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1. Loading XML File which is in classpath in Java

I need to load a xml file present in classpath into my java applicatio. Can any one give suggestions on this. Thanks,

2. Loading an XML file in a classpath

Hi All, I have a requirement where I have a an XML config file. the path of this config file is specified in the classpath. I need to load this config file at run time by just specifying the name of the file. Eg. Assume the file abc.xml is in c:/temp/abc.xml. and my classpath is set c:/temp; and I want to ...

3. xml file in classpath

i want to make run.bat which starts my app. it works fine in eclipse so i believe it's the classpath the directories are these: bin/ dan.smpp.MainClass conf/ vodafone.xml orange.xml lib/ smpp.jar logs/ sms.log src/ i want to place run.bat in bin directory run.bat looks like this: java -cp .;..\lib\smpp.jar;..\conf;..\logs;bin dan/smpp/MainClass i get FileNotFoundException at this line: new FileInputStream("conf/vodafone.xml"); any ideas? ...