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1. Repairing wrong encoding in XML files

One of our providers are sometimes sending XML feeds that are tagged as UTF-8 encoded documents but includes characters that are not included in the UTF-8 charset. This causes the parser ...

2. Unable to parse XML file using DocumentBuilder

I have this code:

if (file.exists()) {
  Document doc = builder.parse(file);
  NodeList list = doc.getElementsByTagName("property");
  System.out.println("XML Elements: ");
  for (int ii = 0; ii < list.getLength(); ii++) {
line ...

3. To parse an XML file in java whose path is to be got dynamically

I have a class Test in C:/proj/test_xml/ Given parser.parse("test.xml"); I need a way to parse test.xml whether it is in current directory, proj or in C:/ Also, the solution should not make ...

4. Big XML file and OutOfMemoryError

I’m trying to parse a XML file up to 500 mb in java. I tried to use SAX but it gives me this error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space ...

5. Merge Two XML Files in Java

I have two XML files of similar structure which I wish to merge into one file. Currently I am using EL4J XML Merge which I came across in this tutorial. ...

6. How to parse GPX files with SAXReader?

I'm trying to parse a GPX file. I tried it with JDOM, but it does not work very well.

SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder();
Document document =;
Element root = document.getRootElement();
System.out.println("Root:\t" ...

7. Parsing XML files with Java and spaces in file path

I have files on my file system, on Windows XP. I want to parse them using Java (JRE 1.6). Problem is, I don't understand how Java and Xerces work together when the ...

8. parsing a non xml file in java

I want to parse a document that is not pure xml. For example

my name is <j> <b> mike</b>  </j>
example 2
 my name is  <mytag1 attribute="val" >mike</mytag1> and yours is ...

9. parsing a XML file in java

I have wrote a SAX parser. It works fine when the attibute values are nested in double quotes. But if i dont use quote it throws a exception. I want my ...

10. How do I parse an xml file with commons Digester and have it populate a java.util.Date object?

Sample XML.

  <name>Joe Dirt</name>
Sample Java Class
public class Person(){
  private String name;
  private String ssn;
  private java.util.Date dob;
Sample Digester rules
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <pattern value="message">

11. Parse XML file in java parsing new line problem

    XMLInputFactory factory = XMLInputFactory.newInstance();
    Reader fileReader = new FileReader(xmlFileName);
    XMLEventReader reader = factory.createXMLEventReader(fileReader);

    while (reader.hasNext()) {

12. Parsing XML Truncates File Path

I am receiving a FileNotFoundException with the following code:

File dataFile = new File("\\\PATH\TO\FILE.xml");

    DocumentBuilderFactory dbf = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    DocumentBuilder db = dbf.newDocumentBuilder();
    // ...

13. How to prevent boilerplate Java code on parsing a complex XML file?

I have written a XML parser with DocumentBuilderFactory for a complex XML file. Because there are many different node types that there are many boilerplate code. For every node type (NodeName) ...

14. How to transform huge xml files in java?

As the title says it, I have a huge xml file (GBs)

   <stuff>  ...  </stuff>  
   <morestuff> ... ...

15. Is there a solution to parse wikipedia xml dump file in Java?

I am trying to parse this huge 25GB Plus wikipedia XML file. Any solution that will help would be appreciated. Preferably a solution in Java.

16. XML parse file from HTTP

I have an XML file located at a location such as
I'm trying to parse the XML file to use it in my program with xPath like this but it is not ...

17. Parsing an XML file without root in Java

I have this XML file which doesn't have a root node. Other than manually adding a "fake" root element, is there any way I would be able to parse an XML ...

18. Parse file containing XML Fragments in Java

I inherited an "XML" license file containing no root element, but rather two XML fragments (<XmlCreated> and <Product>) so when I try to parse the file, I (expectantly) get an error ...

19. Parsing an XML file in Java

In the example code below, I have a question about the List. My prof adds the Document object to the ArrayList. It seems like this would just add the ...

20. Single Implementation to Parse Similarly Structured XML files

Is there a way to have a single implementation in Java that can read/parse an XML file with normal elements and another with prefixed elements? Both versions have the same structure. i.e. ...

21. unknown host exception while parsing an xml file

when i am trying to parse an xml, i am getting following exception :-
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at ...

22. How to parse advanced XML files in Java

I've seen numerous examples about how to read XML files in Java. But they only show simple XML files. For example they show how to extract first and last ...

23. Sorting a 100MB XML file with Java?

How long does sorting a 100MB XML file with Java take ? The file has items with the following structure and I need to sort them by event


24. How can I efficiently parse 200,000 XML files in Java?

I have 200,000 XML files I want to parse and store in a database. Here is an example of one: This is about as complex as the XML files get. ...

