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1. Join multiple XML files with xinclude tags into single file    stackoverflow.com

I am creating an installer in IzPack. It is quite large, and I have broken up my XML files appropriately using <xinclude> and <xfragment> tags. Unfortunately, IzPack does not combine them ...

2. Expressing markup in Java XML property files: CDATA vs. escaped tags    stackoverflow.com

I am reading and writing Java Properties files in XML format. Many of the property value have HTML embedded, which developers wrap in [[CDATA elements like so:

<entry key="foo"><![CDATA[

3. Saxon XSLT-Transformation: How to change serialization of an empty tag from to ?    stackoverflow.com

I do some XSLT-Transformation using Saxon HE 9.2 with the output later being unmarshalled by Castor 1.3.1. The whole thing runs with Java at the JDK 6. My XSLT-Transformation looks like this:


4. parse XML file and skip tags    stackoverflow.com

I want to retrieve the values of jar under test tag. I am using DOM parser, Could someone help me on the same.

<test name="1">
<subcomponent name="1">
<test name="2">
<subcomponent name="2">

5. read and replace tag in xsl-fo file    stackoverflow.com

I need to read, find tag and replace it in .fo file in java. Please help me to find out how? I have read some topics, but I am new in ...

6. Cannot run Xpath queries from JAVA in XML files having tag    stackoverflow.com

I have made the following method which runs hard-coded xPath queries in a hard-coded XML file. The method works perfect with one exception. Some xml files contains the following tag


7. Creating nesting tags in a RDF file using Jena    stackoverflow.com

I am new to Jena and I am now stuck with the following problem. Basically I need to create a RDF having nested elements, for example:

<rdf:description about="http://www.acme.com">

8. Display tag name and value in an xml file in java/unix    stackoverflow.com

I have a question, let's say I have an xml string such as the one below: < request>SayHello< /request>< response>Wave< /response> If I want the output to be: Request: SayHello Response: Wave How would I proceed? ...

9. Cannot read tag from a XML file    stackoverflow.com

I asked yersterday this question. Now I am having problem with the similar XML file. My problems that it reads all good, until "post_body". It does find it when tetsing ...

10. Arranging tag elemenets with Sax in a XML file    stackoverflow.com

I want to construct this XML file:

<track src="123456">
<desc id="1" mt="audio/mp3" ra="24" dr="221" nv="10005761">
Madonna - La Isla Bonita
This is some part of the code:
this.xml.startElement("", "", Const.XML_ROOT, atts);

11. Printing XML in Java without the xml file tag    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to print the XML content without the XML header tag in Java? For example if I have an XML like this:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
I just want to print
This is ...

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16. Hep with reading xml file in java - many tags of the same kind    forums.oracle.com

MissL - I loathe crossposters. How would you like it if I posed a question to your group without telling you I simultaneously posed it to (an)other group(s), and let you waste your time and effort answering me without knowing I could have already been answered by the other group(s)? You are deemed rude and inconsiderate by so doing. Thanks to ...