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1. How do I include a DTD in an XML file that will be loaded using getResourceAsStream()?    stackoverflow.com

I have an xml file ('videofaq.xml') that defines a DTD using the following DOCTYPE

<!DOCTYPE video-faq SYSTEM "videofaq.dtd">
I am loading the file from the classpath (from a JAR actually) at Servlet initialization ...

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I am working on a system that should be able to read any (or at least, any well-formed) XML file, manipulate a few nodes and write them back into that same ...

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How can I validate an XML file against a DTD that is stored locally as a file? The XML file does not have any DOCTYPE declaration (or may have one that ...

4. Get DTD from an XML file    stackoverflow.com

How can I get in Java the DTD file name specified in an xml file? So, if I have:

<!DOCTYPE TEI SYSTEM "dtd-file.dtd"  [
<!ENTITY c24r SYSTEM "c2r.jpg" NDATA JPEG>
<!NOTATION JPEG SYSTEM "image/jpeg">

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I've created a program in java that starts as JNLP (Java WebStart). This program can connect to a webdav service at the server, the JNLP was started from. The first webdav request ...

6. Parsing an XML file with a DTD schema on a relative path    stackoverflow.com

I have the following java code:

DocumentBuilder db=DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance().newDocumentBuilder();
Document doc=db.parse(new File("/opt/myfile"));

And /opt/myfile contains something like:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE archive SYSTEM "../../schema/xml/schema.dtd">
I get the following error:
java.io.FileNotFoundException: /../schema/xml/schema.dtd (No such file or directory)
This is a large ...

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How can I use an external DTD file to validate my XML file against? The DTD will be located on some url e.g. http://localhost/example.dtd and the DTD is not referenced in ...

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We have an XML file, generated from LDAP. It does start with Docroot, but there is no DTD declaration. We tried generating DTD, but there are simply too many variants and ...

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How do I insert an internal dtd into an xml file using Java I have the following test code which reads in an XML file into a DOM Document, then writes it ...

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