25. Java: problems while parsing a XML file

I have the following XML and I'm trying to print the value of some nodes. For example, with the following code I want to print the

 NodeList list = doc.getElementsByTagName("photo");

26. Parsing pseudo XML file in Java

I’m trying to parse text from a file that comes in a pseudo XML format. I can get a DOM document out of it when it comes in the following structure:


27. using CDATA in an xml file for to parsing html data

I have a xml file with a malformed HTML in its content .. Since xml cannot parse html tags like <br> I have used CDATA for saving and parsing . I ...

28. problem in parsing a xml file

I am using following code to get values of a particular tag in xml:

DocumentBuilderFactory docBuilderFactory  =  DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
Document doc = null;
DocumentBuilder docbuilder = docBuilderFactory.newDocumentBuilder();
doc = docbuilder.parse(jobFilePath);
NodeList nodeList = doc.getElementsByTagName("xyz");
System.out.println("nodelist Lengthhhhhhhhhh ...

29. Partially Parsing XML File Without XMLParser in JAVA

so I found out it was possible to use the buffered reader/writer to copy an xml file over word for word to a new xml file. However, I was wondering if ...

30. Parsing fake-xml file in Java

I have been working on this problem for quite some time and can't figure it out. There is a given "xml" file that needs to be parsed and displayed on the ...

31. access right to parse an XML in java

hello i have to execute this command:

    docRules = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance()
.newDocumentBuilder().parse( new File(IeplcDeployRules.clx));
When i try to create a parser i get the following error: /.../IeplcDeployRules.clx (Permission denied)
if i try ...

32. How to parse .plist file in Java?

Possible Duplicate:
Please tell me how to parse .plist file in Java
I am trying to parse a .plist file in java but not getting how ...

33. Parsing very large XML files and marshalling to Java Objects

I have the following issue: I have very large XML files (like 300+ Megs), and I need to parse them in order to add some of their values to the db. ...

34. Null pointer when parsing camelContext.xml file during startup

This is an intermittent problem, roughly 4/5 starts hit null pointer. Camel-Context.xml is below.

  • Error:
    2011-10-18 08:31:25,245 [main           ] INFO  MainSupport  ...

35. How to parse this XML file

I am new to programming in java and i have just learned how to parse an xml file. But i am not getting any idea on how to parse this xml ...

36. Parsing an XML file using Apache Tika

I am crawling a webpage and after crawling it extract all the links from that webpage and then I am trying to parse all the url using Apache Tika and BoilerPipe ...

37. file parsing and xml generation

We have a requirement where we have to read some flat files consisting of name-value pairs, process it following some defined rules and then generate XML files out of it. The XML files are static. What should be the base design ? Which parser should we use ? May be the questions are very basic, as I am totally newbee to ...

38. parsing an XML file

I've written a program which is partly responsible for parsing an XML file that can be found on the web. I appear to be accessing the XML file correctly, but when I try to parse it I am running into a problem. I try to create a List object that contains all of the children of the root element. The code ...

39. parsing huge xml files

40. Problems Parsing XML files

41. Parse large xml files

42. Parse XML File Using Java

43. Question regarding StAX / XMLStreamReader parsing XML files

Hi everybody, I want to parse a GPX-file (GPS exchange format), which is XML. This is a relevant sample of the file: Track#1 227.000000 Lat.=49.552512, Long.=8.443186, Alt.=227.000000m, Speed=117Km/h, Course=65deg. 226.000000 Lat.=49.552646, Long.=8.443576, Alt.=226.000000m, Speed=114Km/h, Course=62deg. What I want, is the track point's information in the field , like in ...

44. parsing xml file

Hi All, I am new to java. I have an xml file as follows. 1 29 apr 1 30 apr true and i need the output as follows: id - 1; start - 29 apr; end - 30 apr; status - true. Can anyone help in this?

45. Parsing Txt and XML files.

Parsing Txt and XML files. I have a Practice project for my finals and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this work right. The Professor has never gone over parsing or how to do the majority of the stuff in the project. She expects us to learn from each other and the internet. ...

46. parsing of an xml file

47. CDATA parsing in .xml files

Do you mean that you want to parse the XML to extract the contents of the CDATA section, or that you want to parse the contents of the CDATA itself? If the latter: as I understand it, CDATA sections hold basically any stuff you want to cram in there. So there's no reason that an XML parser would be able to ...

