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Is there an existing application or library in Java which will allow me to take CSV data and create an XML file? The XML tags would be provided through maybe ...

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I am having an XML file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
     <COL3>2009-07-06 15:49:34.984</COL3>

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@Before There will be probably some duplicate questions suggestions, I don't think that is the case maybe read this first, I'll try to be as brief as possible. Title gives basic ...

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What is quicker and better in performance? Reading XML with DocumentBuilder or CSV with FileReader/BufferReader in Java?

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I'm having an issue with xsl:templates and xsl:call-template tags. Perhaps it's a lack of understand , but here's what I'm trying to do... If I have a template that's matching on "/*", ...

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What I am trying to do is create a CSV file by using xslt. The problem I am running into is that the CSV file is formatted incorrectly. Meaning what I see is something like: thing1 , thing2 , think3 But, what I would like to see is: thing1,thing2,thing3 thing1,thing2,thing3 I know it's not the XSLT becuase I have removed and ...

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Element fstElmnt = (Element) fstNode; NodeList fstNmElmntLst = fstElmnt.getElementsByTagName("firstname"); Element fstNmElmnt = (Element) fstNmElmntLst.item(0); NodeList fstNm = fstNmElmnt.getChildNodes(); System.out.println("First Name : " + ((Node) fstNm.item(0)).getNodeValue()); NodeList lstNmElmntLst = fstElmnt.getElementsByTagName("lastname"); Element lstNmElmnt = (Element) lstNmElmntLst.item(0); NodeList lstNm = lstNmElmnt.getChildNodes(); System.out.println("Last Name : " + ((Node) lstNm.item(0)).getNodeValue()); } } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } }

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I'm sorry Chandrajeet. I did not understand you. When you said you wanted code, I did not know that you wanted a complete, working example so that you can get one with more important stuff than learning how manipulate XML documents. Next time I shall be sure to provide you and others with such code examples so that you get can ...