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1. Java: Writing a DOM to an XML file (formatting issues)

I'm using org.w3c XML API to open an existing XML file. I'm removing some nodes , and I'm adding others instead . The problem is that the new nodes that are ...

2. How to parse the XML file of the given format?

I'll be happy if I can have a sample code to parse the XML of the following format using DOM/SAX parser..

<Protocol name="SNMP">

 <CS CommandString="wmanIf2BsOfdmaTTG" oid="" Get_SecurityString="public" Set_SecurityString="private" type="integer"></CS> 
 <CS ...

3. Modify XML node but keep the XML file format intact

How may I modify a XML file without any change like attributes ordering, tag expansion and encoding? (My preference is DOM API)

4. Formatting XML file using StAX

I am using StAX XML stream writer to write the XML file. It writes all the data in a single line. I want all the tags to be indented instead of ...

5. Formatting XML file : Indentation

I am trying to write a XML file with proper indentation. Here is my code:

   public class WebVideo {

 private final String C_XMLFILEPATH = "resources/video.xml";
 private String itemId;
 private ...

6. Java : Convert formatted xml file to one line string

I have a formatted XML file, and I want to convert it to one line string, how can I do that. Sample xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

7. Reading xml -file in UTF-8 format in Windows with Java gives "IOException: Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence." -error

I have problem with my Java program. How I read xml -file which has "UTF-8" encoding. Program works correctly in Kubuntu but I doesn't work in Windows. Both OSes is writing ...

8. Is there any Java library that can read and write plist files, including binary format?

Is there any Java library that can read and write plist files, including in their binary format?

9. Converting a properties file to xml format

i need to migrate all my ntv and properties files in NAS to weblogic deployment descriptors. Any body who may have done this sort of thing do help me guys. My task is to convert all the entries in Netscape Application Server ntv and properties to weblogic or iplanet deploymentdescriptors (to xml files).

10. Complete web.xml file in XML format

Well, if by "complete" you mean "uses every conceivable setting" you are unlikely to achieve satisfaction. If you want to see an example of a working web.xml from an actual deployed web application, I've included one below from one of my clients' application (with various names changed to protect confidentiality). It employs a broad spectrum of settings: context params, listeners, filters ...

13. Writting file in xml format

Hello guys, I am just wondering if i can write to a text file in xml format: For example if i want to save the following: Avisha 00/06/2000 The text file should show: Avisha I think i probably needs to use some sort of XML schema, i never done it before and i would appriciate your help. Thanks, ...

14. How can we verify if the contents of a file is in xml format or not..?

Thanks for response.. I am able to parse and do all the manupulations in an XML file and get the desired output. But my project in testing phase now and we encountered a bug. Now the requirement is as such that we have to verify that if the contents in a file are as in XML format or not. And if ...

15. To append tasks to an Microsoft XML file format i,e MSPDI using MPXJ.

I have used the below mentioned code.But with this code, The new task is not appending in the proper Order.. i,e the newly added Major task gets inserted after the first major task. instead of getting added after the last task. can anyone help me to solve the above mentioned issue. import; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import net.sf.mpxj.*; import net.sf.mpxj.mpp.MPPReader; import net.sf.mpxj.mpx.MPXReader; ...