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1. How to easily load a XML-based Config File into a Java Class?    stackoverflow.com

I've got a simple java class that looks something like this:

public class Skin implements Serializable {

 public String scoreFontName = "TahomaBold";
 public int scoreFontHeight = 20;
 public int blockSize ...

2. How to load multiple configuration files using apache common configuration(java)    stackoverflow.com

I have a main conf file which I load using apache common configuration class. I have a requirement where user can specify a conf file and values in those file will override ...

3. Loading settings from XML file into a Java class    stackoverflow.com

I have an XML file containing a bunch of simulation settings (partial example below). I would like to load these settings into a Java class, so that the settings are available ...

4. How to load a big XML file in Java    bytes.com

1. Do you really need the whole XML document to be loaded into a DOM structure? What are you trying to do with it? If you can look at alternatives, see ...

5. Problem loading xml file    coderanch.com

I am able to get the InputStream for a properies file as InputStream stream1 = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("commons-logging.properties"); However, when i am trying to get a inputstream for a xml file, I am getting null value. I am not able to locate the xml file. Both files are present under same directory. InputStream stream2 = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("ejbLocator.xml"); Is there any clue? or I could ...

6. Question about loading an xml file into a file object    coderanch.com

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7. Dynamically Loading a XML file when the application starts    coderanch.com

Hello Ranchers, I am trying to dynamically generate an XML file and loading it when the application starts using PL/SQL . The application uses Tomcat server. The application uses an abc.xml file. This xml file, currently, is a static file. I want to: 1) Dynamically generate the above XML file using some information in database. 2)Load the dynamically generated xml file ...

8. ClassLoader.getSystemResource() can't find XML files?!?    forums.oracle.com

Since I work on a product that often reads XML files from jar files, I can ensure you that there's nothing conceptually wrong/broken with loading .xml files like any other resource from the Classloader. Is there a specific reason you use ClassLoader.getSystemResource()? I find it more reliable to use a ClassLoader that loaded a class I know is in the same ...

9. Exception while loading properties from an xml file    forums.oracle.com

/** * Builds up the property map from the specified input file. The file must be in XML format. * In case of exception and/or problems reading from the specified file, an empty property map is returned. * @param fileName the path and the name of the file with the XML representation of the properties. */

10. XML file for loading different classes in application ?    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I want to configure a small application ( a simulator ) using a XML file. The XML file determines the classes, whih should be loaded, and initialize the variables (values set in the XML files). I want to have different modules (same functionality, different implementations) and which module is loaded, is determined by the XML file ( a scenario ). ...

11. Problem in loading Context.xml file    forums.oracle.com

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