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1. Is there a way to generate the 8.3 or 'short' (Windows) version of a file name in Java?    stackoverflow.com

In our application, we are allowing users to open files and directories. Java 6 provides us with...

which works great. However, since we need to ensure Java 5 compatibility, we also implement a ...

2. Correct syntax for using Runtime.exec with "Program Files"    stackoverflow.com

I wish to use the method with the following signature:

exec(String command, String[] envp, File dir)
Suppose my program is called "myprog.exe" and it is located at "C:\Program Files\My Software". What is ...

3. Java runtime.exe() Error launching browser : error accessing current directory    stackoverflow.com

I have been trying to launch browser from a java app on Linux. When this app is run for the first time browser don't get opened. The error log shows : ...

4. Need help to find the filename    stackoverflow.com

I used the following code to run an exe I load through my code.

private static String filelocation = "";
  load_exe.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {


5. In windows, Runtime.exec does not find the file to execute.Is there a setting to disable exec ing of files without the ".exe" specified?    stackoverflow.com

In windows Runtime.exec does not find the file to execute. It says could not find the file specified. I am doing Runtime.exec("myprogram"). Its localted under PATH variable. Is there a setting in Windows which ...

6. Escape whitespace in filepath    stackoverflow.com

I am writing a small Java Application and I am having problems with a filepath. I want to execute a batch file with Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c start c:\program files\folder\file.bat"); But now Java cries because of ...

7. how to control (the input and output) EXE file after I call it using exec?    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I knew that I can use runtime.exec() to call one EXE file, and this works. But this EXE has two characteristics: 1. After this exe starts, it asks user to input number such as 1 or 2 onto computer screen, then press return. Then the exe will start the calculation. 2. after it starts calculation, it prints 3 columns of ...

8. exec() command not working for the exe file compiled in turboc.    forums.oracle.com

Runtime run=Runtime.getRuntime(); Process pro=run.exec("D:\\javpro test.exe"); BufferedReader read=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(pro.getInputStream())); System.out.println(read.readLine()); This is my program. I am using windows XP operating system. i am trying to execute test.exe (executable file compiled in turboc compiler) through java progam. i use exec() command. It is working well when i execute the applications like notepad and takes file name as parameter and working well. But ...

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