48. heap problem parsing a XML file

49. parsing of long xml file

50. Cannot parse node in XML file

51. parsing xml file takes too long

I think when it sees that declaration, it tries to actually download the DTD so it can validate the document against it. So the time delay is the network connection. There's a simple way to turn this off but I forget what it is. There are also klugy ways to turn it off but I won't say how so as to ...

52. parsing xml file is or a flat file with comma seperated values ?

Hii, If u want to parse a xml file through java, u need DOM api for that. It is rather a very robust XML parsing api in java, but quite tricky. If u parse a flat file with comma separetd values, It is easier than parsing an xml file as far as external api is concern. Dev..

53. Different XML file then usuall for parsing

Flow is very simple I have to create simple interface through JSP in which I will get the Application ID from the client and then I know the XML name (already exist at the server) on the basis of the chosed application ID and then I need to parse that XML file (already provided below in the thread) to load into ...

54. Parse a huge very hierarchical XML file

Hi; I want to parse a huge XML (200MB) file with extremly irregular hierachies (with many level of depth). With DOM and SAX I have no chance. I used XML Pull parser, but the problem ist, that the pull parser have no methodes to process nested structures, because it dosn't build any tree in the memory and therfore you don't have ...

55. xml file parsing

Hi, I am using jdom for xml file parsing. but i am getting following problem. if anyone can help me or give me some hints on it. Here is my following example: 234-56-7890

Teresa Lista 23000 I would like to store all information as ...

58. null value parsing xml file

60. Parsing XML File with Java

I have an xml file in the following format: The code i have, searches for all instanes of an element, say Mails, and then says there's just one element. What i want is, how do i specify the node as inform mail, or alert mail, and ...

61. xml parsing a standard file

Hi, I'm reading from an xml file wich contains id ellements amongst others. It looks like this: 1 Forrest 2 bla 3 1 2 DocumentBuilderFactory docBuilderFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance(); DocumentBuilder docBuilder; Document doc; NodeList xmlTerrainNodes = null; int terrainNodesCount = 0; try { docBuilder = docBuilderFactory.newDocumentBuilder(); doc = docBuilder.parse(ResourceManager.getResource(xmlFile)); xmlTerrainNodes = doc.getElementsByTagName(XML_ELL_TERRAIN); terrainNodesCount = xmlTerrainNodes.getLength(); } ...

62. Problem in parsing of an xml file

I'm trying to parse it in the following way: This piece of code is supposed to keep all the details about all the books which are in the xml file: for (Iterator elaIter = xpath.selectNodes(doc).iterator(); elaIter.hasNext();) { Element el = (Element); Parsing singleParsingElement = new Parsing(); singleParsingElement.parseDatasource(el, xml1, doc); parsingList.add(singleParsingElement); }

63. parse XML file from CD drive

I have a simple GUI application that will be deployed to the user on a CD. The application uses an XML file for some calculations. I have the code which read's the XML file using an absolute path such as C:\canal.xml. I would like to know how to parse the XML file if it is written to the CD drive as ...

64. unable to parse xml file

65. Parsing big XML files

ok, ive now done this, node by node. and now i know: the error occurs not because the file itself is too big, it occours even when i try to give the value of one element with very much text in it to a string-array. how can i avoid running out of memory while storing a big string or storing many ...

66. Sequential parsing of XML file

I have a XML file like: description of this test Steps I want to read this file sequentially and perform do something for each node. I saw various classes in Java that deals with XML. Which classes will be best suitable for my case? Any examples will be of great help. Thanks in ...

67. Parse of a xml file to an java object model

I don't want re-invent the whell, but I need do that. I've asked about suggestions or optimization ideas because not always can be used external libraries in bussiness aplications. I remember one project in wich we used ajax with DRW but the servers of the provider don't work very well with that and we had to do a simple jsp with ...

68. Parsing an XML file

If you're eventually going to be reading arbitrary documents that are larger than this trivial example, consider Googling xpath. Xpath is a query language specialized for XML. It lets you locate a value in one or two lines, instead of iterative looping over nodes. Less code, so less chance of errors. And, after you get used to it, a little easier ...

69. Parsing XML file of 3GB size

Creating such gigantic XML feeds is already not understanding the point of it all. XML is excellent for small messages, not for dumping a database into that format just because XML used to be a hot thing to put into a technical design document with your signature under it. IMO of course.

70. Need help on parsing xml file...

/** * I take a xml element and the tag name, look for the tag and get * the text content * i.e for John xml snippet if * the Element points to employee node and tagName is name I will return John * @param ele * @param tagName * @return */ private String getTextValue(Element ele, String tagName) { String textVal ...