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1. Most efficient way to add attribute to begining of massive XML file in Java?

What is the fastest way to add an attribute to the root element of a massive XML file? These files are too large to be read into memory and I'd like ...

2. Find the value of a specific attribute in an XML file in java

I need to just read the value of a single attribute inside an XML file using java. The XML would look something like this:

<behavior name="Fred" version="2.0" ....>
and I just need ...

3. How to add doctype with ID attribute to the XML file in java?

I am dynamically creating a DOM object and need to add following doctype to the XML file in java:

I am using org.w3c.dom, is there ...

4. How to convert XML(attributes) file into a java(classes) file

I want to write a java code to read the input XML file and generate its equivalent Java code.

enter code here

<CodeMarkers classname="CodeGenerator" access="public">

<MethodMarker javadoc="Compares two strings" name="stringComparator" access="private" static="no" return="boolean">

5. get the the attributes from an XML File using Java

I have an XML file with this structure :

<?xml version="1.0">
    <element att1="value1" att2="value2">Anonymous</element>
How can I extract the attributes names and values using wathever you want. I tried JDOM, but ...

6. Control order of XML attributes in outputed file in Java

How do I control the order that the XML attributes are listed within the output file? It seems by default they are getting alphabetized, which the program I'm sending this XML to ...

7. XMLNS attribute getting stripped while writing the DOM on the file

I have an xml file which looks like this

     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
 <BulkDataExchangeRequests xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">
 <AddFixedPriceItemRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">

8. attribute in a XML file

9. How to get attribute from xml file

10. How to add stylesheet attribute to XML file??