly if I use:

2. How to copy a file from Linux System to Windows system using Java program?

How to copy a file from Linux System to Windows system using Java program? Thanks for your help. I want to copy file from linux : /inet/apps/ to windows System1: C:\apps\test We can ...

3. java program to copy files from/to mobile device

Is there a java api that can be used to write a program on a desktop computer, a program to connect to a Windows Mobile 6 device and copy a file ...

4. How to copy a large file in Windows XP?

I have a large file in windows XP - its 38GB. (a VM image) I cannot seem to copy it. Dragging on the desktop - gives error of "Insufficient system resources exist to ...

5. Need to copy a file using wget in windows

class demo
public static void main(String str[]) throws Exception
     Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("wget -P C:\vignesh\Docx\docx_final\Html2Docx\src http://anbu/upload/ExportHtml.html");
Hi all, I want to copy a file ...

6. Problem with copy files using cmd in Java

I'm trying to copy a bunch of files with a specific extension from one folder to another using the copy command, heres wat im doing,

 String[] command = new String[3];

7. Ant: copying a directory from one windows system to another

How to copy a directory from a windows system to a remote windows system using ant there is one scp command and FTP command, please provide me an example to perform this ...

8. How to copy or move file from windows to linux directory using java program

Hi, I want to create a java program which will copy or move files from windows machine to linux machine directory. I tried by socket connection. Connection is successful but I ...

10. using windows command line to copy and paste. getting file not found error

i'm needing to copy and paste + rename a file from one dir to another. i tried doing it in strictly java code, i was successful, but when opening the file, it is corrupt. so i decided to switch my method to just pass a copy line to the windows command line. i have successfully ran the copy line in the ...

11. File copy does not work with exe files

I used BufferedReader and BufferedWriter to make copy of an exe file in local drive. Nothing was strange in this code. But I wonder the newly created exe file is denied "..exe is not a valid win32 application" by Windows. I could see the bytes are copied. Is that something like header of exe file is damaged etc ??

12. Copying an open file under Windows

Hello all Is it possible to copy an open file using Java? This seems to work fine for operating systems that don't have file locking (Mac OS X, Linux), but I can't get it to work under Windows. I have read about creating a Volume Shadow Copy using the Microsoft SDK. Is this the only way to achieve this? What is ...

13. Copy a file from linux to windows.

Hey, I'm writing a program that has to copy a file from a linux box to a windows server. The program runs on the linux box. I have tried to work with and Booth didn't work on the linux box. Someone has a working example or can push me in the right direction? Tx.