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1. Remove an element from an xml File using jdom    stackoverflow.com

I have a 300 KB xml file with 70 elements in it. I need to be efficient upon removing one of the root's elements. What is the best approach?

  • Should I detach the element ...

2. save xml object so that elements are in sorted order in saved xml file    stackoverflow.com

I am saving a xml document object and it is saved in a xml file as shown below .

<author name="tom" book="Fun-II"/>
<author name="jack" book="Live-I"/>
<author name="pete" book="Code-I"/>
<author name="jack" book="Live-II"/>
<author name="pete" book="Code-II"/>
<author name="tom" book="Fun-I"/>
instead ...

3. Xalan redirect:write , use either of two element values to create name of new .xml file depending on null values    stackoverflow.com

So I have the following code:

<redirect:write select="concat('..\\folder\\,string(filename),'.xml')">
Where "filename" is a tag in the xml source. My problem occurs when filename is null or blank. And this is the case for several ...

4. Copying and Renaming an Element from one XML file to another XML file in Java    stackoverflow.com

I can copy a node from one XML file to another using "org.w3c.dom.Document.importNode(Node importedNode, boolean deep)"
However, I can't seem to rename the Element I am copying. I have something like:

<SomeCustomNode ...

5. How to change values of some elements and attributes in an XML file [Java]?    stackoverflow.com

I'm reading an XML file with a SAX-parser (this part can be changed it there's a good reason for it). When I find necessary properties I need to change their values ...

6. split xml file by elements    stackoverflow.com

This is similar question with few differences : Split XML file into multiple files based on a threshold value My root element is called stores, and elements to split are called store. ...

7. Error while adding elements from one xml file to new xml file    stackoverflow.com

HI, Now i'm going through a project regarding xml manipulation. I want to rewrite the data from one xml file to another. I've attatched my coding and error showing in console. As ...

8. Adding elements to a huge XML file    stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with Java and XML : I have to add some elements to a huge XML file, but when I read it that way, I have an OutOfMemory ...

9. comparing two xml files for specific elements -- in java    stackoverflow.com

I've tried avoiding asking this question for as long as possible... but I haven't found anything that will fit my needs perfectly, and it's about time I get this project done. So ...

10. How can I use jdom to check wether an element is present in a file or not    stackoverflow.com

I have an XML file like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
How can I check if the File contains Achild element or not..?

11. using SAX parser, how do you parse an xml file which has same name tags but in different elements?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to give path expressions in SAX parser? I have an XML file which has a few same name tags, but they are in different element. Is there any ...

12. XML file generator for a Java program with element removal    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for an easier way to generate and modify an XML file in Java. What I want to do is something like this:

<?xml version = "1"?>
 <name> Exchange_1 </name>
 <queue> Queue_1 ...

13. parsing through a child element in an xml file with complex structure, using Java DOM Parser    stackoverflow.com

I have to parse through XML Files with a complicated structure-- Given below is a brief summary of one portion of the structure-- "PA"----------- Top level Group element that comprises of ar, pars, ...

14. java how can I get all elements name from a xml file    stackoverflow.com

I'm new to xml. I'd like to get all the element name from a xml file with xml dom parser, for example the xml file is, (element's name is dynamic)


15. Trying to print out node values in XSLT using variable elements names    stackoverflow.com

So here's a problem that's been bugging me for the last few days. It should be fairly easy, but XSLT is just such a pain to debug. We're using Xalan 1.0 ...

16. How to display multiple elements in a new line from XML file using XQuery in Java?    stackoverflow.com

This is my XML file

    <book category="COOKING">
    <title lang="en">Everyday Italian</title>
    <author>Giada De Laurentiis</author>

17. Add an element around root element of given XML file that is stored in org.w3c.dom.Document    stackoverflow.com

So i am trying to do this. Add new root element and wrap old one in it. Given this as starting condition

// this part uses SAXParser
org.w3c.com.Document = xmlSrc.parse(is); // *is* is InputStream ...

18. Order of elements in the DD- web.xml file    coderanch.com

Deployment descriptor elements are in order. For version 2.3, order is Are you validating your descriptor file against dtd file? If you use any IDE and mentioned your listener element after servlet element, you will ...

19. Delete elements from XML file using DOM and java    coderanch.com

Hi Firstly,you need to parse your file intoan api that supports dom. There are a few out there, Xerces, DOM4J, JDOM, etc. Once you have your document in memory you can tree walk the structure checking which parts you want to delete and finally write the output (to stream, to file, etc). I have used DOM4J and Xerces. Xerces is true ...

20. Comparing two node elements of a XML file    coderanch.com

Hello All, Here's a sample XML - 123 abc xyz 999 uvw 000 123 abc xyz 123 uvw 000 In the above xml we have multiple occurences of Node1 and Node2. Node1 and Node2 are tied with each other by the value of Elem1. This Elem1 value should be unique through ...

21. how do i merge the child elements in different XML files to a single XML    forums.oracle.com

I am totally struglle with this problem. I am using Hastable to store the ID , and vetor to store the empids.. but when i process with the next xml, it has just over written the pervious file with the current processed one. Please prove me the hint/code to do the above process..

22. Parse xml, count number of elements and compare elements with xsd file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I need some help. I would like to write a java code which reads an xml file, parse it, count the number of elements and compare those elements with schema (.xsd) file to check whether they are exists or not. if the element is doesn't exist, i would like to through an error. Can some one help me on this? ...

24. how to check the element in xml file by xpath    forums.oracle.com

26. insert element to xml file not working    forums.oracle.com

28. display not complete of element from XML file    forums.oracle.com

// On cre une instance de SAXBuilder SAXBuilder sxb = new SAXBuilder(); try { //On cre un nouveau document JDOM avec en argument le fichier XML document = sxb.build(new File("RRSet.xml")); } catch(Exception e){} //On initialise un nouvel lment racine avec l'lment racine du document. racine = document.getRootElement(); //creation des noeuds List listRR = racine.getChildren("RR"); //On cre un Iterator sur notre liste ...

29. parser xml files (NO ROOT Element) in java API    forums.oracle.com

reopens (ROME) 3rd Rd Michael Stich (Germany x2) bt Karim Alami (Morocco) 7-6 (7/5), 6-4 jpb/rw94 reopens (BERLIN) 3rd Rd Anke Huber (Germany x7) bt Katarina Maleeva (Bulgaria) 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 Elena Makarova (Russia) bt Barbara Rittner (Germany x15) 6-2, 6-1 Ann Grossman (USA) bt Gabriela Sabatini (Argentina x4) ...

30. count elements in xml file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I need some help. I would like to write a java code which reads an xml file (based on a.xsd), parse it, count the number of elements and compare those elements with another schema (b.xsd) file to check whether they are exists or not. if the element is doesn't exist, i would like to through an error. Can some one ...

31. Writing DTD Element To XML File    forums.oracle.com

I have misinterpreted the behavior of XMLStreamWriter's writeEmptyElement method. It outputs an empty element correctly as intended. What I was after is a method that writes a doctype element to a XML file. It seems as though XMLStreamWriter hasn't got one. With the / being included in the doctype element it completely prevents the written SVG file from being read using ...