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1. What versions/flavors of WinZip can be opened by the v.

Evaluating a third party data processing tool, I have bumped into a case where some WinZip files cause an exception:

Caused by: Unknown compression method 98
    at ...

2. Unzip files created with WinZIP with I18N file names?

People these days create their ZIP archives with WinZIP, which allows for internationalized (i.e. non-latin: cyrillic, greek, chinese, you name it) file names. Sadly, trying to unpack such file causes trouble: UNIX unzip ...

3. Zip file with password not opening

I have to create one new zip file and put the files into that.Once i put those files,i have to set password for the zip file. the code is running file.But ...

4. How can I read from a Winzip self-extracting (exe) zip file in Java?

Is there an existing method or will I need to manually parse and skip the exe block before passing the data to ZipInputStream?

5. Performing Winzip(not normal zip) through Java

Hello everyone, As my subject suggests, i want to perform a zip operation through Java, exactly in the same manner as how zip tools like Winzip or WinRar does it. I will explain the situation in more detail. I am creating an application which should transfer and store a particular file(".ini") in the ".zip" format to a Portable device. The device ...

6. How to unzip the password zip(Winzip) file

7. Problems opening zip archive with winzip