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1. How to include restricted fileset in zip without creating an interim copy in ant

I have a fileset which contains a number of jars of which I only want a subset. I'm currently doing this:

<target name="work-around">
    <delete dir="${dir.deps}" failonerror="false" />

2. Ant - Java - zipfileset - excluding a directory

I have an ant target for creating zip like this -

<zip destfile="${dist}/">
    <zipfileset dir="docs/manual" prefix="docs/userguide"/>    
This basically creates archive with all the files and ...

3. What files are excluded by default from Ant zip task?

I'm running an Ant zip task to zip the whole contents of a directory on Unix systems:

<zip destfile="${deploy}/">
    <zipfileset dir="/home/mydir" />
After the zip is created, and checking the ...

4. Problem With Zip Ant task

Hi All, I am trying to Zip the binary files and directories from my workspace. I wanted to include some of the directory inside Zipped folder. I tried including some empty folder ito Zipped folder But doesnt work. If i place some dummy file inside the folder and run Ant task to zip it then this folder appearing in the destination ...

5. Apache ant Making Tar file