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1. How can I convert a XML file into a XSD file, using java code?

I am looking for an API what I can convert XML files into XSD files. In my project I am using that API's JDOM and Xerces. And I can edit my ...

2. Validate an XML File Against Multiple Schema Definitions

I'm trying to validate an XML file against a number of different schemas (apologies for the contrived example):

  • a.xsd
  • b.xsd
  • c.xsd
c.xsd in particular imports b.xsd and b.xsd imports a.xsd, using: <xs:include schemaLocation="b.xsd"/> I'm trying ...

3. SAXException when parsing XML file with XSD schema

I have the following XSD file:

<xs:schema xmlns:xs=''

4. Java API to parse XSD schema file

Is there a Java API to parse an XSD schema file? I found XSOM, but it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore.

5. Validating XML files in Java against two schemas with same namespace

I have

  1. an XML document,
  2. base XSD file and
  3. extended XSD file.
Both XSD files have one namespace. File 3) includes file 2): <xs:include schemaLocation="someschema.xsd"></xs:include> XML document (file 1) has following root tag:
<tagDefinedInSchema xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" schemaFile2.xsd">
where ...

6. Best practice to parse xml file with same content but based on different schemas

I need to parse xml files from two sources. Both xml files contain the same content but each source uses their own schemas. This means the values that i want to ...

7. How to validate XML against its XML Schema without local XSD file?

This is my XML:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<root xmlns=""
Now I want to validate whether this XML is XMLSchema-valid. I don't have these first-schema.xsd and second-schema.xsd files locally. Moreover, I don't ...

8. Creating/Parsing XML files based off schemas in Java

Is there a free library that allows you to load an xml schema (xsd), and then output an xml file using the schema from user inputted data? Also, it would be ...

9. without xml schema, generate java classes from xml data file ?

Hi, An XML file can be converted into a class hierarchy using JAXB but am not sure if a schema definition is mandatory for the operation. In case there is a dependency on XSD for this operation you can approach the same using JAXP parsers and POJOs. You will have to have the code which uses SAX/DOM parser APIs, iterate through ...

11. Memory issue loading XML schema files

Hi, The application looks for files in a local directory. By listing the file in the directory (listFiles()) I can put them into an array (called 'files' in the code). The app the loops over array of files. I can controle the number of files I want to use, by putting the files I need in the schema folder. As I ...

12. Parsing XML schema file with Java SE 4.0

Hi, There is a requirement in my project to read XML based on XML schema ( xsd file). The given XML file contains data as XML tags which has some dataType associated specified in XML schema file (.xsd). The XML building utility which I need to write will have XSD and a XML that confirms to this xsd. Now I need ...