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1. download zip file using java?

I am downloading zip file from web server using Java but somehow I am loosing about 2kb in each file. I don't know why since same code works fine with other ...

2. Generate a file, then zip it for downloading

now i have a problem with zip a outputstream. more info here: i generate a file on the fly in the web server, and the result is an OutputStream Object. However, when I try to zip the object, I can't find a way to write the contents from OutputStream Object into the ZipOutputStream. I know if write the OutputStream Object as ...

3. Download Zip File

4. download zipped excel help!!!

Hi all, i believe it is related to i/o question, there is an existing code which work fine to output excel stream for user download /save in local directory ServletOutputStream out= response.getOutputStream(); try { //Setup the output log.debug("type: " + request.getParameter("type")); String datatype = request.getParameter("type"); if (datatype.equals("Excel")) { log.debug("EXCEL"); HSSFWorkbook wb = (HSSFWorkbook) request.getSession().getAttribute("workbook"); request.getSession().removeAttribute("workbook"); String contentType = ""; DateFormat dateFormat ...

5. File Download .zip is downloading weird

6. Download JDK 6 zipped

7. ZIP downloading

9. Downloading and display a zip file

10. Download of Zip file not working.

I am trying to download a zip file using JAVA IO streams. The downloaded zip file doesnt work with Winzip version 9 or later. Its giving an error "start of central directory not found;zip file corrupt". But the same zip file is working fine with earlier versions of Winzip. Here is the code I have used. try { file = new ...

11. JDK 6 Zip Download