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1. How does Apache Ivy resolve the variables in artifact patterns provided in the ivysettings.xml file?

If my ivysettings.xml file includes:

<url name="com.springsource.repository.bundles.external">
    <ivy pattern="[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]" />
    <artifact pattern="[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]" />
And my ivy.xml file includes:
<dependency org="org.junit"

2. How to set enviroment variables for ANT build.xml file? (Java)

I am trying to open a project with the Windows version of Eclipse, but after choosing to open the build.xml file the error message says:

Problem setting the classpath of ...

3. Ant and XML configuration file parsing

I have an XML file of the following form -

<map MAP_XML_VERSION="1.0">
    <entry key="database.user" value="user1"/>
Does ant have a native ability to read this and let ...

4. Generate Ant build file

I have the following project structure:


5. Different behaviour on Windows and Linux - classpath in build.xml (ant file)

I am trying to run the eBaySDK (Java) on Windows, but I kept on getting the error:

Now, when I tried to run the same sample code included in the ...

6. Can you use Ant to Build/Modify XML files?

I am quite new to ant and have been looking at the tasks. I am trying to generate an xml file. Do I need to call an external process or ...

7. Generating XML Schema from JAXB class files in Ant

Is it possible to use the shemagen ant Task to generate an xsd schema from class files instead of from source?

8. Calling ant target in known xml file from within an Ant Task

I'm writing an Ant Task:

public class MyTask extends Task {

    public void execute() {
Now I'm wondering ...

9. Read value from file within build.xml

Can I read the the property value from an external file instead of specifing the value within the <property> tag. So instead of -

 <property name="device" value="test" />
Use something like
 <property ...

10. Updating multiple build.xml files for a large Java library to make it compatible with newer versions of Javac

I downloaded a large Java library made of multiple packages. The library comes with all the build.xml files to for easy compilation with Apache Ant, and the build.xml files include ...

11. Generate HTML files using XML configuration

My target is to assemble a static web site that has a lot of repeating code. Now, I could use JSP includes for that purpose. But the site will be modified ...

12. passing parameter from build.xml to java file

when I run java test file(single file) through eclipse by passing arguments

-DappRoot=ECM -DappName=ESW -Dapp.module=FNT -Dapp.env=LOC -DcloneNumber=1
test file executes without error, if I dont give arguments error occurs as Could ...

13. Reading from .properties file in Ant build.xml

I need some help with using Ant's property files. I have the following:

  1. A file. This file contains one piece of information: on=1
  2. An ant.xml file. This file contains my build instructions.
I want ...

14. sonar ant build.xml file for running default Sun checks on Java project

I am a beginner to SONAR , i just need a help for a sample ant build file for running my java project name 'Hello World' with SONAR 's default Sun ...

15. ant build.xml file doesn't exist

After the installation of my ant in my windows 7 . In cmd i typed ant -v it's given the ant version but it says the following also.

Buildfile: build.xml does ...

16. how to pass value from build.xml file to java class?

i want to pass the value from build.xml file to java class at run time. We know that we can pass value from command line with ant to the build.xml file. ...

17. Can't ant build a component due to ?faulty? build.xml file.

Howdy. I wasn't sure where to put this, so I put it in the general section. Feel free to move where needed? Ok, so I'm going through the J2EE tutorials. I'm on chapter 3 when I stumble upon a little problem. The first Web Component they had me build worked out quite fine, because it didn't have any servlets to compile. ...

18. Using Ant to run project build.xml file

Hello, I am trying to understand an example Event processing and correlation project (ESPER) written in java. The example source code is provided as a zip file including a build.xml The readme says "Simply use the Ant /build.xml to run the example - it should compile and run, print out the simulation" I use the netbeans IDE for development which ships ...

19. Running the ANT on non build.xml file

"ANT" by default accepts build.xml file and build the application , instead of build.xml if I have given different name like myapp.xml with the ant scripts, "ANT" wont identify the file and build it if we give "ANT" in the command prompt. Hence, how to make sure "ANT" works well even if we have a different name to the XML (myapp.xml) ...