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1. Java properties - .properties files vs xml?

I'm a newbie when it comes to properties, and I read that XML is the preferred way to store these. I noticed however, that writing a regular .properties file in the ...

2. How to change a property field in a xml file with java

I hava an xml file in the hard disk.I want at run-time my java application to change a property of the xml file.I just wondering which is the fastest and more ...

3. Custom caching of xml and properties file in java?

I want write a class which is use to cache xml and properties file for certain interval and cache should be updated in next same request if there ll be any ...

4. XML vs Properties File

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6. .properties file vs XML

8. How to access System properties in xml file

You don't need to do the translation of ${property-name} when the file is being loaded. You can override the Properties#getProperty() method so that it resolves the ${property-name} macro values. I did this many years ago. I had a Map of 'resolved' values so that my getProperty() method first of all checked the 'resolved' cache and used that value if it existed. ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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