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1. Add a folder having files into a zip file using JAVA

I am using java's api to add files and folders to a zip file, but when i add multiple files into the same folder, it deleted the old contents. Is ...

2. How do I enumerate the content of a zipped folder in Java?

ZipeFile file = new ZipFile(filename);
ZipEntry folder = this.file.getEntry("some/path/in/zip/");
if (folder == null || !folder.isDirectory())
  throw new Exception();

// now, how do I enumerate the contents of the zipped folder?

3. How to zip only .txt file in a folder using java?

here i'm trying to zip only .txt file in a folder using java. My code here was found with google and works perfectly but only for a specified .txt file. Thank you.

import java.util.*;
import ...

4. Putting a Folder in a Zip in Java

I am having an issue putting a folder in a zip file I am trying to create. While the path is valid, when I run the code it gives me a ...

5. How to zip a folder in java ?

6. Zip folder using java

7. Problem in unzipping a folder using API

Hi all, I am using the following code to unzip a folder but eventually I find that few files are just created but has no content in them. I have no clue why few files are missed out in writing the content alone. public static void unzip(LabelFileSelectPair fileName) { final int BUFFER = 2048; try { BufferedOutputStream dest = null; BufferedInputStream ...

8. how to Unzip folder

Hello, I have to write a code for unzipping a zip file which contains files and folders... I have written a following code by which I can unzip files i.e. when I run this code files in the subfolders are shown but folder is not get shown in the destination path... public void unzip(String zipFilePath, String destPath) { try { ZipFile ...

9. Creating zip containg both files and folders

Hello, I have to create zip file. zip file may contain only files(without any folder structure)/folders/both.....& that I will select at run time i.e. step for creating 1. first I will select files/Folder/both by using JFileChooser 2. then I will give zip file name which i want to create 3. when i clicked on create zip button then it should create ...

10. merge content of two zip filesinside two different folders

Let me get this straight. You have ZIP files folder1\ and folder2\ You want to create one ZIP file that contains the files in both source ZIP files. Well, that's not that hard. 1) Create a new ZipOutputStream for the output file: new ZipOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(file)) 2) Open a ZipInputStream for the first file: new ZipInputStream(new FileInputStream(file)) 3) Iterate over the ZipInputStream's ...

11. zip a folder structure in java

Hi, I am try to zip the following file structure in my machine, parent/ parent/test1 parent/test1/image1.jpeg parent/test2 The problem here is i cant zip the above file structure using java. I have google and found following code sample but it only zip the files only inside a given folder. File inFolder=new File("out"); File outFolder=new File(""); ZipOutputStream out = new ZipOutputStream(new BufferedOutputStream(new ...

12. creating zip folder

13. Creating a folder in a Zip file

14. How to ZIP the files and folders/sub folder files using java

HI All, I'm New to this Forum, Could anybody tell me how to zip the files and folders/sub folders using java. For example I have a folder with the name testfolder and side that folder I have some files and some sub folders inside subfolders I have some other files. I need to ZIP the files and folders as they are ...

15. Zip a folder??

if (isHelp) { System.out.println("Usage: java JZip [-h] [-d] [-u] [-o ] zipFile fileList\n" + " -h display this list\n" + " -u uncompressed\n" + " -d unzip\n" + " -o output the files into the 'outputDirectory' directory\n"+ " zipFile zip file name\n" + " fileList the zipped files list"); } else { try { JZip jZip = null;

16. Zip folder and unzip it !

The .txt file is actually one of the file that is located in the file that was zipped from the folder.The second given code work fine when the zipped file from winzip are given and gives such exception only when the zip file from are given. Also the zip file produced by the first program is ok when opening with ...

17. How to unzip a folder!

18. Related to reading of files in a .zip folder

FileItem item=(FileItem)map.get("file"); //This is a user defined class for creating a folder in my server and copying the uploaded .zip file into it. CopyFile cp=new CopyFile(); String realPath=session.getServletContext().getRealPath("/"); System.out.println("realPath is"+realPath); //output is realPath is/opt/tomcat5/webapps/ALB/ String savedFilePath = cp.saveTheFileInLocalFolder(item, realPath, "/ArticleZip/"+System.currentTimeMillis()); System.out.println("savedFilePath is"+savedFilePath); //output is savedFilePath is/ArticleZip/1198756028452/ String actualFilePath=session.getServletContext().getRealPath( savedFilePath ); System.out.println("Complete Path is"+actualFilePath); //output is Complete Path is/opt/tomcat5/webapps/ALB/ArticleZip/1198756028452/

19. Related to reading of files in a .zip folder

Hi All, I have a problem in reading a file (Example.txt) in a .Zip file( I should upload this .zip file through GUI and read the content from the text file Example.txt .I am unable to read the content the content of the zip file.I have to create a folder in my server and put this .zip file in the folder ...

20. How to get the files from a folder in a ZIP file

I don't know why, but when I make the test: entry.isDirectory() On my directory entry into my ZIP file, the program return me that's a file. And you are sure that is was your directory entry? Check entry.getName() to be sure. If it is your directory entry then it should end with a slash. Because the docs on isDirectory() say: " ...

21. Unzip file and folder